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  1. blast from the past!

    hey guys, i was just cleaning up my computer some and came accross alot of very old EL screenshots =D some of you players that have been around for a while might remember these occasions, i thought it was pretty cool to see how myself and EL have changed over the last couple years... enjoy one of my very first screenshots, the elder GWaRriars i thought the chat in this one was funny, and check out my a/d =P this is one of my favourites, i believe Zoya took it fighting polar bears, i think this is about when trassian first opened up old invasion, go placid! this is pk back when you could get away with wearing leather... and COL was just gravy good times! you guys should post your old screenshots too
  2. blast from the past!

    <----------if you dont mind....
  3. blast from the past!

    =o!!!!!!11!!1 put skirts back in the game plx plx plx i'll wear one all the time screw cuissies edit: and i like those dragons, make them small and use them as the avatar for the ANT pets xD
  4. blast from the past!

    =D cool screens ent whats the deal with transparant actors?
  5. 1 weapon and helm suggestion

    death scythe gets 5/10 IMHO, 10% chance to hit for 35 is the same as 10% to hit for less damage raise it to 60 and would be great, and really cool to have in EL cooks hat gets 10/10 no doubt a game that has rabbits with 100/100 a/d should def have a cool outfit to roast them in =D
  6. spam-free Eternal Gladiators =)

    contest cancelled, all teams have been refunded their entry fees.
  7. spam-free Eternal Gladiators =)

    i dont know how many times i will have to tell \a/ members that whether or not they were in the contest in the first place they have nothing to do with the [NL] vs CZE battle going into kf and and announcing it is one thing, telling 6-14 players all in different time zones that they need to plan ahead to be online at a certain time next week is another. no matter what time i made it someone was either going to be sleeping, at work, or busy for some other reason and when they said this they left it at that they couldnt be there, rather than say that it was a bad time for them and suggest when it could be reschedualed. that is why i blame this is on the participants moreso than myself. (although i do admit the contest got off to a shaky start) I put alot of work into this contest and it is now called off, the last thing i need is you guys up my ass for it, especially considering your the same ones that said it should be called off in the first place. i stand by my previous accusations (\a/, you are all morons.), and i remind you all that these are my opinions, not the opinions of my freinds and guildmates.. if you have an issue you can pm me.
  8. spam-free Eternal Gladiators =)

    every time i find a place where i think there are a few respectable, intellegent people they just blow my mind again.... marwen/toom, whoever you are... [NL] never missed a schedualed fight. the first two shedualed times were when i was attempting to have the ENTIRE contest in ONE day, both of these were cancelled because theres no way that all those people could be on at the same time. After that i schedualed the first battle individually, ONCE, and you didnt show up, even though you had a weeks warning and IGs every other day to remind you. i never schedualed a fight that was was cancelled because of peace peace day. If NL told you there was a fight then and you came home early for it i apologize for you that they lied, but i highly doubt this is the case. tempest - dude, shut up! your not even in the contest and you have no idea what your talking about. i ASKED \a/ if they would be interested in taking CZEs place so that [NL] wouldnt have wasted 2 hours waiting around for nothing, \a/ declined and thats that. i apologize for my poor planning, i know this was partially the case, but i also blame the failure that is this contest on the stupidity of the combatants. i didnt know everyone that signed up was like 4 or i wouldnt have relied on your responsibility to make the contest happen. apparantly it is impossible to get 6 people together (in a MMORPG???) to kill each other. i'll refund all your entry fees next time i sign on.
  9. spam-free Eternal Gladiators =)

