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  1. New Market System

    The system is broken. Bots control a vast majority of the market and the owners are free to set any buy or sell price they want. It only looks complicated at first, but it's quite easy once you get used to it. Sell and buy orders are shown with the quantity, price (per item), and the expiration date. The graph just shows the 5 and 20 day averages, the Donchian Channel, and the median day price.
  2. I've only been semi-active on Eternal Lands, and with the unrest in the market system right now, it seems like a good idea to propose a new market system. I've played EVE Online before (I don't now, it takes up too much time) and I'm convinced their market system is superior to that of Eternal Lands. Here are some screen shots of how the market in EVE is set up (click to enlarge): As you can see from the screen shots, players can sell their items or make buy orders that remain active even when their character is logged off. It also provides various graphs/tables of market trends. In EVE, market data is restricted into certain regions, so not all market data is given about the entire game. As I recall, I have seen various external system like this around, but putting this directly in the game would be easier for everyone. Now, I'm not trying to make EL into EVE, but I think this is a decent system that could be done. Of course, the downside is that bots become useless (this could be viewed as good or bad), so ent doesn't get the money bot owners pay.
  3. Thats right folks, the spore creature creater is here/leaked, giving people the first hands-on opportunity of the long-anticipated spore. I have to say, it's pretty darn cool. The leaked version can be downloaded here: http://www.fragland.net/downloads/SCCTrialSetupexe/16109/ And the CC will be released on Tues, June 16 at the official site http://www.spore.com
  4. Big Bang and Black Holes

    I have been away from this thread, you know exams...and still a lot to revise. However i'd like to answer to this point. There is experimental evidence that in a primordial atmosphere made of methane, carbon dioxyde, ammonia and no oxygen (it was a pollution product of blue algae, proved by geological findings), coupled with radiation and electricity you can easily have the basic building blocks of life: lipids, carbohydrates, aminoacids, nitrogen basis. First, talking about the chance of atoms to mix, is not correct. You have molecules to start with and an enviroment to consider. Still the chances are near the impossible if you want life to be assembled from its components in a single step. It's like saying that falling down a staircase is as probable as falling down each stair-step separately...actually if you fall down the first stair-step, the probability of reaching the bottom of the staircase is alomost 1, because each subsequent probability is strongly increased by the previous event...events arent not indipendent, to say it mathematically. Second, you dont need a metabolism when the environment around you is so unstable to create the organic matter you need to fuel your reproduction. You dont even need a cell. You simply need a molecule capable of reproducing itself to start. This molecule exists and it is RNA (some particular RNA to be precise) which has the enzymatic activity required to act as an enzyme...not a very efficient one, but still working. Couple togheter both the above arguments and the chance of life being created shrinks a lot, in the realm of probable at least. Theories about origin of life are (simplifying a bit) trying to find the initial conditions of a chaotic system. It is a difficult task, many problems arise, from the instability of molecules to difficulties in polymerization reactions...still at this stage, more convincing than a divine intervent (imo). Life is chemistry, nothing more than a wonderful use of those laws. I have to agree with Fedora here, there are experiments to prove this: http://discovermagazine.com/2008/feb/did-life-evolve-in-ice In this experiment an RNA chain up to 700 bases long was made, with other science that says the chain may be able to self replicate. and http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m120...161/ai_84804464 This is also an interesting read: http://www.umich.edu/~gs265/bigbang.htm
  5. EL 170 Pre RC

