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  1. ZOMG!11! you need this so much

    contact me by forum pm, prices shown are guidelines, if there is not price, be reasonable. all reasonable offers considered. Up-dated as I sell Food: 12838 Vegetables - 8k 89 Toadstool - 100g 6 Bread 963 Fruits 1k 562 Potion of Feasting 6.5k Flowers: 589 Cotton 1gc/ea 131 Swamp Candles 5gc/ea 2504 Blue Lupine 5gc/ea 1153 Red Rose 5gc/ea 480 Cactus 5gc/ea 636 Tree Mushroom 1gc/ea 168 Yellow Rose .5gc/ea 7885 Impatiens 5gc/ea 1160 Red Snapdragons 5gc/ea 1479 Blue Star Flower 5gc/ea 868 Blue Berries 5gc/ea 3287 Chrysanthemum 5gc/ea Ores: 594 Iron Ore 3g/ea Minerals: 93 Gypsum 5gc/ea 3467 Coal 2/ea 242 Ruby 3/ea 332 Quartz 2/ea Tools: 6 Hammer 61 Leather Gloves 111 Gemstone hammer & chisel 341 Gem Sanding Paper 10/ea 55 Mortar & Pestle 1 Ring Mold Weapons: 1 Short Bow 4.5k 4 Iron Battle Hammer 200ea 1 Iron Sword 250/ea 6 Frying Pan 800/ea 1435 Wood Branches 8 Iron Broad Sword 300/ea 4 Wooden Battle Hammer 1 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword 3 Wooden Staff 1 Steel Axe 2k 9 Steel Two Edged Sword 900/ea 1 Ice arrows Armor: 2 Augmented Leather Pants 61 Leather Gloves 6 Augmented Leather Armor 11 Iron Helm 9 Leather Boots 1 Iron Shield 1 Steel Plate Mail 52k <reserved NoobPL> 2 Leather Helm Magic: 16 Ring of Naralik 1 Ring of Damage 20 Ring of Isla Prima 7 Stars Medallion 1 Fast Regeneration Removal 16k 3 Unicorn Medallion 4 Ring of Bethel 38 Ring of White Stone 17 Ring of Disengagement 1 Conjurer Cloak 1 Medallion of Life 15k 9 Ring of Idaloran 1 Antisocial removal 25k 1 Gatherer Medallion 10k Essences: 1236 Magic Essence 8k 644 Death Essence 6k 56 Earth Essence 1730 Fire Essence 3.3/ea 51 Matter Essence 476 Water Essence 7k/ea 41 Spirit Essence 473 Energy Essence 351 Health Essence Potions: 12 Potion of Crafting 36 Potion of Great Healing 9 Potion of Summoning 17 Potion of Extra Mana 8 Potion of Harvesting 67 Potion of Mana 323 Potion of Body Restoration 12/ea 217 Invisibility Potion 90/ea 562 Potion of Feasting 6.5k 1 Potion of Minor Healing 3 True Sight Potion 5 Potion of Defense 2 Potion of Coordination 257 Potion of Spirit Restoration 13/ea 8 Potion of Manufacturing 65 Potion of Vitality Animal: 186 White rabbit fur 75 Puma Fur 1 Sslessar Summoning Stone 5k 163 Tiger fur 170 Bear Summoning Stone 120/ea 314 Black panther fur 2 Armed Orc Summoning Stone 400ea 636 Leopard fur Clothes: 5 Fur Hat 8 Racoon hat 3 Excavator Cape 46 Warm Fur Gloves 10 Fur Boots 1 Fur Pants 2 Augmented Leather Pants 6 Augmented Leather Armor 7 Skunk hat 1 Fur Torso 3 Monster Magnetism Cloak 6.5k ea 7 Body Piercing Cloak 1.5k ea 9 Leather Boots 3 Fur Cloak 1 Conjurer Cloak 3.5k 1 Leather Pants 1 The artificer cape 100k 4 Padded Leather Armor 11 Fox Scarf Misc: 303 Ashes 1435 Wood Branches 402 Thread 2 Skull key 1 Invasion Token 15k 6 Wood Logs
  2. make rare summoning

    Any item required to be equipped or in inventory in order for summoning to have this effect would eliminate the possible IP problem, although not that much summoning goes on on IP. a moratorium on IP summoning would fix this as would a required level to get this effect, although the later option may be a pain to code into the game, and the former would require a change, albeit minor, to the rules. required item to get effect seems to be the best and easiest solution. the other issue that there may be monsters that are far stronger than monsters on the map is exactly the point. its a bonus for summoners. there is noting stopping players from summoning high level monsters on non-pk, maps with mostly low level monsters. Summon is not just to make diversionary zoo's for pk, and a rare bonus for using a skill, especially one so neglected as summoning might add a little spice to the skill, noting that in light of the recent updates there seems to be an interest in adding spice to summoning.
  3. perhaps there could be a rare chance that low level ingredients could make a more powerful creature wolf ings 1/1000 to make Mountain chim rabbit ings 1/2000 to make fluffy snake ings (any) 1/1500 to make sesslar rat ings 1/2000 to make ...jumbo rat? hawk ings 1/400 to make cockatrice or some similar arrangement
  4. bill to change drinking age

    excellent point. i agree that if you are old enough to sign up to be a contract killer for the government, you are old enough to have a beer. But such a decision should not be taken lightly and one should have the maturity to know what they are getting into, and what it means to sign up for such a thing. Maybe take a tour of a military hospital or two, and talk with some veterans. joining the military is a life altering decision, the government should deem the age at which someone is mature enough to alter their life, should be the same if not later than they can enjoy a frosty cold one. the legal age to join the military should be at least 21, give a person to experience more of the country that grade school, summer camp and hanging out at the mall. Before they can get talked into signing up to fight for it, let them find out what they are fighting for.
  5. Advanced Instance 4th/5th April

    im down like a clown charlie browweeeeehhhh, charlie breeee, charlie broowwwwww.... charlie brown
  6. game statistics on main page?

    how about a rosto lost this month stat? and a bonus if you lose the rosto that makes the current month loses beat the previous month. kind of like an employee bonus
  7. Sign up for "advanced" instances

    pm me at will usually on from 10pm est till 2am est
  8. Guess the player name!

  9. Fast regen removal stone

  10. ICD removal auction

    sircamolot bid 65K ingame
  11. ICD removal auction

    in-game bid of 55k, but auction still open
  12. Fast regen removal stone

    auction start at 40k end at 10pm est sunday, or when i see a price that satisfies me
  13. ICD removal auction

    starting at 40k ending in on sunday at 10pm est, or when i get a price i like , BIN 120k
  14. Antisocial removal stone

    starting at 70k reserve right to end early for any reason