    it was never a mandatory thing, i simply asked if \a/ would be interested in fighting early since CZE was a no show, they said no and that is perfectly fine. if you have an issue with the schedualed time you need to talk to me about it so we can make it work for you, rather than simply not showing up as other teams saw fit. if you can never plan on being online more than a few days in advance i dont know why you would ever sign up for a contest like this. marwen/toom.. whoever you are, we discussed this ingame and i hope its cleared up but NL never missed a schedualed fight and i dont know what you are talking about with peace day and day of the brave and all that stuff, you had a weeks notice and none of your team was online at the time of the battle. [NL] waited very patiently for two hours. you are disqualified without refund (as stated in the rules since the contest was first announced) and there is nothing i can do about it, i gave [NL] the option to schedual a rematch but they declined which is completely reasonable considereing last time they waited for 2 hours for nothing. also, i aim at keeping this thread spam free... the old Eternal Gladiators thread is not neccesarily dead, you can post whatever kind of contest related spam you like there but as far as this thread goes, keep it to inquiries about schedualed battles. thanks
  10. OMG, the PK is dead!

    hes totally right *bows to sensei* this is the type of major change EL needs, not more bells and whistles like PK score and top BRODers list anyone who read my last post (the very longwinded one on page 5 maybe? or 4 or 6... =P) knows that ive played lots of different MMOs looking for the best one and of all of them EL is the most difficult to get good armor in, by FAR. the most expensive armor in the game shouldnt be more than 100k for a full set, and since COL is basically a fighting pre-requisite past 40ish a/d these days it should be much cheaper and easier to make as well.
  11. OMG, the PK is dead!

    i had 2 cents more to put in... i was away from EL for a while (5 or 6 months besides the occasional log-in to see what was up with the GWARriors) because i realised that EL is one of the VERY few, if not the only, MMO that allows people to focus on something other than fighting (or on rare occasions questing), and since all i wanted to do was pk and such i figured there would be a better game for me out there... i did some very extensive searches and downloaded probably over 20 major MMOs and a few that noone is likely to have heard of. most of the major ones had very active PK scenarios and likeness/difference to EL... heres some observations and comparisons ive made: -EL seems to be the most-played MMO that has losing stuff as a death penalty, with the exception of runescape but that is the worst game ever developed so i wont go there... i understand that the reason for this in EL is too give people a reason to need new armor thus supporting the manufacturers/alchers/etc (or giving all-arounders and self-supporters a reason to create items) -EL seems to be the only MMO where item breaking is something you actually have to worry about, usually you just visit a blacksmith NPC every once in a while and ask him to repair your armor for a small amount of gold ... high breakage i suppose is for the same reason as above -most MMOs that have exceptional PK have a reason to it that follows the plot of the game in some way, for example in Silkroad Online there is a very well-thought-out 3-way conflict system which consists of merchants trying to transport goods through dangerous areas to make money, heros protecting them, and theives trying to steal from the merchants, alot of successful MMOs also have faction systems to encourage teamwork and give players a reason to fight each other. -one MMO i played that was very similiar to EL in the fighting aspects was call Ares: god of war or something like that, i cant remember exactly atm... it had a level cap at 160 that noone had reached yet and a very wide span of levels that were active in pk, as well as a similiar arena system and even the style in which players went about killing each other ( a crowd of players near the entrance to the pk map/area ) ...the main notable differences were that Ares had a warring nations aspect to it, on character creaton you chose your nation and then you would fight people from the other nation. another obvious difference was of course that your very expensive armor and weapons were not lost when you died or damaged when you used them alot. the warring nations theme seemed to work VERY well with the fighting style of Ares (which as i said is extremely similiar to EL) -the warring nations theme was also very succesful in Knight online, Rappelz (sort of), and rist your life 2: imcomplete union (despite that the game in general sucked). A less involved version of this would be a faction system, this could be implemented without changing the general gameplay of EL. seeing this in other MMOs made me think that the reason players are unhappy with pk in EL is for two main reasons... 1) it would be great fun if it werent so damn expensive (think of no drop day?), i think that one honest downside of EL is that the fun of the game is too often sacrificed for the balance of the economy, but that is something that may be unavoidable in a game with 10 different skills to focus on and balance. 2) players dont have a REASON to fight each other, unless you get in some argument with another guild via IG and tell them to put their money where their mouth is.. but then PK is no fun because your doing it out of anger. Even if the reason is something as silly as Tom choosing the Red team and Jerry choosing the blue team, it seems to work in other games... although i think that the first reason has more of an effect than this. rostogul stones, whether they ruined PK or not, have definatly had a huge effect on the game as a whole, i have to question if the system needs tweaked: -rostogal stones keep you from losing stuff, thus taking business away from the creators -rostogal stones keep you from losing stuff, thus allowing players to buy more expensive stuff, bringing business to the creators () -now that COL is craftable, everyone who can call themselves a pker has one and since everyone that pks has one you can't effectively fight without one anymore, this is a new need which gives cause for even light-core pkers to need rostos, taking even more business from the creators. -rostogul stones bring ALOT of money to the EL shop and help support development, now that their price has gone up players often buy them for $5 each and either use them for themselves or sell them for in game cash... those that sell them for in game cash are helping the economy by bringing more money into the game. (correct me if i'm wrong on this part) and i have to wonder if the last point ^^ is the reason they have not been changed, its understandable. so ive said the facts, opinions, and problems... the question now is what to do about it? heres my proposal: (and its very simple, really) just make a change to rostos so that when someone carrying a rosto dies, they drop the rosto into a bag and drop nothing else, whoever killed them gets the rosto. this is the effect that would have on the game: -rostos would not cost as much because once they were brought into the game (via harvest or USD) they would be there until some idiot left them in a bag for 12 minutes .. this is not nessicarily a positive or negative aspect of making the change. -YES, stronger people would horde the rostos, but is that a bad thing? NO, its not... this is (IMHO) the beauty of the idea... lets say for example luciferX has 80% of all the rostos in the game. All of a sudden, the problem i mentioned above about players not having a reason to fight, is SOLVED! 10 slightly weaker players now have a reason to go out and find that damn luci and get some rostos from him. this is definatly a positive aspect of making the change. -it would also add more of a reward to pking (yet another reason to PK in the first place), since virtually everyone pks with a COL these days (meaning they have rostos), it is rare that you get a reward for winning a fight... in most MMOs that i mentioned above there is no reward, but at the same time there is no loss.. let alone one as drastic and expensive as the losses of pk in EL. -ok, so what if someone hordes up 50 rostos and then stops pking? well, then fine, the rostos are good as gone.. people are forced to go without them (bringing more business to the creaters) until more rostos are brought into the game. this is also a positive aspect of the change. -less USD would be going through the EL store, meaning less money to the people we are all ever so grateful for. this is a negative change but i cant say how negative because i dont really know how much of the USD spent in the EL store is on rostos... i'm guessing its a large %. so making this change would 1) help the economy, 2) make pk more affordable, 3) give players a solid reason to pk, and 4) shut me up. thanks to anyone who actually had the patience to read this, i hope ent does because i think i make a good point.
  12. Eternal Gladiators

