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  1. New special day, will you use it?

    I don't generally mix just for experience, I mix for the product as well. Which is why I do not use the schools now, changing the experience won't make me use them. Shea
  2. true, but the idea of the council would be more as a guide, not code developers. The people who have experience in EL and have seen things change should be able to provide some input. I suspect the logs can show who is actually active in the game and playing it regardless of what the skill is. The input should not be limited to only those who know how to design a game. I still believe that experienced players can provide some valuable insight on the game from the players point of view.
  3. perhaps making it not up for vote, using objective means to pick the council? 1) Length of time playing EL. 2) Average number of hours per day. 3) Which skills are high levels. What I mean is, pick people who have played a lot, either for a long time or lots of hours per day, and pick people who have high levels in different skills to get a balance. It might prevent the cry babies before they even get started. Shea
  4. Depletable resources and multiplaying

    Being one of those people who don't have the skill and mouse control to be a fighter, I have opted to play EL in the alternate role. Since I harvest my own materials most of the time, I worry about the resources, as it is, on Green day or fasting day, I generally log off. If the resources are depleted I will log off, if it happens often I will stop logging on. That is just the way it is. If the game becomes no longer fun to play, then people will not play it. Challenges are one thing, and a game should be challenging, but there has to be a balance, the rewards of overcoming the challenge should be equal to the challenge, right now, EL requires a massive amount of materials to make enough items to level. That along with the resource depletion may break the balance even more than it already is. I only ask that this be considered when making changes. Shea
  5. Titanium Long Sword of Ice Book auction

    I'll pick up the bid Incubus placed. 20k Shea
  6. Did not realize that all of the swords were for auction. I am not willing to get into a bidding war over multiple books. I withdrawal both offers. Shea
  7. 25K for this one. Negotiable. Shea Edit: Also 55k for the Titanium/steel long sword of Magic
  8. Want to buy FEs

    Willing to pay 40kgc for 10k FEs. Shea got the FEs. Don't need anymore
  9. Want to buy: Books

    Got the thermal Serp book. Only need 4 more.
  10. Channel 6 "Evil" discussion

    Actually my hope was that it would show just how silly the discussion was and maybe bring it to an end. Epic Fail! Shea
  11. There was a very involved and long discussion on channel 6. It was about evil and such. so I want to know...out of the names mentioned who do you think is the most evil. Shea
  12. Want to buy: Books

    Steel two edged sword of ice book Titanium/Steel Long sword of ice book Titanium/Steel Long sword of magic book Serpent Sword of Ice book Serpent Sword of Thermal Book Please contact me with your price. 5 books left. thanks Shea Edit: Have Iron Broad Sword of Ice Book.
  13. Book sale: check 'n' see

    I'll give you 10k for the steel long sword of ice. Shea
  14. Selling Human Removal Stone

    Stone Sold. thanks
  15. Human Removal stone for sale for 250k Shea