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  1. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    everything correct, but you have to consider also the time factor in that example. i would say that the profit is more or less the same if the time you spend to buy vials from other players is half the time you spend making vials at harvy. (i just considered A1 and B1) But since i didn't tested anything i will not try to guess an income increase/decrease. i'll let do it to you guys.
  2. fifa world cup

    sp: Materazzi. If everything goes as planned: Juventus: 3rd division Lazio, Fiorentina: 2nd division hard points penalty on start Milan: 2nd division, mid points penalty on start.
  3. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    That's the problem Ent, we (i put myself as newbie) can make one full plate harvesting, not potioning, manuing or crafting. That's something to look into, imvho. (Making Vials manuable is lovely, tho )
  4. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I'm curious to see how much Harvy will like this, before commenting, but i think that now an higher money loot from monsters wouldn't be that bad.
  5. fifa world cup

    Poor Zidane, i really think he doesn't deserve to be remembered for this headbutt but for what he did in FOOTBALL (soccer pppf ) in the last 10 years.. I'm also glad to see that noone is calling us names in this forum o/ This post makes me officially disinterested in football for 2 more years. i'll start commenting a football match again for the eurocup, see u there o/
  6. fifa world cup

    Well, pity for Portugal and a nice final for the world Cup. Let's hope for Sunday. (and NO i don't hope that france wins ) Cheers
  7. problem with forums?

    I wonder is this a sort of a bug at the forums??? Probably a database issue or a scripting bug. Not sure which. The little bit of PHP left at the top in some locations suggests a scripting issue. (Not that it eliminates database, entirely) That's What i see above the Forums page "?", $url ) ) . $after; } } ?>
  8. fifa world cup

    If You talk about the team is everything ok for me. Everyone can say everything about that (Actually there is people in Italy that doesn't support the Azzurri cos of what happened. I tried tho but i transform into a frenzied bloodlusty Hooligan on World Cups, can't make anything about that ). Just wanted to be sure you weren't talking about the whole nation.
  9. fifa world cup

    This one doesn't deserve to be answered too. (it's like i say Germany = Nazis. But i would NEVER make a statement like this) Please do some useful comment if you want to talk. ... i am not talking about this game, was an ok game. AND germany= nazi is absurd, as nazi's were along time ago and doesnt have anything to do with the current world cup. i am talking about the recent talks about how italians cheated/payed off some people to win matches.... learning is fun isnt it? 1)about how SOME teams did that, not The ITALIANS as a WHOLE nation. 2)This has nothing to do with World Cup. Want to Say we Payed the Australian Referee or the Whole Fifa? 3) Germany=Nazi is absurd as Saying that Italians=Cheaters. There are some cheaters in italy, ok, as there are some Nazis in Germany Right now. That allows me to say that every German is Nazi, or allows you to say that Italy is made of cheaters? I guess no. Ps: Learn your facts straight, you think the people in italy is happy about what happened in serie A? You think we are proud of Moggi? I'm Not seeing any statue made for him. Stop this stupid association Italians=Cheaters, edit:triple post, the forum looks a bit broken today
  10. fifa world cup

    I agree on everything (Cannavaro and Materazzi were plain perfect, even if i always consider Gattuso as my favorite player, give him an human leg to chew! ) except the 'Go Juventus' You know, i support Palermo
  11. fifa world cup

    Yeah, was a good game, i would say that the first half was good, the second half was kinda boring and the extra-time were worth the wait. Some good actions from Italy and germany, and a referee that was 'strange' (i would prefear to say that he was scared to whistle against 2 of the most important teams in the world in a game worth the access in the finals) but kinda fair in his strangeness. It cannot be said that he didn't whistled only the italian team, cos that would be plain wrong. Btw, it's a pity that this game was in the semi-finals, Italy-Germany is always a great game and would have been a perfect ending to a nice and well-organized world cup.
  12. fifa world cup

    This one doesn't deserve to be answered too. (it's like i say Germany = Nazis. But i would NEVER make a statement like this) Please do some useful comment if you want to talk.
  13. fifa world cup

    I say this doesn't deserve an answer.
  14. fifa world cup

    Brazil and... hmmmm greece?
  15. Would you still wear...

    They do Serie B shirts? Well, from a scandal like this you can at least manage to know who supports Juventus for the team and who does it because they are a winning team. The first group would (and should, imho) wear it, the second... well can we call them real supporters?