    Come one, come all! the time has come for the first ever Eternal Gladiators pk tournement! Teams of three will compete for honour, glory, and CASH! heres how it works: Each guild entering is to nominate any 3-7 players of their choice for the contest, as long as all players are in the guild. Each entering team must pay 30kgc entry fee. All of the money collected by entering teams goes into a pot. The winning team will recieve 6/8 of the pot, unless more than 5 guild enter, in which case the winning team will recieve 5/8 of the pot, and the runner-up will recieve 1/8 of the pot. The remaining money will be distrubuted evenly between the contest organizers (me and pookies) and any mod that helps in any way (announcing the contest, modding the contest, etc etc) Winning team takes the WHOLE pot.. this change was made due to popular demand. team size each team is made up of 100 'credits'. Every player is given a credit value based on their attack level so the size of your team is determined by the level of your fighters: ranks 1-25 for attack are worth 33.3 credits (1/3 of 100) ranks 26-100 for attack are worth 20 credits (1/5 of 100) ranks 101 and below for attack are worth 14 credits (about 1/7 of 100) -you may have any combination of credit values as long as the total comes to 100 or lower RULES: -ONE team is allowd per guild a guild can enter multiple teams. -you MUST be in a guild to enter, we dont want the top 3 leaving their guilds and making one super team -all guild are eligable, as long as they have at least 3 members -all standard pk contest rules apply, see the sticky thread -BroD can NOT be used in the contest Once an adequate number of teams has entered and paid the entry fee (at least 3 teams, preferably 5+), a tournement ladder will be made based on the avg attack level of each team. it will be a standard tournement ladder: ex: 4 teams enter, the tournement goes something like this: round 1, battle 1: team 1 beats team 2, team 2 is disqualified and team 1 advances to round two round 1, battle 2: team 4 beats team 3, team 3 is disqualified and team 4 advances to round two round 2 (championship): team 1 and team 4 battle for 1st place -if there are an odd # of teams entered, a 3-way battle MAY apply in the first round. -team of the last man standing wins the battle -all battles will take place in multi-combat pk areas and will be publicly announced current teams entered: 1. CZE team: Toomass (33.3), Holar (14), joe (14), joskic (14), caesarek (14) = 89.3 PAID 2. *CO* team: luciferx (33.3), EvilGeorge (14), morabelon (14) [open spots to be announced ASAP] PAID 3. PkG team: pookies (33.3), Hades (33.3), Quimbly (33.3) = 99.9 PAID 4. \A/ team: Zamirah (33.3), Lorck (33.3), ohmygod (33.3) = 99.9 PAID 5. [NL] team: Ambrosius (33.3), Siarato (33.3), Bloodsoaked (33.3) = 99.9 PAID to enter, post on this thread with your guild and team members, i will personally contact you ingame to collect the entry fee, dont give the money to anyone else ;o and then you will be added to the list we need some mods to help with this (announcing and modding the battles). please post here if you can help edit: due to the low entering rate and the possibility of people joining a different guild to get a chance at the contest, we have decided to let guilds enter multiple teams. One person can NOT be in two teams.
  13. Eternal Gladiators

