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  1. Secret boot, secret place

    hacked version of el
  2. Duplication bug (mabye)

    would it not be possible aswell to give away all your stuff, then never log out and simply wait for a server crash? granted it wouldnt be effective, but perhaps if characters were saved after a set period of time?
  3. Main language

    English, learning japanese at a slow rate.
  4. Guilds

  5. Gunbound

    im serious, wth is gunbound?
  6. i... *starts tearing up*

    Trusting other people is like trusting a rusty chain holding a truck above your head.
  7. Gunbound

    whats gunbound?
  8. me = bored

  9. Good Bye El!

    I need to talk like I think more often then
  10. Meh

  11. Good Bye El!

    Away go the masses of the true, come forth in tides you scourge called newb.
  12. Song game...

    Through the night-outlaw star
  13. Funny ads..

    Im at a loss for words, so here is a phrase. All your base are belong to us.
  14. My gaming forum!

    why are we talking about where people went, this is supposed to be about this guy's pointless forum that apparently doesnt exist.
  15. have a looksie at this ^-^

    lol (tribute to this topic:http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=12932)
  16. My gaming forum!

    There has to be a reason for a forum, otherwise its like every other pointless site on the internet. A good reason would be comedy, a game's forum, a guild/clan/squad 's forum.
  17. Alchemists on Strike!

    I will come and enlighten you all again. After the general meeting last night in WSC hall, future meetings will be open and non open to the public. Todays meeting is continuation from previous night, and is a private meeting only for those who are truely serious, it is not a open forum. Thanks Sorry if bringing attention that your actions will smeg up el, excuse me.
  18. Alchemists on Strike!

    I will come and enlighten you all again.
  19. Most likely to...

    #20 most likely to open a can of whoopass on a passerby: JjK I sure do SKA
  20. Most likely to...

    #15 most likely to be afk:007 #16 most likely to kill newbs while laughing as their blood spills the woods: SirKillaLot (or called SirKilledAlot by his surname) #17 most likely to kick unbelievable ass:Maddox #18 most likely to be a bitch:Platyna #19 most likely to own you all:Rebootedrock Ph34r.
  21. Matrix game

    link to the forum, on that forum a link to the game. rofl Good game
  22. Just for fun......

    My kids will have RPing names. And if they don't rp I will ban them.
  23. Just for fun......

    #703 and #8 I will use #8 when Im older.
  24. Linux poll

    I use SUSE 9.1 at school and I have it on my computer with windows xp home. I was brought up on windows, I know how to change every aspect of it. I can use linux aswell. I personally prefer windows, without all of its pre-installed apps. for windows media player I have Quintessenntial media player for Internet Explorer I have FIrefox for everything it comes with, I have a different app. Windows is good for regular people and people who like looking better than other people Linux is for hackers and for people who like to customise everything and to laugh at windows ad ware/spy ware/virus -ware(lol) infections. Downsides for windows is bad security unless you know what your doing (65% windows uses are STUPID.) Downsides for linux is a vast majority of things to learn on how to do things, install things (Im serious, I need a damn forensic team to install jack on suse) Sayonara.
  25. Hey Check This out

    The sarcasim master is stumped. Oh my god. Unfortunatly, hardware is one of the FEW things I can't get for free. Personally I think I will buy an iPod sometime soon.