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  1. ELSudoku v2

    Heya EL people Sorry for the game, host site broke. I tried to find a new one, found two, but havent test it yet, thats up to you ELSudoku ELSudoku Enjoy
  2. Is Eternal Lands becoming fighters game?

    How many hours you think others spent? Using their time to click on button... Nobody told: Become fighter and get to monsters which give nice drops, than use your money and become top in other skills, you will save few years (atleast half time) that way. And it wasnt like that earlier....
  3. The Nmt

    Started answering you here but it needed new topic. Anyway it is linked to yours NMT problem http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=35569
  4. There are two active topics on forum, where top figters want to make NMT breakable. I dont want to talk about that, but: It seems that top fighters are earning too much money, and they dont know what to do with all that money. So they want to take a sacrifice, and use their money for slower leveling of others: buying NMTs. 1. I mean: 30kgc per hour in best equipment with max xp... 2. And 30kgc in worse equip(no loss) and cutlass, but with 70-80% of max xp... problem: Top 50 figters can earn 30kgc/h, and top 10 manuers, crafters, potioners can get maybe few kgc. I saw example: fighter with a lot ingame earned money, spent his money to level to top 20 in other skill, just in few weeks. While some manuer in top 20 cant go to tavern and buy himself a beer. Money can do anything. Is Eternal lands becoming fighters game? When there was no yeties and when fluffs were not dropping NMTs/arti cloaks, fighters had choice: 1. To train for max xp, and loose money. or 2. To train for less xp and be on zero with money, or even spare some coin It seems that has drasticly changed Also answer to those top fighers, would it help to cut monsters drop, that way you could train in max gear with no loss, and lower levels couldnt do that? Anybody aware of this problem? Im not crying for anything, but i guess that fighers wouldnt like if some manuer could level to top20 a/d in few weeks with money earned by his skill, right?
  5. Storage sale

    Il take these, cya ingame
  6. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    2k of each quartz, thx guys, i love your service
  7. OMG, the PK is dead!

    If it is oa loss, there could be problems if oa is lost by 1, and person dont have free pps. How about 1/100 of current a/d lvl? If that lvl needs 2000xp -> 20xp If lvl needs 1mil -> 10000xp If lvl needs 5mil -> 50000xp Or maybe even 1/50
  8. Small garage sale

    10500gc all, il try to find you ingame
  9. Rider's Harvesting

    10k coal for MoL and 1kgc? Thx
  10. Selling essence

    i will take earth essence, ty
  11. Little Shop!:)

    80kgc for all WEs? that is 5.71 per ea
  12. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    5k poison ivy, 1k iron ore, thx
  13. xxxx__Generation X Harvesting Kingdom__xxxx

    5k mugwort and 1k silver, thx guys
  14. --==++Generation X Harvesting Kingdom--==++

    3k toadstools, 3k blue quartz, 3k quartz, 1k fruits Thx
  15. Selling

    Earth Essence and Magic Essence