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  1. Share your vision

    I personally like urban photography myself, especially time-lapesed ones where you see the car's lights in a blur. (Its amazing to see an overhead view of a city with that.) Nature is good sometimes, I mainly like to look at mountains with or without snow.(again time lapse, but different, like a shot for every month ) As you can see I like to see the presence of time in my work or others, this is the thing I look for.
  2. Existence of Goats

    I will let next answer this question:
  3. Funny log.

    Basically this is a conversation I had with tiras just now, I thought it was funny . (the funny starts at the GREAT OVERHEAT.)264-131-922 is my icq # 264-131-922 (10:03 PM) : tiras :-D TirasHazor (10:03 PM) : ? 264-131-922 (10:03 PM) : el is boring :-( TirasHazor (10:03 PM) : meh.. 264-131-922 (10:03 PM) : I sit in kf just to see how long it takes for the next noobie with an axe to come for me. TirasHazor (10:03 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:04 PM) : and the skelly kills me. 264-131-922 (10:04 PM) : Is el still fun for you? TirasHazor (10:05 PM) : stressing, but entertaining, still 264-131-922 (10:05 PM) : I mean, do you look forward to getting on there anymore? TirasHazor (10:06 PM) : Not always. TirasHazor (10:06 PM) : the TWIN guild is dying, too. TirasHazor (10:06 PM) : Ana is off playing Planeshift with Plat TirasHazor (10:06 PM) : Kala is like..never online 264-131-922 (10:06 PM) : co is dieng.. TirasHazor (10:06 PM) : Wood is playing RS TirasHazor (10:07 PM) : Goats was never on much TirasHazor (10:07 PM) : Swiss isn't on much. TirasHazor (10:07 PM) : SirDan is never on TirasHazor (10:07 PM) : Silvara and Fergie I don't know, and aren't on much 264-131-922 (10:07 PM) : yes... my old friends have drifted aswell TirasHazor (10:07 PM) : CO has been dying since the economical changes. 264-131-922 (10:07 PM) : co has been dying since the crash. 264-131-922 (10:08 PM) : I dont think I want to play it anymore TirasHazor (10:08 PM) : the economical changes were before the crash that wasn't really a crash but everyone calls the crash 'cause one uninformed 12 year old did. TirasHazor (10:08 PM) : Too bad, you have to. 264-131-922 (10:09 PM) : the "crash" i refer to is when all my work was erased and almost everyone I knew left. TirasHazor (10:09 PM) : Yea, that wasn't a crash. 264-131-922 (10:09 PM) : perhaps "complete and total destruction" is a better one TirasHazor (10:09 PM) : the server overheated and went up in blue smoke. 264-131-922 (10:09 PM) : LOL 264-131-922 (10:10 PM) : the Overheat 264-131-922 (10:10 PM) : roflmaoi 264-131-922 (10:10 PM) : No sense in making a map for a game I dont play.. TirasHazor (10:11 PM) : ;/ TirasHazor (10:11 PM) : ? 264-131-922 (10:11 PM) : Its about 1 mb 264-131-922 (10:11 PM) : you knew i was making a p2p right? *cocks shotgun* TirasHazor (10:11 PM) : yes 264-131-922 (10:12 PM) : then what was the ? for TirasHazor (10:12 PM) : for the laughing at the overheating 264-131-922 (10:13 PM) : funny name 264-131-922 (10:13 PM) : "why did you leave?" "the great overheat came and killed many men, enslaved children, and raped women. 264-131-922 (10:13 PM) : lol TirasHazor (10:14 PM) : .. TirasHazor (10:14 PM) : lol c.C TirasHazor (10:14 PM) : I don't see how "the great crash....." works any better ;p 264-131-922 (10:15 PM) : when i type that 264-131-922 (10:15 PM) : I think 264-131-922 (10:15 PM) : ent coming home drunk and falling on the server and breaking it TirasHazor (10:15 PM) : .. TirasHazor (10:15 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:15 PM) : and alcohol spilling on the server TirasHazor (10:15 PM) : the server is in france TirasHazor (10:15 PM) : ent lives in pensylvania 264-131-922 (10:15 PM) : STFU 264-131-922 (10:16 PM) : i am being funny TirasHazor (10:16 PM) : k 264-131-922 (10:16 PM) : then roja comes from upstairs 264-131-922 (10:17 PM) : in a seethrough nightgown with no undergarmets TirasHazor (10:17 PM) : .. 