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  1. say these letters in order "H, S, H". they dont stand for anything but I could never pass saying this really fast for mor than 5 times. u try!
  2. why do people sit around forever?

    thank you for your assistence on this thread lol
  3. wuts wit Peece Day?

    we cant kill ANYTHING?!?!?!?!
  4. wuts wit Peece Day?

    wut is this? Peace day?
  5. March Madness!

    I'm from Conn. so go UCONN!!!! Aislinn how could u like Umass? maybe BC, but the MINUTEMEN???? 'sides this is like Florida's first championship in like forever, and Uconn already has like 10!!!!! name 2 good people that play in NBA from Umass! Syracuse is better ( Carmello Anthony #15!!!!) in sports, bot look at Omeka Okafor and for womens, Diana Tarasi!!!!And look at all the good peeps on Uconn Now, Marcus Williams, Hilton Armstrong, RUDY GAY!!!!!! i mean, UCONN ROX!!!!
  6. I think we should have a deli, where we can sell cooked meat. Also raw meat should be specified such as rabbit meat or beaver meat instead of rwa meat, so that the prices for the meat will vary. thnx!!
  7. where should I sell this?

    Where can we sell cooked meat other than the market? is there any typle of deli(lol) I can sell my meat? I need some quick money.
  8. *is from New York* the curse of the billy goat will never leave you, nor the cursed memory of the Called Shot!!!!!
  9. Linkin PArk!

    .......do YOU like LP?
  10. sorry i'm anewbie but should I reach some sort of level to cook stuff?
  11. Formal Proposal to Buy Eternal lands

    if this is not bill gates, I hope you know that Microsoft has the full right to sue whoever this chatterbug is. This is not a joke, and you could be looking at several years in prison, chatterbug.
  12. lol i forgot to put playin EL
  13. With baseball season here, foot ball gone, and basket ball heating up, I was wanderin if baseball should be called America's pastime, or should some other sport be named that. thnx!!!
  14. Whats your favorate band?

    whos ever heard of Fort Minor? queen 50 cent the Game dashboard confessional LP!!!!Linkin park FM!!!!Fort minor JZ!!!!!umm...Jay Z?(lmao) red hot chilli peppers ROLLIN STONES Greenday Styles of beyond EXOTIKA!!!! SCREAM!!! GREENDAY!!! (i'm the only person who doesnt llike the beatles) Alister HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS FOB!!!Fall Out Boy METALLICA AC/DC G-unit!!!! STAINEDDD!!! Relient K Switchfoot!!! Yellowcard!!!
  15. Darkened Dreams

    any chance it'll be software or web based?