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  1. am i banned?

    no lol we both just have stupid husbands dark is my husband mystic is hers
  2. am i banned?

    ok first of all im getting realy sick of people assoiciating me with bane and what he did I have lots of credibilidy because i didnt do anything wrong to anyone in el like ever. I think maybe some people take this internet game world like way to seriously because u act more like bots than human beings that last post was referring to the reply to my commant on juggalets page
  3. Juggalette_babe locked

    High this is weedfairy she does not multi game or any of that she has a husband like i do also and if anything is in trouble for her retarted husband just like me:/
  4. am i banned?

    ok...first of all my spelling is better than dantes so no im not him...even ask helga shes talked to both of us via phone.....i can understand that...and basically i get the point that hes r uind el for me. I wouldnt give him my password. BUT if thats what it takes to prove a point then fine w33dfairy can be locked:/
  5. am i banned?

    ok im starting to get upset because i cant even get an answer its toatally unfair because ive NEVER done anything wrong to anyone on el and now just because somone did something that lives in the same house as me i dont get to play yea thats toatally justice there. Yea so bane cant play but why cant i????? i wasnt even involved in the sitiuation with him and helga and she can vouch for that and alls i want is a responce thanks
  6. am i banned?

    so umm what do i have to do to get my char back....?
  7. am i banned?

    ok i know bane/darkdante isnt well liked on el and is banned for scammin MY FRIEND helga...but i didnt have anything to do with it and i cant get on my account. I dont think i should be punished for his stupitidy umm please help thanks
  8. DarkDante

    i can say this because i was in md at the time thc was redtagged...dante doesnt always bag jump unless the guild is red t agged or he doesnt like the person
  9. EL.EXE error

    ok i downloaeded the update and instaled it and it dint work, so then i uninstalled t and reinstalled it and nw it comes up and says EL has cause an error in EL.EXE. EL will now close... i have restarted my pc and ev erthin nothing is working somone please help me
  10. forgotten password

    last night i changed my password and didnt write it down and forgot it what do i do who do i email?