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  1. Hi, just went to look at the map editor tutorial, and found it to be no more. Geocities was closed down a couple of months ago. Does this exist elsewhere?

    Yes. Look in this forum - in the pinned topics area. It's the one that is described as the Map editor tutorial.


    Btw - the map editor is being completely rewritten.

  2. When I have a message to #IG to my allies, after I type the message the first time and press enter, all I do is [Control]+[up arrow], change the guild tag for the next ally and press enter. It's pretty easy to do this way and saves tons of keystrokes. My guildies do call this action spamming the allies because they see all of the #IG messages, and in a guild with >100 allies, I could see this suggestion (the one the thread is about) being more of a time saver than the [Control]+[up arrow] technique.

  3. Part one and part two both began with dreams. The next part should probably start differently this time.


    You've got an opportunity here to show us the softer side of Snape. We know he's capable of some kind of love and jealousy and we presume he's not one to make friends easily. He and Brie have the beginnings of a bond working through EL - it would be nice to see it strengthened.


    So, direction for this story... It's safe to assume from what you've already written that charms have been cast on Brie's house. We also know that Snape can't be seen therefore someone must be looking for him. I would assume that Brie might not be safe at the grocery store, butcher shop, etc. What about an encounter or remark made to Snape that she had seen someone dressed very oddly. It might be nice to see Snape show concern for her safety - if only because he needs her EL character to help him do something in-game. This could quite easily lead to Snape opening up to Brie about why he can't be seen and she could open up to Snape more about herself and explain why the 3 am stuff is happening.


    Eventually, though, because Snape is placed in hiding, an outside source will have to attack Brie's house and Snape will have to defend her. You'll need a magically-inspired battle to take place in and around her home that Industrial Light and Magic would love to program. Since Snape isn't permitted to leave, we don't "know" that someone looking for him can't enter. Perhaps it might be interesting to see some of these things.


    Just a few ideas/thoughts. I hope they help.


    Your friend.



  4. Nova!!! Where have you been hiding your amazingly wonderful talent? This story is absolutely wonderful, entertaining, AND educational. I second Annatira's nomination and concur that this would be a good Newbie Guide. Why? Because you're able to capture and hold a reader's attention.


    Now, your story isn't finished yet. I can hardly wait for your next installment. You've raised questions that need to be answered and I am looking forward to reading more.


    Really stellar work, Nova. More, please. :pickaxe:



  5. Some things that caught my eye you'll want to address later.


    "I had chosen dedicate my life to the pursuit of magic, ..." "I had chosen TO dedicate"? or "I had dedicated..."???


    "...I had bagged a brace of rabbits and two beaver." You need an S added to "beaver".


    "Were they all mages?, I wondered." Perhaps italics on the thought, but lose the comma after the question mark.


    "I felt its heat flow through her body, mixing with my own ..." The "her" here, seems to refer to Fyod. Should this be "his" instead?




    Keep up the great work, Peino. :confused:



  6. Hi. Here are a few little things to fix later.


    "One day, as I as haunting the aisles..." s/b ...as I was...


    "Then t§ucking the book under his cloak, ..." there's an extra symbol stuck in the middle there.


    "“Have they accused Merevig himself?”, asked Grandmaster Jerun quietly." - you don't need the comma.


    "“Well,” said Jerun, “I am sure that, when the housekeeping staff ..." - s/b ...sure that when the... (without the comma)


    ...following the path of wisdom and the teachings of Unolas.”


    “As have we all,” remarked another of the mages.

    Even the summoning teacher?



    As always, your stories are so good at grabbing and holding my attention. I admire your skill. Keep up the great work. :P



  7. When I am not morphed into the image of a mule and use a teleport pad to get from one location on a map to another, or when I use a door to go inside/outside, my view suddenly changes to the new location. This is the behaviour we are all familiar with. When I am morphed into a mule and perform the same thing, my view slides to the new location as if the camera was somewhere else.


    Is this a bug? or is this a design feature?



  8. Leather Pack Perk


    Cost: 3 pickpoints and 10k gc


    Description: Your back pack has been upgraded to the deluxe leather version giving you 30% greater carry capacity (emu) but mule glyphs no longer work for you.




    Costs are just a suggestion as is the percentage increase in emu.





  9. A few cosmetic things while you're working on this map:


    You are in Zirakgunda [182,285]

    With the compass pointed due N, there is a line where the water tiles don't meet the tiles next to them.


    You are in Zirakgunda [49,250]

    With the compass pointed due W, there is a black corner where a water tile appears to be missing.


    You are in Zirakgunda [178,352]

    Near these coords, there appears to be a big stone wall that is floating above the water.


    You are in Zirakgunda [92,323]

    With the compass pointed just a tiny hair S of due W, there's a line where the water does not meet the stoney part I stand on at those coords.


    Thanks. :medieval: