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  1. Significent other

    my boyfriend (rotationz) and I (AnnaMaria) have the same situation. though i don't play much at the moment since my education would be suffering from it if i did. but when i did play a lot, we used to be online at the same time mostly. we even started our own guild together, and we traded with eachother aswel, but in a normal way. for example: when we started our guild we raised the money together, and in the end i gave my part of the gc to rotationz so he could start the guild. we also sold things to eachother, and gave eachother some items when needed. but this was all in a very normal way. i didn't clear out my entire storage and gave it to him or something like that. just the normal stuff you would do for a friend. in fact, when i used to be in -DD-, my guildies gave me a lot more stuff then rotationz did, esspecially since we were both noobs and couldn't afford giving everything away. my thought on this: if you play along normaly and help eachother out now and then, this will not look like multiplaying to the mods. for instance, if you give your girlfriend some he's when she's in need of them, or she sells you the bindingstone she found at a low rate. but when you give her stuff in bulk, far more then the normal friend-helping-friend amounts, this will be noticed by the mods and they will ask questions. anyway, i'm not a mod, but these are my thoughts. someone please correct me if i'm wrong. we never got in trouble though, playing as a normal couple. then again, the savest way is to not interact at all.
  2. Quote of the week submissions

    we know this thanks to some UK komodo dragons clicky
  3. Pick a penguin!

    WHOOOHOOO PENGUINS!! voted for Chinstrap, since thats the one i want in my bath
  4. multiplaying

    Got the same issue here. RotationZ is my boyfriend, and though he plays more than me, we do play together on my IP. furthermore he plays at his home, now and then, and he plays often when i'm working (i sell pot in a coffeeshop (woot holland!) and we got 2 pc's there on which he likes to play EL or work when i'm serving 'coffee') but when we are both online at my place, we do trade with eachother now and then, just like other people would do. we dont worry about playing from the same ip, and sometimes we do stuff together. but most of the time we mind our own business and just chat while playing but it seems to me mods can tell we are to different persons, since we have a total different way of playing. and hey, we would be kind of crazy if we were 1 person, since we talk a lot to eachother.
  5. If you had 84 pp to spend in pc what should you do

    you know, 88+4 is not 84....
  6. New logo, poll #2

    I'd have to go for the dragon without the diamond thing around it. that's just too much in my opinion. just the dragon looks more powerful as a logo and can be applied to anything. looks great!
  7. Quote of the week submissions

    this is from a while ago, happened in the titanium mine in PL. i asked antiroots permission, but then i read the thread again and it seems i don't need approval since its not PM. so i figured i didn't have to wait for approval.. You started to harvest Titanium Ore. AnnaMaria found a Binding Stone You stopped harvesting. the_antiroot: gratz! You started to harvest Titanium Ore. AnnaMaria: wow! stone! (was making lunch.. didnt notice Whoohoo!) the_antiroot's Pickaxe just broke... So sad.. AnnaMaria found a Binding Stone You stopped harvesting. the_antiroot: gratz again! AnnaMaria: wow! AnnaMaria: thanks the_antiroot grumbles, now leave some for the rest of us AnnaMaria: *speech* id like to thank mother nature.. without her this wouldnt have been possible. i also like to thank the_antiroot for his support and enthousiasm You started to harvest Titanium Ore. the_antiroot standin ovation AnnaMaria found a Binding Stone You stopped harvesting. the_antiroot: omfg! the_antiroot: gratz! the_antiroot: this is where you casually say "ooohh, they're stackable." AnnaMaria: wo antother?! AnnaMaria: they indeed are.. AnnaMaria: im amazed the_antiroot: you should be! the_antiroot: 3 stones in what an hour or so? the_antiroot: type #save NOW AnnaMaria: no longer than an hour You have been saved!
  8. Screenshots needed for the website

    here are my screenies an official group photo of the entire RnA guild =D the entire RnA guild pvp-ing AnnaMaria and a dead gargoyle
  9. Fan art contest

    yes you are right. normally i can do a lot better, but since the little time i had i didn't really brought it up to my best. maybe next time
  10. Draw your EL character contest!

    here is my entry. I've been working quite some time on it. it's AnnaMaria in the gargoyle cave in TG, wearing an iron plate set. i altered the background a little bit (put in some more rocks) and i gave her a feminine touch (if you don't notice: breasts, waist and a more groovyer haircut) ask for original size (A3) edit: forgot to say i did this with pencil on paper. yes, all of it.