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  1. Yetio and Yascarus Bagjumps

    seriously...Hussam u rly need to further Pk education. Its not 'stealing' if he rightfylly pkd someone and took their deathbag lol. If u want 'safe' pvp, buy a guildmap and guardbot. And I agree w/ Korrode...any evidence? Tbh it sounds like ppl are "omg some1 said in ch6 yetio/yasca did (bad thing)!!! Even tho they didn't do it to me, we'll redtag them too bc we are good pups to the el community". Star had the right idea for 'orange' just as caution...but to fullout red some1 is tarded lol.
  2. Michael Jackson dead.

    Well said masterzen. I 99% listen to rock/metal, but jackson is probably 1 of my favorite musicians considering he made great music that made him 'the king of pop'. Besides, he had some insane music videos for being in the 80's. Noone will ever know if he was rly guilty of 'touching' boys, for all we know those kids were lying bastards bc mommy wanted some $...but o well, the man had talent
  3. Channel 6 "Evil" discussion

    Basically- I don't remember exactly how it all started(I am to blame I'm sure), but tiruncollimdus wanted to argue about his 'proof' that Mortos was pure evil bc the story said so...then entertained us with funny contradictions and pr0 quotes as myself and machevort gave facts of our own about the topic...others joined in aswel. He was just too full of himself to respect others opinions and wanted all to believe in exactly what he believes...so gj on your vote...the teletubbies are quite the sinners . *edit* lmfao @ Ateh <3 he only pm'd me with more garbage of why he was 'right' -.-
  4. Yo Adrian

    If u found the right place...use teleport to range spells to get from beginning to end or solve the riddles and 'use' certain items and it'll teleport u.... If u didnt find right spot, sux ;>
  5. Serping spawns

    Lol.... 1st off, suggestions for three double spawns so "three people can train" is retarded...how selfish are u? cmon...really... Take note of how many players there are that are able to train feros and how many feros spawns there are in game... 5 in nrm, 6 bethel cave....only 11 spawns for so many more players and so u think changing that to 8 spawns for ppl....gj 2nd, considering it's obvious some spawns are considerably 'easier' to hold than others, i dont blame mache for wanting that spawn instead of the '300' spawn. And as its constantly said, "a spawn isnt owned" so DP should be kissing Mache's dingding that he was nice enough to move to a different spawn. "If you take a 2nd spawn from a trainer when there's another single spawn free, you make it so both of you only get single spawn exp, where as if you go take a free single, one person gets double spawn exp and the 2nd person gets exactly the same exp on a single spawn as what they'd be getting anyway." So only one person should have the chance to get 2x exp and the other not? If a person is desperate enough for 2x exp, then they can figure out a different spawn to use as their 2nd if some1 wants "their other" spawn Please stop making suggestions until u think of good ones ;\
  6. Manufacturing strike!

    I dont even need to bother reading every single post to know Boe has found the correct terms of 'greed' and 'selfish' rofl. Oyea fighters are soooo rich bc they can go kill yetis and make so much profit and roll up $ and smoke if they pleased. Cmon be serious... count how many yeti spawns there are + how many high leveled players spend countless hours at 1 spawn and, considering their time schedule, will 90% be there when u log on and check if spawn open. Yes, for those who get the chance to do yeti so often, prolly are rich...but for the rest, not at all... When manuers battle over a 'rare' stone (serp,bind,enrich) or essence, it's an auction to the highest bidder and then w/e that dumdum pays for it...it needs to be taken out on the customer...gj. If ppl would stop bein greedy and do it oldschool of "first to pm me to buy, 1st to get", things are fine. bah, im tired, cba to care about this crap.
  7. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    "lol. for one tinf perk cost's 7 pp's. not 800k or so GC's. and you missed the whole point of this thread, yet you fail to realise that UDG has needed changes for a long time." True that pp is needed for tinf, but unlike udg's, i can guarentee that tinf will never break and is brod-proof Nmt perk is 7pp iirc... some people have it, others dont.... I dont see any1 saying 'oshit nmt cape is overpowered... remove it or reduce it atleast garsh!!!' -.-
  8. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    lol, if you let a '1man army' take down 6ppl, just means ppl gotta train more or use different weapons to their advantage. For example: 2ppl or so ppl use SoM (person getting hits will *hopefully* take mana to continue fight and other(s) using SoM will hopefully burn) and rest use weapons to do nice damage. And another point: If every1 is bitching about the UDG's... why not bitch about the 'there is no fork' perk? \o/ Iirc, for every xtra enemy on an oppent makes the opponent lose 5def, like 6ppl vs 1 = -25d ... so if some1 has tinf they stay +25d regardless of enemy on u.... so what's wrong if UDG works 5x to make person fight at their real potential? ^^ Im suprised noone is suggesting "Please remove tinf and exchange it with the 'happygoodjob dance perk- instead of losing 5d for multiple opponents, person only loses 4d" \o/ If u wanna have the same advatange as person w/ UDG's, plx take tinf and stop w/ the complaints :/
  9. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    Lol @ whole topic 1st off: UDG's were fine as they were, but +19d is still decent i guess. Obviously it's the ppl that dont have them that is whining about them, but i can understand the reasoning for it i dont have them, wish i did but im not gonna stop pking just bc enemy has advantage. Just my opinion, fighting an enemy w 5 of your guildies/allies when enemy is +30d... u dont consider that 'fun'? It's not 'impossible' to kill attila if his udg's were working great... ive personally killed him in 1v1 and 1v2(1v2 was w/ loic, some1 manymanymany lvls lower than ATH but loic still had fun) when his udg's were working good+wda... ever try att bless+acc pot (mind u: I was also pking in steel pl8/greaves and iron cuisses for a while)? \o/ Attila brings fun to kf honestly... if it werent for him and his 'special stoof', he wouldnt come back constantly then u all would be kf 'gawd i r so bored lets dance' or something ;/ @Kad: Lol... who cares what a person's levels are tbh... considering ive been seeing Korrode (cant recall if u have) bragging about 'zomg i killed kramxel!!!!!'.... he's prolly 10+ lvls below both of u :x Same hypocritical excuses overandover. Its getting too repetitive honestly :s
  10. Storage Sell!

    I see you changed original post to say '210k' for the brod... if u have not already sold the brod, I'll buy for 210k.
  11. Storage Sell!

    190k 190k
  12. Storage Sell!

    180k for brod
  13. Auctioning- Artificer Cape & gelatine remo

    Sold. Auction closed
  14. Title says everything ;p Bid here or gossip me w/ bid Start bids @ 140k plx for arti, gelatine remove... w/e ;p
  15. Rayla is back

    Lol @ the "You broke rules by blocking resources" and "my sympathy goes to the bagjumpers" ppl. Cmon, yea i agree with just 'you broke a rule' but rofl.... go as far to saying who gets what sympathy? Cba to look who said it, but i agree with the 'if too many people are crowding a resource and i cant harv it, should i call a mod?' or w/e. Mistakes happen umduh? So what, they were defending what they believed to be theirs in the only matter they found that worked, it was a mistake which obviously they realize and were told of by mods... drop it, dont gotta be Mr/Ms/Mrs/Miss/Madame O'Imasaintandnevereverbrokearule and rub their noses in it.