    alright noone seems to care about the time all of a sudden so then the first battle will be saturday at 8:00 pm GMT, thats round 1 battle 1. i'll announce the location on the day of the contest.
  14. 1st Annual ~LE~ EL Seasonal Pk League

    EDIT: nvm contest is after 2moons release i pry wont be around ;o
  15. OMG, the PK is dead!

    PK isnt dead, its just expensive and boring like lorck said, back in january was amazing... I happened to be in DIE! at that time, we had a really great rostor of active players... at one point wexy said (and i quote) "fu** it, lets have some fun" and set all major guilds to red for no reason, then we camp in kf near votd entrance and just attack who we feel like and before you know it theres 30 people in the same pk spot all joking and getting along whilst killing each other ...idk if that will ever happen in EL again but i think Ent should try to recreate this attitude somehow, like implement a faction system (i know its been done before in GW/ROSE online/etc but hey, it works!) and let individuals chose their side in the faction war, then in faction war maps even if your in the same guild you can fight someone if they aren't in your faction... then i imagine some people IGing all major guilds and sayin 'hey faction war in so-so map!!' ... everyone goes out and u got east vs west or good vs bad or gnomes vs everyone else or whatever and has a good time competing with friends =) more lame suggestions that have been made b4, right? i also liked the bit about rosto chips.
  16. Eternal Gladiators

    marwen whats your IGN and what team are you one and what time GMT is europe evening/night?
  17. Eternal Gladiators

    read the thread and you will know i suppose a refresher is in order: summons: standard summoning of monsters the strength of tigers and weaker ONLY, absolutely no summoning stones. ALL armors and weapons are allowd except for weapons with properties that destroy/ruin your opponents armor (BroD etc) ok, i give up...no matter what time i make the contest someone is unhappy so we'll go to plan B: all teams please have 1 person from your team post a reply to this thread that includes the following information: - what team your on (guild) - what times and days over the course of the next week the majority of your team is available !!more than one date/time!! dont just say 'my team wants our battle on tuesday at 3:30 in the morning because we are all nocturnal', say 'the following times/dates work for the majority of my team: ' .... work with me please? ---------------once teams have stated their best times we will schedual each battle individually. this is turned into a very hectic contest, i apologize to the fighters for any confusion (believe me your not alone) that i have set upon you. for the first time ever, i have 150k in my storage and want nothing to do with it please continue to cooperate and help me out so that we can have this contest and have a good time!
  18. Eternal Gladiators