264-131-922 (10:17 PM) : and beats ent with a baseball bat again and again with a baseball bat 264-131-922 (10:17 PM) : then misses and hits the server 264-131-922 (10:18 PM) : then ent gets angry and pulls out a knife 264-131-922 (10:18 PM) : and stabs the server repetedly 264-131-922 (10:18 PM) : thinking it was my face 264-131-922 (10:18 PM) : because he ws drunk 264-131-922 (10:19 PM) : then roja went back upstairs 264-131-922 (10:19 PM) : in slow mo 264-131-922 (10:19 PM) : then entropy gets on a black motor bike and drives away into the moonset 264-131-922 (10:19 PM) : (moonset looks much better.) 264-131-922 (10:20 PM) : then their house catches on fire. 264-131-922 (10:20 PM) : roja makes it out because she has tptp 264-131-922 (10:20 PM) : thats the story of the crash tiras. 264-131-922 (10:21 PM) : anything else is bull made by the american government TirasHazor (10:21 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:21 PM) : want to hear another story tiras? TirasHazor (10:21 PM) : Not if it involves anything remotely perverted. 264-131-922 (10:21 PM) : give me an event and I know the story TirasHazor (10:21 PM) : And, if you're telling it, it will.. 264-131-922 (10:22 PM) : No, I could have been much more perverted. 264-131-922 (10:22 PM) : pick an event haz0r 264-131-922 (10:23 PM) : or I will 264-131-922 (10:23 PM) : k then i will 264-131-922 (10:24 PM) : how about.. 264-131-922 (10:24 PM) : the first time I met ent? 264-131-922 (10:24 PM) : :-D TirasHazor (10:24 PM) : haha.. TirasHazor (10:24 PM) : first time I met ent, I didn't know who he was TirasHazor (10:24 PM) : I threatened him to give me his cape.. TirasHazor (10:24 PM) : he was like TirasHazor (10:24 PM) : oh, but I have godly powers. 264-131-922 (10:25 PM) : thats it? TirasHazor (10:25 PM) : yep 264-131-922 (10:25 PM) : horrible story, I give it a .1 264-131-922 (10:25 PM) : my turn TirasHazor (10:26 PM) : k 264-131-922 (10:26 PM) : I was crying in ws 264-131-922 (10:26 PM) : because a gob stole my book for a quest 264-131-922 (10:26 PM) : until someone gave the genius idea to ask a stranger for one 264-131-922 (10:27 PM) : /entropy hey, I lost my book someone said to talk to you about it 264-131-922 (10:27 PM) : then entropy runs through the rocks, creating a gravity vortex behind him, permanently morphing the rocks into his likeness 264-131-922 (10:28 PM) : then stops right next to me. TirasHazor (10:28 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:28 PM) : he holds out his hand and I held out mine, FREEZE 264-131-922 (10:28 PM) : It looks like that painting 264-131-922 (10:28 PM) : where man is going to touch fingers with god. TirasHazor (10:28 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:29 PM) : yes, entropy suddenly has a togo on 264-131-922 (10:29 PM) : toga* TirasHazor (10:29 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:29 PM) : then it resumes 264-131-922 (10:30 PM) : and I grab his hand 264-131-922 (10:30 PM) : *cue matrix camera* 264-131-922 (10:31 PM) : then there is a thunderclap and a book is floating just above the ground 264-131-922 (10:31 PM) : then I look up and entropy is gone 264-131-922 (10:31 PM) : and a post-it flys to the ground 264-131-922 (10:32 PM) : I pick it up and read it.. 264-131-922 (10:32 PM) : it says: 264-131-922 (10:32 PM) : "Next time you bother me, you're banned." 264-131-922 (10:32 PM) : ~fin~ 264-131-922 (10:32 PM) : :-D 264-131-922 (10:33 PM) : want to hear another story tiras? 264-131-922 (10:35 PM) : hello... TirasHazor (10:36 PM) : lol TirasHazor (10:36 PM) : sorry, had to rinse meh mouth.. 264-131-922 (10:36 PM) : I see, my stories are so kickass it gives you plaque TirasHazor (10:36 PM) : .. TirasHazor (10:36 PM) : actually, Advair is so asthma-fixing it causes yeast infections. 264-131-922 (10:37 PM) : oh my god.. you have a yeast infection tiras? TirasHazor (10:37 PM) : ..no TirasHazor (10:37 PM) : it can cause a yeast infection on your tongue, if you don't rinse it out of your mouth. 