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  1. Latest Android client (14/10/2013)

    For reasons unknown to me I am unable to have the client be my friend on my tablet... it let me open my inventory, but would not let me close my inventory, nor do much else after. When will the client be on the DL page for EL with a link to the forum for issues?
  2. about sunnyd

    It's 5:30am for me, I've not had tea - and words fail me, forgive me. I can only offer prayers, prayers for her family and friends, and prayers of thanks for our having had our lives enriched by her presence.
  3. Beware Terrance PKG

    My logs confirm for the portion I was there.
  4. Peace Day?

    If there will be land mines blocking all movement into PK zones on "Peace Day", then it stands to reason, that the least that could be done to make this situation less debatable would be to amend the description of the day. As nice as it would be to see the land mines disabled on Peace Day, this would promote a very unrealistic concept. When peace is declared in a zone where conflict has occurred, it still takes efforts to remove the land mines and other such 'traps'. It would be a stretch of the imagination to expect that the mines would simply deactivate for a period of time and then reactivate after such. These are my thoughts, and are not necessarily representative of how the Fellowship nor those in guild FoCW perceive this situation.
  5. Energy Problems

    I don't normally post... but... Radu/Entropy is NOT responsible for your electrical issues. Contact your supplier and explain the issue to them. Maybe don't play on days when there are electrical issues in your area. Try a UPS {Uninterruptible Power Supply} or at least a surge protector...
  6. EL Wiki

    And if you have JPG/PNG maps that would be of appropriate size and wish to donate them in exchange for a link to your site (under each map) please let me know.
  7. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    An amazing cause, and some amazing prizes - Audhilde and I are delighted to participate.
  8. Help support a good cause & win prizes

    So, the other method of donating, the one where none of the money goes to paypal and it all goes to the cause? That is working properly?
  9. Newcomers, guilds and such..

    A bit about what I have seen recently. Recently I reset, and it has been a grand experience for me. I've met lots o'new folks on IP, and all around C1. Some of them wore guild tags and yet lacked much of the basic knowledge we associate with someone who's earned levels. I associate this with poor guild management, and have no respect for their guild leaders as a result. Now, some guilds I expect to find members like this... they advertise as Teaching guilds... my friends in SiTu are like this. When I joined my first guild, it was because their members had not asked me to join. I was asked by several larger guilds to join, and a few invested some time talk'n with me and get'n to know me, but none spent the time training me like those in ~LE~. What impressed me most of all about the way they were then was how watchful they were over my actions. I left ~LE~ a while back to found the Fellowship, a group that has members from several different guilds, and started a group with the tag FoCW to support this Fellowship. Those whom I loved from ~LE~ supported me in this, and even though they have left their guild over time, they are still members of the Fellowship. When I started to 'recruit' for my 'guild' I made the decision to follow in my mentors footsteps. I have done my best to be there for those whom I am interested in joining my society, but this isn't the case with all the guilds in EL. I am proud to say, however, that all the GM's in the Fellowship, and all the GM's that have been a part of it in the past and in the present, take responsibility to ensure that their guild doesn't become a numbers game. I am proud to know all of them, and yes, I will be friendly to those in guilds with lesser standards, but I won't trust you farther than I can pick you up and throw you in game (note: I've not seen wrestling in this game). If I see members of your guild alone and confused, I will often pull a guild info, and sometimes contact via IG. One guild recently disappointed me greatly. Their platform was very similar to my own, but they had a member whom I befriended that was in desperate need of serious training. I love seeing the new faces, finding new names, and fresh spirits. I am merely wishing that they'd at least read the FAQ, join channel 1, or otherwise seek education. I would like to know that guilds cared more for quality than for quantity, but I know this is unreasonable to impose. As for some of the guild rank things that I have heard. How about a score that is the average of all levels of each character in the guild (except OA) divided by the number of skills divided by the number of members of that guild.... Or a guild rank for each of the skills. Where obviously the time you spend working with your guild will pay off in the ratings... The more alchemy projects the better your guilds rank in that skill... but this is just an old man rambling. Thank you JezeBelle for bringing up this topic, I don't suggest we try to change numerically minded people, but perhaps we can show our preferences with the people who surround us? And if I personally see someone wearing Ti-Armor that can't heal themselves, I will most likely offer to sell them the secrets of how to heal oneself for 10 gc, a few HE's included with the knowledge And should someone need to learn to make a fire, I can sell them the knowledge for 5gcs with a Fire Essence thrown in... it's the least I can do to put a value on such basic knowledge.
  10. Advanced Broker-Bot

    Here's a tiny thought... and it starts with a question to LabRat... LabRat: As a recognized guru of bot building, and owner of multiple (more than one) bot, would it be a good thing, in your opinion if one of your bots could refer me to another of your bots that happens to have an item I'm interested in? I ask this because I've done business with your bots in the past, and would've had an easier time of it, had the first told me that the second had what I was looking for... I'm not personally in favour of a single stock exchange, but I would love the ability to set up a referral service... say two friends each have their own bot, one carries mostly essences, the other carries mostly potions. /bot1 inv fire essences BOT1 : Sorry, I don't carry that, but please try BOT2 who specializes in essences.... Though I think a bot that pulled data from other bots to create a 'stock exchange' of sorts isn't a bad idea, but the BOT OWNERS being quarried need to opt in to such a program, and anyone wishing NOT to take part in such a program should just not sign up. BUT how would this work? Many bots output their text nicely to a persons eyes, but there is no true standard to the layout and each signed up bot would require that code would need to be updated so that the signed up bots would be understood by such a market puller. Now, bandwidth is still an issue, even if it's only 5k in either direction at any given time. Perhaps owners of signed up bots should figure a way to post their data on an external server that could be retrieved server to server without using EL servers as an intermediary... I'm not a big market person, and I'm talking out m'.... but ye ne'er know something I said might be useful?
  11. the Return of W&W

    My ring and I shall await their summons.
  12. PK points system

    I voted Asymmetric. I don't PK, so I really hope the point system is worked out that folks only gain based off the other persons PK Points.... It'll make those of us who get killed doing hydro runs much happier knowing that our death is even more meaningless than usual *wink* As I slip further and further into the negative I hope to be less and less of a target...
  13. make soap please

    How about a negative modifier for dealing with NPCs until you wash your hands? Add to it the option for bots to determine your hands are unclean and not deal with you until you washed your hands? (Or an option only to sell certain things to the unclean, like soap or dung or such, or the ability to use the flag to raise prices on some items? Be creative bot makers, if this flag were put in, how would you use it?) And since it sounds like BREW'n would be required for the final stage, I think the render'n of the fat should fall under ALCHEMY - Knowledge Required : Rendering (Meat Smelting?) I'll follow with the creation of lye to be an ENGINEERING feat - Knowledge Required: Lye Production And finally the mixing of it all together (possibly requiring the use of an empty vial) could be POTIONS as the process sure sounds like brewing to me. Knowledge required: Soap Making
  14. How old are you?

    Majestyk, as ye well know, I'm an antique compared t'ye. Ye've na right t'feel old, since yer barely enter'n yer forth decade... Ach, ye'll still be snowboard'n long after I'm reclining in m'rocker with m'blanket o'er m'legs and the keyboard on m'lap...
  15. Freya bot problem

    Do we have a way of advising players on how to obtain a list of all used names? This may allow for players that were thinking of creating a name similar to another players name to change their idea. I know there's the who's online listing, but is there a complete listing, if so where? {Sorry I'm not trying to be harassing here, but am genuinely curious.} Without such a listing, we do tend to step on toes.