    alright then GMT 10:30 PM it is then, hopefully everyone else is happy because i'm likely to be late for my date preferably ALL teams will be online at this time as it is possibility that i'll have change the order of the battles 'cause of no-shows
  19. Eternal Gladiators

    #jc 12345 for spam guys =o i need some help here, if the original date doesnt work for people let me know when you guys ARE available ...if i dont get some feedback the contest will be TOMORROW at 3:30 GMT as originally schedualed!
  20. Eternal Gladiators

    so if i make it during friday daytime many people will miss out because of their jobs (i forget about this stuff, i'm 16 ) and if i make it during the weekend some people will be too busy... does friday night work for everyone then? around 9:00 GMT maybe? i'm GMT -4 so i'd still have time to catch my date as long as we dont have entire teams pulling out it should be OK, as i said i am allowing substitutes.
  21. Eternal Gladiators

    hey, as i said today was the last day to enter the contest - i am very pleased with the turnout The prize pot has come to 150,000gc CASH, the team of the last man standing in the final round will win the entire pot. here is the final teamlist: -CZE team: Toomass (33.3), Holar (14), joe (14), joskic (14), caesarek (14) = 89.3 -*CO* team: luciferx (33.3), EvilGeorge (14), morabelon (14) [open spots to be announced ASAP] -PkG team: pookies (33.3), Hades (33.3), Quimbly (33.3) = 99.9 -\A/ team: Zamirah (33.3), Lorck (33.3), ohmygod (33.3) = 99.9 -[NL] team: Ambrosius (33.3), Siarato (33.3), Bloodsoaked (33.3) = 99.9 as stated in the origanal post, a 3 way battle is to occur in the first round due to the odd # of teams. the first battle will begin at approximatly 3:30 GMT PM on friday of this week, the entire contest will take place at this time. The location of the contest will be released to the fighters on the day of the contest and will be released to the public shortly before the first battle begins. it will be in a multi-combat pk area, any spectators that interfere with the contest will be modded this includes attacking any of the fighters or judges while on their to the contest. participants that know they will not be available for up to 2 hours beginning at 3:30 PM GMT this friday please PM me ingame and we will try to work things out, however if it is a matter of 1 fighter trying to change the contest schedual for everyone it is not garunteed that I can make it work. here is the official tournement ladder: !!due to an anonymous tip i received about a planned scam, the 3-way battle has been sacrificed for a new method!! please remember that teams who are disqualified for cheating will NOT be refunded their entry fee. 1st round: ------battle one - [NL] vs. CZE ------battle two - \A/ vs. PkG ------ *CO* has BY 2nd round: ------- Winner of battle 2 in round 1 VS. *CO* ------- Winner of battle 1 in round 1 has BY FINALS ------- winner of battle 1 in round 1 VS. winner of round 2 good luck to all participants! (and gamblers )
  22. Eternal Gladiators

    Stating the obvious but I take it that this means the new weapon Mace(?) cannot be used as well? eh.. obviously no if it has the same effects as the branch, i havent had a chance to use one yet and encyc just has "????" about it. If it has breaking properties count it out, in normal pk someone would probably tele away from that for the sake of their armor and we dont want that happening in a contest.
  23. Eternal Gladiators

    i have kept the teams list on the original post and on my post in the second page where i re-listed the teams up to date, check there if you need to see an accurate list. i also added which teams have already paid me their entry fee.
  24. Eternal Gladiators

    no, the last day to enter is tuesday. please remember to include your guild when you sign up, ive been away for quite some time until recently and many guilds have changed.
  25. Eternal Gladiators

    you havent even been in EL that long