264-131-922 (10:38 PM) : ah.. that is bad. 264-131-922 (10:38 PM) : anyway, want another story? :-D TirasHazor (10:38 PM) : ..I guess 264-131-922 (10:39 PM) : of course you do.. will you give me a topic this time? I can talk about anything TirasHazor (10:39 PM) : medic 264-131-922 (10:39 PM) : that isnt an acceptable topic TirasHazor (10:40 PM) : orcs TirasHazor (10:40 PM) : Orcs invading France. 264-131-922 (10:41 PM) : there is a special kid at our school whos nic is napoloen TirasHazor (10:41 PM) : .. TirasHazor (10:41 PM) : k 264-131-922 (10:41 PM) : because he looks like a fat retarded napoleon TirasHazor (10:41 PM) : .. 264-131-922 (10:41 PM) : we salute him every time he walks by and we sing the french anthem TirasHazor (10:42 PM) : lol x.X 264-131-922 (10:42 PM) : give me something from el TirasHazor (10:42 PM) : uh.. TirasHazor (10:42 PM) : the day Entropy decided to make EL 264-131-922 (10:43 PM) : ooh 264-131-922 (10:43 PM) : ok then 264-131-922 (10:44 PM) : One day as entropy was robbing the 1st national bank for fun 264-131-922 (10:45 PM) : He decided that being god would be fun 264-131-922 (10:45 PM) : and since ascending to a higher plane takes alot of MP, he decided to make a game 264-131-922 (10:46 PM) : he thought much upon this 264-131-922 (10:47 PM) : and decided that he would name it eternal(so he could rule forever) and lands(not sure.) TirasHazor (10:47 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:47 PM) : he found that he sucked with photoshop and a mouse, so he got roja to make the art TirasHazor (10:48 PM) : ha 264-131-922 (10:48 PM) : so after he was done putting "BUSH SUXX0RZ!!" on the government's websites, he began to code 264-131-922 (10:49 PM) : he manually made the maps for ws and ip by code. 264-131-922 (10:49 PM) : In 3 minutes. 264-131-922 (10:49 PM) : He made those maps faster than you can cook ramen noodles. TirasHazor (10:52 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:53 PM) : entropy then found he needed someone for customer relations. 264-131-922 (10:53 PM) : roja was good at this, but he had banished her for eating his pizza 264-131-922 (10:53 PM) : so he needed someone to make maps 264-131-922 (10:54 PM) : he bought a german man and chained him in the basement to make maps for el, he named his character moonshadow 264-131-922 (10:54 PM) : which was code for:HELP IM BEING FORCED TO MAKE EL MAPS! 264-131-922 (10:54 PM) : but everyone thought it had something to do with the moon or something 264-131-922 (10:55 PM) : so he is still chained down there with a couple more people he bought for the new continent TirasHazor (10:55 PM) : lol 264-131-922 (10:56 PM) : but something was still missing 264-131-922 (10:56 PM) : so he added monsters, and let people have their own characters 264-131-922 (10:57 PM) : (before they had to fill out a loan application and send it to entropy for approval) 264-131-922 (10:57 PM) : and entropy removed his 83875823598236478998342 polygon demon-beast 264-131-922 (10:57 PM) : and make a bald human instead 264-131-922 (10:58 PM) : now he thought it would be funny 264-131-922 (10:58 PM) : if his name meant the exact opposite of what he wanted, sadly no one EVER GOT THE JOKE 264-131-922 (10:58 PM) : as entropy means disorder. 264-131-922 (10:58 PM) : which pisses him off more. 264-131-922 (10:59 PM) : which is why he made raven 264-131-922 (10:59 PM) : raven is a harpy 264-131-922 (10:59 PM) : she is teh hottness111! but she is actually a soul sucking demon 264-131-922 (11:00 PM) : every minute that was spent on newbie island was horible 264-131-922 (11:01 PM) : she slowly sucked out your intellegence by creating characters named: NOOB#3352, Iloveporn, ak1, kitten, summrgrl45235, and many many others. 264-131-922 (11:01 PM) : the worst of which was killerlamb. 264-131-922 (11:02 PM) : fin. 264-131-922 (11:02 PM) : that is how el started. 264-131-922 (11:03 PM) : anything else is bs made by the american government and ripleys believe it or not. 264-131-922 (11:08 PM) : Im tired of typing so Im going to post this TirasHazor (11:09 PM) : lol Hope you liked this, good example of the old conversations on el.
  4. Death Bags

