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  1. omgroflolmfaolo0l movie

    HA! That's fricken sweet. I'm crackin up at work here and everyone else is watching it. Thanks for that
  2. Good, free, Mac MMORPG's?

    No game I've ever played has required a phone number or address. And like you say, you can always give them a wrong set of numbers.
  3. Good, free, Mac MMORPG's?

    Try Oberin. It's ONLY for Macs. www.oberin.com It's pretty cool, but the graphics kind of suck. GIVE IT A CHANCE. I started playing it and it's a lot of fun.
  4. Harvesting Q's

    EL Manuals isn't the EL site. The official EL site is here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/ and it is very much up to date. Oh yes, I meant the EL Manuals site.
  5. The impossible

    Well with 500 pennies you can use 100 of them to make $1. Let me edit the riddle. What combonation of coins (US currency) will allow you to have over $1.00 but not exactly $1.00, and after you exceed $1.00, no more coins are counted? Example: 3 quarters, 3 dimes. 1 quarter = .25 2 quarters= .50 3 quarters= .75 3q 1d= .85 3q 2d= .95 3q 2d= 1.05 No more coins are allowed to be included. And yes, there are more than 2 combos. Sorry I mis-wrote that reply. Is that easier to understand??
  6. Harvesting Q's

    Yes, the EL Manuals site it out of date, but if you go to the coordinate section, check out the maps there and look for items such as Swamp Candles. A lot of those items are still correctly located. It's easier to look for them if you're given SOME correct locations. Good luck.
  7. Should there be a Player Ranking for GC?

    I somewhat agree. Don't we have a lack of GC in the game right now? Wouldn't this just make people horde their money more and would have manu's not selling as many items? Hording their gold instead of buying a good stock of items I think would hurt the economy system. Then again, if we only have a top 20 list, let's say, then most players never expect to get on it in terms of GC because it's going to be the ancients who most likely will dominate. So hording gold may not be that big of a deal after all. But seriously, I don't want to feel poor because the top players have 1 gazillion gold. I think I'm doing alright until I realize that I'll never be that good. Then again, we could always implement this, like Savyl said. If it doesn't work, we could always take it away and there would be no harm done. So I vote for an initial YES.
  8. The impossible

    3 quarters and 3 dimes Yup, that's 1 of 2 combos. Is this the whole question? I said it was an easy one.
  9. The impossible

    Here's an easy one: What combonation of coins (US currency) will allow you to have over $1.00 but not exactly $1.00?
  10. lol looks funny ;p

    That's hillarious, but they seriously could have done way better...I'm a bit disappointed.
  11. if your in college

    About to start my upper level courses for Information Technology at the University of Phoenix. (online) After that I plan on working on my Master's of IT and possibly a Bach. in Computer Science or Business. Who knows.
  12. OS X client specific bugs and To Do

    While I cannot be sure, that is one of the dumbest replies I have heard (from that company, not you). All the sub-releases are mostly bug fixes. It does not make sense to me. IIRC, the Tiger PPC build of EL was built under 10.4.5...maybe .6 (I am not infront of that computer). I thought you were only having issues between maps loading. 0ctane! Apparantly you and I are not idiots after all. I just found this today while searching for an error code: http://www.apple.com/support/imac/repairextensionprogram/ It turns out that this specific group of iMac G5s are having my problem, so it has nothing to do with the game. I guess the game induced the computer to get messy, but it wasn't the games fault. I'm hopefully taking it in for repair but they want to keep it for a couple of days. Oh well. If you have a first generation iMac G5 make sure to read the link above!! Case closed.
  13. Funny joke i found on the net

    HA! It may be old, but I've never heard this one. Nice!
  14. Fluffy Drops

    LMAO! That's fricken sweet.
  15. Whats your favorate band?

    Prism Theory, Joe Roberts, and the 69 Eyes are good enough to be compared to The Doors or Nirvana? Maybe I should get some of their stuff.