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  1. Auction

    Auction closed. thank you for all the interest. item sold to rauch
  2. Auction

    Aution Ends in 24 hours from now.
  3. Auction

    Starting bid 200k minimum bid of 5k aution ends when i get a bid i like This is the only known active weapon of it's kind in game. (+ 8% chance of +20 damage) Happy Bidding!
  4. HE, why arent they made?

    I still mix/sell He's on a regular basis....but i hate it. It's just too boring. I dont like mining or mixing, that's just me of course. Usually u can find HE's on my bot Desirable. I dont stock her full like i used to with He's because i just dont have the time to mine the ore and mix the HE"s anyways. the mini harvest events slow down the harvesting , so that may be a factor in the amount of HE's available now...maybe ..dunno. I used to harvest silver ore and go do other things in real life (house cleaning blah) but u cant afk harvest anymore. So, most of my HE"s are for personal use now and some for my bot. Other than that, i dont mix alot of them.
  5. My server is having problems

    Any new on Labby? I miss him I hope all is well with you Labby, miss u in game. Come back when u can
  6. FeaR Flower shop

    hi, just a quick note: i received gossip message that my order was ready, the person that sent it was not on line. I tried to gossip message back but that person does not receive gossip messages and no one was on line for your guild. I'll try to catch up with someone later to get it. Thanks, Bernie
  7. Server Crash?

    @korrode i read slow muhahaha
  8. Server Crash?

    I blame korrode, he didnt lose his rosto and make teh god smile
  9. Server Crash?

    yep down again here too Northeastern USA
  10. FeaR Flower shop

    10K silver ore please (25kgc) in game name Bernie (leave me gossip message if i'm not on line please)
  11. Custom Clothing

  12. Lenny / Invasions channel

    I too would like lenny/invaision channel back to just that. I get flamed in channel for asking a question, and i'm not even in pk ? I can understand getting flamed if i was in pk , but i'm not. I've been lenny hunting since i've been back playing el (gone almost a year) and asking about lenny in channel and actually being able to see a response is very difficult now. As for invaisions i was here for 1 so far and saw absolutely nothing except the blue spam saying there was an invaision. Just too much on the screen to sift thru it all and find the answer to your question about lenny. Having said this, i do have the channel on when i'm mixing to be entertained , but....some of the stuff said is rather harsh. I dont see this as an attraction for new players that find thier way to channel 6. Some of it is pretty rough stuff for children to see. Sure there is filters and #ignore they can do, but then half of what was said on channel would make no sense at all. With all the profanity, it would be a bunch of jibberish to someone with filters turned on. We have to remember there are actual children playing this game; children in grade school. I have met 6 year olds, 8 year olds, 12 year old kids here in EL. Thier parents cant be there 100% of the time as they play to watch chat. This only if the child actually finds the channel to find out about lenny or invaisons of course. One sure way to lose a new player that is a child is to have thier parent walk over while they have channel 6 on and see some of the flaming there. It would be an instant "omg u are NOT playing this game" and there goes another player.
  13. Making EL better

    I still disagree with character wipeing. A lot of us have spent lots of our free time on our characters. I like mine the way it is. I enjoy being able to do the skills i can do now. If i want to start over i'll do a reset, but i'm happy the way i am. Why piss off most of the community by wipeing everything they worked for all thier EL life? As i said before, i dont see a whole lot wrong with the economy. To make gc just harvest and sell stuff, simple. You dont even have to deal with other players if you dont want to, just sell to a NPC or a bot. We all know there are tons of bots in the game. Or do guild projects harvesting/mixing/ selling and spliting the profits. Heck do what me and scorp did and save your gc's and buy your own trade bot. Then with your skills you so carefully leveled spending your pp's on nexus, put items u create on the bot to sell to the community. I really dont get why people think there is something so wrong with the economy? I've been playing over 3 years, and i still dont get it. If I need gc i harvest and sell, or harvest/mix/manur/craft whatever and sell it. Isn't that what the market channel is for? Dont like the market channel, no problem, sell to a bot or npc. Sometimes i sit in IoTF, watch the pretty colors of the sunset, harvest green apples, sell to the npc there, and buy a tele ring or two, just because it's peaceful and pretty there. No stress, no worries, peaceful and relaxing and hey, i'm making a bit of gc too , how about that. It's fun to chase the lil rabbits too hehe!
  14. Making EL better

    Limiting character class skills: This i would not much like, considering I have designed my character to be an "all arounder" and spent precious pp's on nexus to do so. I would hate to think my skills would be taken away for things i enjoy doing and have fun doing.
  15. Making EL better

    This is not one of those "beat the game" type games. You dont start with uber nice st00f, huge bag storage for picking up stuff, or even nexus to actually wear/use the higher level items. It's designed this way for a reason. Not being a dev i can only throw out an "oh i dunno , maybe so the newbie's learn how the game plays, how/what pp's are , where to spend them" . This game is meant to be "expierenced and explored" not won or beaten. I can only speculate that a lot of new players trying out EL for the first time are perhaps very young (8-13?) and just dont have the patience to play EL and get to know what it's really like, or how much fun it is to explore and try new skills. You can't have it all and do it all in a week here, that's one of the attractions of the game for me. Also, you have a great community of minds, opinions, personalities. You make friends here and you keep them. You ask how to keep new players from leaving? For one, maybe stop complaining about how the game is now. Changes happen, sure maybe we dont like them all, maybe we love others, but it happens, roll with it, grow with it, learn with it. A new player starts playing and all they hear / see is old players complaining about this or that. Where is the "lead by example" there for the new player? Help a new player, explain stuff, show them stuff, let them discover stuff too. That's the fun after all. As far as gc is concerned for a new player, guess what there is flowers and a garden right there on IP, they can harvest and sell veggies to npc in the tavern for gc WHILE they are reading stuff in the enecylopedia, which is what i did when i first started. I did this for two days. I had pleanty of GC to accomodate items i needed when i began. I dont see a whole lot that is "broken" with the game if anything. Harvest and sell stuff if u want gc. Make stuff and sell it. Tons of ways to make GC, i never understood the economy problem as I have always tried to be as self sufficiant as possible a player ie.. makeing all my own training potions, ess's, armors. What i could not make myself i harvest/sold to buy. It's amazing stuff npc's buy, and it's nice they do If it aint broke dont fix it. We dont need segragated player base. Make ur own gc. Stop complaining about the game in front of new players. Help new players. Sit back and enjoy a game. Smile it makes people wonder