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  1. Guess the player name!

    Ok nobody is getting your on so i will do one
  2. This is what really happened i was training in tirnym, The first i heard about this was when some newb comes in i thought he was looking for bags so i kill him, Then in comes a high lvl player and attacks me, i die obviously as im coming back i see wiseguy3 lined up with 2 more noob most probably thinking im still in there. so i pm sinclair94 i said Where you involved in this! he says involved in what? then i said Go back to sleep. he pm's me with ?. so i try wiseguy and he says you bad bad man! Later on i come on the forums find out he has set me up as the bad guy.
  3. Me Deceneu

    Hello im deceneu i have been known as a bagjumper cyc healer Potential Scammer but im changing my evil ways and i have found a new Rule abiding unmean Way to make my riches. I Apologize for all the trouble i have made So Sorry Aislinn And all the mods.
  4. deceneu

    Yes i did scam, So what? im not going to curl up and cry If its not against rules why not?? its free stuf isnt it. And im sorry Nyx to dissapoint you but i dont know who the hell Delosek is, Anywho nice work sherlock.
  5. Do You Like Lieing Cheating And Stealing?

    I Am a well known scammer, And i have no trouble spelling or using proper grammer at all, Anyway i think scamming Makes this game seem a lot more real , Thats why all these forums are under Outlaws NOT Scammers!