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  1. Xeph, newb/noob bjumper

    If you don't feel like reading thru all this, Xeph admits to bagjumping. Just an iron sword, but noobs start out as newbs too. [13:07:33] [Xeph @ 1]: does a leather set include an iron sword? [13:08:23] [lennywatson @ 1]: if you're talking about the NPC reward, yes, there is a sword [13:08:50] [Andrej_1 @ 1]: but if someone is selling a leather set there is no sword included [13:08:57] [lennywatson @ 1]: *tutorial reward. [13:08:58] [Xeph @ 1]: oh ok [13:09:09] [Xeph @ 1]: quest isn't working for me [13:09:15] [Andrej_1 @ 1]: only a helm, torso, pants, boots and gloves [13:09:21] Spell failed! [13:09:33] [PM to Xeph: whats the trouble?] [13:10:01] [PM from Xeph: i go into the tavern, and the use icon doesn't result in a message indicating that i have done what i needed to do ] [13:10:35] [Xeph @ 1]: no problem i just found someone elses iron sword [13:10:40] [PM to Xeph: yeah, i had the same problem right click until you see the pointing finger icon ("use") then click the bar] [13:11:00] [PM from Xeph: ok ill try one more time] [13:11:20] [PM to Xeph: if you "found" someone's sword, they might want it back...] [13:11:29] You recovered 83 material points [13:11:35] [PM from Xeph: oh well] [13:12:12] [PM to Xeph: so you're not going to try to return it?] [13:12:18] [PM from Xeph: no] [13:14:09] [PM from Xeph: quest still doesn't work] [13:14:37] [PM to Xeph: yeah, see, the thing is, i'm not interested in helping bag-jumpers] [13:14:43] You are too far away! Get closer! [13:15:22] [PM from Xeph: lol, the guy isn't online anymore] [13:15:23] Spell failed! [13:15:25] Spell failed! [13:15:28] You recovered 94 material points [13:15:39] [PM to Xeph: you know whose it was?] [13:15:47] You entered the Nordcarn storage [13:15:48] [PM from Xeph: ya it was balloch] 13:16:35] [PM to Xeph: so you're not going to give it back?] [13:17:03] [PM from Xeph: he isn't responding] [13:17:14] [PM to Xeph: thats not what i asked] [13:17:30] [PM to Balloch: you missing a sword?] [13:17:32] [PM from Xeph: if he doesn't want it, im keeping it] [13:18:35] [PM from Balloch: yes. thanks] [13:18:46] [PM to Balloch: has xeph contacted you?] [13:19:02] [PM from Balloch: now that i noticed it, yes.] [13:19:46] [PM from Balloch: xeph has my sword?] [13:20:02] [PM to Balloch: so he said to me] [13:20:28] [PM from Balloch: he said i couldn't have it back] [13:21:14] [PM to Xeph: are you familiar with the forums?] [13:21:21] [PM from Xeph: yes] [13:21:54] [PM from Xeph: you are going to say on the forums that the quest doens't work? thanks] [13:21:54] [PM to Xeph: good. If you don't return balloch's sword, I'm going to post our conversation in the outlaws forum, and make your life somewhat more difficult.] [13:22:16] [PM to Xeph: is it really worth an iron sword?] [13:22:16] [PM from Xeph: oh crap, what am i going to do? NOT THE FORUMS!] [13:22:35] [PM to Xeph: ok. just giving you fair warning.] [13:22:42] You recovered 89 material points [13:22:47] [PM from Xeph: thanks for the heads up, ill be sure to read it]
  2. It occurred to me--as Douglas Adams came up in channel and EVERYONE in the channel had something to say--that you have here a perfect target audience for certain kinds of advertising. I know you don't want to compromise gameplay, but there must be ways of selling advert space in tasteful ways. I'm thinking sci-fi publishers, video game publishers, etc. Perhaps In-Game billboards....perhaps only allowing products that fit the aesthetic of the game--e.g fantasy novels/games. -L
  3. Vendetta of the Nice and Violent

  4. Vendetta of the Nice and Violent

    Thanks:) Let me clarify: the purpose of the guild depends on people continuing to be jerks (as I have no doubt they will) I simply wish to fight back, to inflict some consequence beyond only words. To hurt those who hurt others. Vendetta.
  5. Vendetta is a newly forming guild dedicated to making game-life miserable for those who make game-life miserable for others. I would love to see EL PK as places where the only fighting is training or with enemies. So I'm recruiting fighters; hi-lev and mid-lev dedicated trainers that we may by repeated killings bankrupt the "ebul" (read: adolescent who wants to be a bully but can't in real life) the outlaws, the scammers and the all around no-good doers. I would like to see a red tag mean something, a world where newbs can explore freely, spectate freely, and only be killed if there is some purpose. I would like to see an EL where there is a penalty for being a jerk, and that penalty is Vendetta. If this appeals to you, and you can help, let me know. Lets clean this place up, shall we?
  6. japanese?

    hontowa nihonjin jyanaikedo c(-: choi nihon sodachi. Yokatta! America to yo-roppa jin shika inai to omotta. liquid omoshiroi ne. nani itta darou... yappa nice jyanai ne~
  7. pookies

    as i understand it, "outlaws" is specifically not about rule-breakers, but rather about kuso eaters who steal from, lie to, and otherwise harm people newer than themselves. So the rules of not being an ass don't apply to pk areas? I'm all about people trying to kill each other, but do you really enjoy and/or take pride in killing people so much weaker than yourselves? Why don't you kill rabbits? Is it just to prove that you're cooler than me? Well, good for you. I was trying to play a game. Train harder? I just worked my ass off to get Restoration so that I can pvp train, but whats the point if the pk community is all about killing the weak? Wouldn't you like it if "red taggging" or whatever you call it meant something? Here's a clue: it doesn't if you kill everybody who tries to enter a pk area anyway.
  8. pookies

    i mean, its not like it would have taken him more than a hit or two to kill me, but he had to cast harm on me from the sidelines. Wtf? I say wuss. I was trying to train. Don't PKers have anything better to do than hang around and interfere with low-levels training?
  9. tinysniper scamm

    i thought noob was same as newbie? Titles in forums are forum ranking arent they? Yes, entris, that was the scam. Thought it was clear, sorry. -L
  10. japanese?

    maybe i'm the only one...
  11. tinysniper scamm

    tinysniper mistook me for a noob and told me to take off my MM cape in gob cave and he would trade me something for it.