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  1. Announcing, Other-Life

    I have registered. Learner you should get aim or icq so i can talk with you man Ive missed you
  2. Thought this would be interesting, Where do you get your signature from? I get mine from my goodbye post and my response when people ask me my politcal ideas (that and the regressive party, another post ;D) Post where You Got your sig ideas from
  3. Other MMORPGs

    cool, fyi: its hard at first like most games, but allegiance is much harder than it seems at first. and Z fighters is like the *CO* of allegiance.
  4. Beware How You Google

    Spybot s&d and ad aware keep me free and clean. :lol: google is my homepage aswell, because every time i set my homepage to a game i play, i stop playing it. so i dont do that anymore.
  5. People of USA, watch out

    If you go through alabama, dont stop, don't eat, don't drive the speed limit. staying in alabama longer than nessesscery makes you want to buy a hunting liscense and drive your tractor on the highway.. with everyone else. I hope you can speak redneck. Come to me if you need a redneck translator or free hentai.
  6. Omfg I Got A Sig

    ph34r. Since my usual art comes from paint, I am teh ub3r excited over my sig. Artist:Lamborghini Game:Allegiance Squad:Z fighters
  7. Photoshop Sk1llz

    Lamborghini is the maker of my future sig, ph34r my paint skillz.
  8. burger king

    The funniest commercials Ive ever seen, I like the one where the guy opens the blinds and he is standing there with the breakfast sandwich thing that has the most calories out of any fast food breakfast ever. The king rocks.
  9. www.thebestpageintheuniverse.com The best page in the universe. www.freeallegiance.org The best 3d space action/strategy ever.
  10. hunting of cats to be legalized

    try to hunt me. *equips dual wrist blades and straps two shotguns to them* heh anyway, I'll kill anything if its legal, wait till hunting people is legal.
  11. Other MMORPGs

    assuming you tried to log in using the ASGS, red icon, then you must be on a network or something with a proxy/firewall, thats why they have a helpline forum .
  12. Other MMORPGs

    try www.freeallegiance.org Not an mmorpg for a reason, because mmorpg's are about being addicted to the game, where you are judjed by a bullshit collection of #'s that you spend hours raising them, only to have all your friends leave while you try to stay and hold it together even though all your friends are gone except the mods who slowly become corrupted and the game has so many retarded noobs it reminds you of why you left every other mmorpg. Anyway. Most players who play the game play it for years, thus the phrase, "Allegiance kicks ass."
  13. First Post. Cloning

    DO you think cloning is an acceptable practice with the original person's consent? And is it acceptable to transfer that person's conciousness (if or when its possible) if they are dead/injured/coma? also, Is biological enhancement (cyborgs, etc.) a moral right? or is it just the human want to be better at something than someone else?
  14. First Post. Cloning

    I didnt say what I thought, here it is. I don't care. Nuke Earth.
  15. First Post. Cloning

    From a religious standpoint, we can do whatever we want to earth, it doesnt matter because it will all be destroyed anyway. (christiananity is assumed.) From a scientific standpoint, we can whatever we want because in our pursuit for knowledge we seldom think of the consequenses.(I.E. NUKE.) sci-knowing. Never heard of naturalists or whatever you meant. only thing that comes to mind is the amish.
  16. Fear this!

    cant wait.
  17. E-L interface

    I think he means there is no yellow bar to begin with because it is at -30.
  18. Best Rappers of all time!

    Old rap was tolerable, everything playing on the radio is utter crap. (I used to like eminem or who ever... I was a freshmen and blind.)
  19. New Microsoft project:

    nine zillion dollars I stopped at this point.
  20. Air America Radio

    Any Regressive political party radio stations? Anarchy stations do me good aswell. :lol:
  21. Wow..... check this out.

    This is what happens when games are more realistic, they are more real.(duh) No video games donot lead to violence, scammers do. rule #56: you steal, you die.
  22. WHOA.

    If anyone just saw the season finale of battlestar galactica, and saw all of it, specifically the last few mins.. the only thought going through my mind was WHOA SHIT!!! Im not going to post what happened.. It would ruin it. Just.. There are some shows that do well for a reason, they pull unexpected shit OUT OF NOWHERE. I mean.. I didn't even see this coming.. My mouth dropped open seeing it. If you dont know what battlestar galacatica is, go away you are an infidel. Im still shocked.
  23. First Post. Cloning

    nope, good starter topic for this forum. What about genetic alteration that would improve the human lifespan/abilities/health?
  24. First Post. Cloning

    Basically I thought of cyborgs as basically humans with extreme modifications to their body, basically only leaving the face, organs, and.. heh, the lower parts. Imagine jason X .