    Yes, unless it was tiras, then I would taunt and take.
  5. Ultima Online

    on second thought, I will download ultima, turns out my friends left conquer for WoW and guild wars, I refuse to play guild wars because it takes 5 mins to load its website on firefox or IE. anyway, if its good I will play it, if its not I wont. EDIT: is there another download besides fileplanet? every moment I spend with gamespy and fileplanet pisses me off and makes me want to puke.
  6. Funny log.

    Tumaros:X Sirkillaot:O Tumaros:X Sirkillaot:O Tumaros:X Sirkillaot:O Tumaros:X Sirkillaot:O Tumaros:X Tumaros: I win btch! Sikillalot:RAWR! Sirkillalot dissapated into the ether Tumaros is now 6ft under (I dont know metric and Its been years, I dont know the cm.) Wonder if I can get another from tiras, if so I will post again
  7. Ultima Online

    Sorry, I wont be playing this game, im downloading conquer again.. I feel like playing for some reason..I usually play games I quit long ago for some reason, for instance el lol
  8. Political Party

    Greets, Vote your political party, the Something I forgot #X is for 2 things I might have forgotten, we can work that out later. If you are wondering what the regressive party is, let me explain. The regressive party is my personal party, we believe in anarchy and that T-Rex's kick ass, but not as much ass as rambo or predators(terminators are a disgrace to robots with guns), here is our banner: Basically, I want to know how many people are rep/dem/reg/ind/forgot1/forgot2 . (before someone thinks thier smart and says:BUT REBOOT THAT IS FROM MADDOX YOU COPYCAT LOL!!!!, Yes it is from maddox and that is where I got the idea from.)
  9. Terri Schiavo

    If I was terri and I could suddenly speak I would yell at the media for making money off of this, those money whores. No point to this topic, no point to any topic, it matters nowhere.
  10. Political Party

    I forgot #1 is libertarian ;D
  11. Two Severs

    I believe the problem was getting the rights to use el stuff. different servers like, changing the port # before you log in for a diff server.
  12. Two Severs

    already ben shot down. Learner and I had this idea some time ago..He really wanted it. I think thats why he's gone....
  13. Terri Schiavo

    not particularaly, you would be surprised how shallow people are, if they don't know someone, to hell with them. Whether I know someone or not, If they will not recover from something that leaves them a vegetable (terri will not recover, you dont grow back your brain.), then I would send them off(for thos of you with no sense of imagination, remove life support). I would ask the same from my family or anyone, better to have a good memory than to have years of going to the hospital to visit me when I am unaware of anything.
  14. How many games do you play?

    EL, Allegiance (www.freeallegiance.org), Conquer(www.conqueronline.com).<-- Im coming back
  15. Terri Schiavo

    - Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili, a.k.a. Stalin Looks like you have google on hotkey. It describes this situation perfectly.
  16. About tragedy...

    ent should love this post
  17. My house is gone...

    Be gald you aren't dead
  18. Terri Schiavo

    When one person dies, it's a trajegy. When thousands die every day, it's a statistic.
  19. Terri Schiavo

    I am quite aware of your posts. I am talking about some other tribe/race/time so it has nothing to do with your polar bears. This is a personal reservation of mine, the hell if your going to flame me for it.
  20. Terri Schiavo

    This is kind of offtopic, but this is where this discussion is headed anyway. Personally, When I reach an age where I feel I have lived out my life to an extent, all I want is to leave. No, not suicide, eskimos? or some older tribe, when their elders felt they had reached the end of thier life, they went to climb a mountain (at age 65 or so), the point was not to commit suicide knowingly, just to let it happen. (this is kind of a deep thing for me so I will stop because I really dont want people bitching about what I said.) As far as this person goes, why do we care? We would have never seen this or know about it if the media didnt hype it up and the nation makes it self shit faced over the issue which shouldnt matter to them anyway. Another thing, why the hell is it illegal to commit suicide? GAH I hate america. Anarchy rules.
  21. who is that?

    Africans. The continent is spelled africa..not afrika
  22. Terri Schiavo

    I love you.
  23. Terri Schiavo

    this has nothing to do with being a noob in any way shape or form, its called being unaware of "events" that the media makes popular to get money and ratings.
  24. Terri Schiavo

    yes, too many people on earth already.