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  1. 100k Silver Ore Auction

    I'll BIN for 300k gc. PM me in game please
  2. 100k silver ore for sell

    Nevermind, sorry for the post.
  3. Fair Market Value Harvest Shop

    5k silver ore please, Thanx guys

    300k gc
  5. Small storage sell

    360kgc bid on the cotm I see noone else bidding on the COTM and it's been a few days, any chance you are going to sell it or what ? and Kaddy, that was a borrowed one to see if i liked it or not Get back to me Haze, thanks
  6. Storage Sell

    i'll buy the silver
  7. EL NFL Pool Version 2.0

    That would be fine by me DAS
  8. EL NFL Pool Version 2.0

    Count me in, sounds like good fun
  9. With the new update i was checking out the changes made to the bronze armor. Seems that when you look at the description in inventory of the plate mail it says -1 accuracy but when you type #arm when wearing it you get a -2 penalty.
  10. The Kilaran Field Clash 2

    Awesome event as always korrode Thanx to the moderators for keeping an eye on things and gratz to all on my Team TeK, you guys were awesome Glad to have you on my side
  11. The Kilaran Field Clash 2

    Count me in Korrode
  12. Player made quests via a network of bots

    I am willing to use my bot EvilsHalo for such services, let me know if i can help
  13. Adopt a newbie program started

    I'll adopt a newbie, PM me in game and be ready to be pushed to the limit, serious inquiries only
  14. Manufacturing strike!

    I agree with you Holar, market is completely unbalanced. Items should sell for their real value. \o/ No more underpricing.
  15. The Kilaran Field Clash

    Sign me up Korrode