    Found a weird bug today that makes everyone look like they're in some sort of ninja costume.... Pic: It only is like this when the storage dialog box is in focus. I have yet to confirm that this happens at other storages (the picture was at the dp storage.) Dell inspiron 1501 Maxine informed me this was a client side bug and the problem could be fixed by restarting the client. Auror
  6. I used a modified version of bluap's script as the main base of the new script. I changed the default directory to the home folder, because I think that it would be easier to add music, change maps (I know some people use el-cel or other maps), add music etc. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the el script to write directly to /usr/bin so I made it write to the home directory and then cut it with sudo over to /usr/bin A couple more comments about the script. Some might prefer to install the game as a normal user into their home directory so may be the path could be user read from stdin. On a related note, do you need to write the el script to /usr/bin? Why not just put it in the install directory and change the .desktop file point there. Finally, you could save downloading the desktop and el script from your web server by creating them directly from your script. Hope you don't mind but here's some example bash script... The script needs to be in /usr/bin so you don't have to cd to the directory, then execute it with ./el (same problem as executing ./el.x86.linux.bin) When you put it in /usr/bin, you can execute it just by typing el in the terminal, or putting el as the command to execute in a launcher, no cd'ing required. Another note: the command I posted earlier to get the link from the softpedia site (as the link always changes when you reload the page) sends many unnecessary http requests. I whittled this down to 4, and I can't get those because they are links to softpedia.com (rather then name.softpedia.com). When I attempt to add softpedia.com to the exclude domains list, It prevents the zip file from downloading. New wget command: sudo wget -rH -l1 -np -nd --accept=.zip -erobots=off --exclude-domains=download.softpedia.ro,mac.softpedia.com,linux.softpedia.com,drivers.soft pedia.com,archive.softpedia.com,board.softpedia.com,forum.softpedia.com,games.sof tpedia.com,handheld.softpedia.com,mac.softpedia.com,news.softpedia.com,webscripts .softpedia.com,mobile.softpedia.com,win.softpedia.com http://linux.softpedia.com/progDownload/Eternal-Lands-Download-611.html I have looked into making a .deb file, but decided a script would be easier to make. The script has several advantages over a deb file, including easier to change, you can change the installation directory, and add a desktop icon. I also made the script remove the zip file after extraction. Auror
  7. May be because this download "http://elguidebook.atspace.com/el" is pointing to a users directory rather than the install location: #!/bin/bash cd /usr/share/games sudo wget [url="http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/8867f2bbf798375524f4a259470e56e5/4820d1b6/600000611/linux/games/el_160_linux.zip"]http://download.softpedia.ro/dl/8867f2bbf7...l_160_linux.zip[/url] sudo unzip el_160_linux.zip [b][color="#FF0000"]cd el_160_linux[/color][/b] sudo chmod +x el.x86.linux.bin cd /usr/bin sudo wget [url="http://elguidebook.atspace.com/el"]http://elguidebook.atspace.com/el[/url] sudo chmod +x el cd cd Desktop/ wget [url="http://elguidebook.atspace.com/Eternal_Lands.desktop"]http://elguidebook.atspace.com/Eternal_Lands.desktop[/url] Aside from that...using the "Desktop" directory assumes the user has the English Ubuntu system installed. As I don't, I just had to change it to the Desktop for my system. After that it worked fine... Now I'm just wondering about the dead desktop link /: //Zilvador Fixed
  8. This is a script for ubuntu (the desktop shortcut will only work in gnome) to install eternal lands. Perhaps someone could modify it for KDE and Xfce environments. Instructions: 1. Download the 32 bit or 64 bit script 2. Right click your downloaded script, and press the "Properties option" 3. Click the "Permissions" tab 3. Check the "Allow executing file as a program" box. 4. Close the properties box by clicking the "Close" button. 5. Double click the script and select "Run in Terminal" Downloads 32 bit Gnome (most users): http://elguidebook.atspace.com/el_install_32b 64 bit Gnome: http://elguidebook.atspace.com/el_install_64b Right click on the respective download link, and select "Save Link As..." Auror
  9. RC 1

    The first time I started up the client the remote heal effect was yellow, but the second time, it was white. Also I noticed a strange sound while walking in Idaloran, it was like wind blew noise effect and then a gong sounded. It got extremely annoying after a while. Edit: I noticed there was a raining sound in the cave in northern ida (skeles, large & small spiders there) even though i was inside the cave.
  10. -Conspiricy Theory-

    Now watch this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqlo_spATEM
  11. NEW CEL Site Launch

    Pretty sweet, but I think I like the old menu better.
  12. 2008 Presidential Candidates

    Yes, Bush cannot be re-elected in 2008, thank every god that I can think of. But there are plenty of next-gen Bush versions lining up to take his place. The world will not necessarily be rendered safer just because the corrupt, un-American liar in the White House is not named Bush. We must use our votes properly indeed. Bush can be president for 2 more years if he runs as vice president, then the president dies or resigns.
  13. is windows vista a problem with the game

    Update your video card drivers. Nvidia drivers: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us ATI Drivers: http://ati.amd.com/support/driver.html
  14. RC 2

    How is this different than rc1? Could you list the bugs fixed ect. please. The sounds are awsome! Great work development team
  15. El 145 RC1 is here!

    I didn't do anything it crashes all by itself, about every 20-30 minutes (I haven't timed it exactly) for no apparent reason. Both times I was on completely different maps and doing completely different things. I'll try to find whats causing it.