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  1. doesnt make sense

    i use char triksareforkids and i havent played in a while just log on every now and then and i hadnt played for a couple weeks and i tried to log on and it said my ip is banned. i would like to know what happenned
  2. DP arena

    in my experience i know that being called noob nub or any of that stuff isnt always saying that they have low stats....
  3. Ros- rarity

    One thing that kinda makes me mad is people saying, well if they lose a rostogal worth 16k than i guess its a fair pk deal i mean they lose something. This is dumb because when i pk'ed i didnt pk because i hated the other person a ton and i wanted them to lose money or anything, i pk'ed because i wanted to get free items that i could sell or use.
  4. Heroes parody

    Almost as good as Lost or The Office those 3 best shows now. maybe Scrubs too
  5. charm fleeing

    those of you who know me know that when my old char (kibblesandBits/Riz) was weak he used vitality to get strong. he had 80 of it. The char i currently use now is Scram. He too uses vitality and ever since charm update he can flee better. He has 42 charm and i wanted to know if there was some sort of connection. KIB
  6. Ros- rarity

    Well that might be a bit crazy but i think that it would be good but i thought of another way. Rost protects certain item click use as on rost and drag and click on certain item u dont want to lose. that way pkers can still get some reward for killing. probably not col or tit armor, but it would maybe be like he and sr. i like this idea better because it would make rosts a bit more valuable also and let pkers get reward
  7. Me and my RL Friend Locked

    Im not saying i really like these guys but i know them in rl and i went to school with them. we all need laptops so im pretty sure they are telling the truth because i always play on my laptop.
  8. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    I dont really care if people yell at me for this I think that if you make charm for fleeing it is much much better than helping in summoning. Hardly any people do summoning. Most people that would do summoning wouldn't get vitality or instinct though because summoning is hard to do and most people that summon have high will so they get more exp per summon. I vote all the way for flee and none for summoning
  9. Ideas for the "charm" attribute replacement

    I think that it would be awesome if it increased good drops it would be good motive for people to get it
  10. If you had 84 pp to spend in pc what should you do

    80 vitality rest on phys best training stuff ever
  11. Did you know?

    why does no1 mention PL?
  12. Aetherion Alchemistry

    1k energy ess plz
  13. Video of Pking Contest!

    Beast video!!! so pr0
  14. Rare spawns

    prolly only be good if it was like every 10000 because people kill a ton of stuff a day wither that or amke chances less likely
  15. Pking Contest Video

    If players don't, summons definetly will. so make him greeen for a day