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  1. Gold membership

    I love the idea Ent. I would support it in a heartbeat.
  2. Dekke aka Macca

    BDSM ?
  3. Dekke aka Macca

    This may be the Pk server, but there is a limit. For me personally I draw the limit when using racist terms such as the N***** word. I believe that this word is offensive to most people simply for what it represents. There is a big difference to tell each other to bog off, etc.. ok fine.. locker room talk for the boys.. but no need to resort to racist terms. I hate that word more than most words that I know. Keep the racism out of the channels and the Pk server. I only hope that you guys really aren't racist for real. PS I seriously doubt that Radu said racism was acceptable.. he did say don't go to the extreme.. and this was extreme. Pk server or not, some of us do not want to see racist words used to flame. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=39570 He said don't curse at people in a really bad way.
  4. Dekke aka Macca

    I have to say that personally I found this to be excessive, extreme and offensive.. I was there and witnessed the whole thing.
  5. EL patch

    I'm running Vista and no problems yet so not going to use the patch for now. I just installed it over the older version. Everything is running smoothly so far.
  6. Looking for a good guild..

    Thanks for all the private messages some of you sent me but please no more until I can decide (if I decide)
  7. I'm looking for a good guild to join. Please get in touch.. Thanks.
  8. Photoshop

    Looks great Shivar..
  9. Are you a patriot?

    Let me say that I think this test is ridiculous.. some of the questions were misleading or either the answers provided I would have preferred to say "none of the above" or I simply didn't agree with the wording of the question. Ironically, they violate the rights of the individual by asking one's sexual preference and forcing one to sign up for a dating service just to have the scores.. so all and all it was a fun gimmick but still disappointing in the end. Thanks for sharing.
  10. How to make a woman happy.

    Oh yeah and don't forget to add bring beer to make a typical man happy..
  11. How to make a woman happy.

    OMG thats so funny!! LOL! But you know, its really true. You forgot one thing though, he must be a warlord and at the same time look good wearing her panties.
  12. Draw your EL character contest!

    Although they are all absolutely fabulous, my fav thus far is Sistema.. Bravo!
  13. Recycling plant

    I love this idea, Ent. Its absolutely brilliant.
  14. Poetry Corner

    No, this one is not on the net atm.. I really don't put much up because too many thieves out there. Thanks too, btw.
  15. Poetry Corner

    Since this thread is about both lyrics and poetry as originally stated in the intro its been great seeing some of your lyrics so I've decided to share a few more of my original lyrics. These lyrics are from a song I wrote called "Evoke" About "Evoke": Inspiration often comes to me in obscure places and at strange unexpected moments..I don't question it. I embrace it. I was sitting on the toilet in a dark and cold bathroom thinking about this unknown person.. a figment of my imagination.. then this melody and words.. along with this image of myself torn between time on some empty, dark and foggy cobblestone street in France...eyes closed, feeling the moment, I began to sing what is now known as the first verse... a song was born. Originally the song was inspired by an illusion.. but then it become more as I went deeper for the words. It became about my life.. my fears.. failures.. truths.. etc. The “Evoke” part of the song was almost like a spell to evoke this digital, holographic unrealtity into reality.. to bring this apparition.. this ghost.. this person into existance.. into my world..that was powerful. "Evoke" I'm falling to a place inside my soul Its lonely.. far from your heart I'm searching through the remnants of my mind Bridge: Its cold outside... Its dark inside... ’Im bleeding I’m broken.. imprisoned by my fears Forsaken.. lost somewhere in tears I’m dying... haunted by the years Bridge: Its cold outside... Its dark inside... I’m bleeding I’m guilty.. drowning in my sin I’m blinded... unable to see the light My sorrow.... enslaves me to the night Bridge: Its cold outside... Its dark inside... I’m bleeding I evoke you... I evoke you into my heart I evoke you... I evoke you into my dreams I evoke you... I evoke you into my life.. my heart... my mind... my soul.. (© 2005) EDIT: typos..