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  1. New limited PK level maps/areas

    good post tirun omfg i cant believe i said that. Would encourage people to train past arenas cause only way to get the good drops is to pk and guilds would have to work together to hold spawns. Still dont think having more capped arenas is a good idea it just never works right cause if any1 is gonna abuse a loophole in the game its pkers
  2. Potential Outlaws.

    ROFL!! is this a new policy of yours?? I hope so plz apply it to your comments on pk threads. I have found rangers and a/d trainers can get along ok if they ask before they shoot/att something communication works well but it is really annoying to get a few chims on you then have people come shoot them so they stop attacking you then once they stop attacking you and become mobile they decide to shoot at the next thing they see. I think rangers have to consider sometimes that a/d trainers can only train 1 or 2 creatures for exp at there specific level but rangers can get the same exp on anything. Randmck
  3. New limited PK level maps/areas

    This is all great and good in theory but not how its gonna work most people will get to the top of the arena they are currently in and then make money to buy armour and alch to get pp's they wont care about training stepping up or anything cause they will pwn in there own little arena. Hell most dp pkers that outgrow dp last about a month in normal pk then spend $100 to buy a dp character and start trying to own dp again. Most pkers love pk and put up with training they only train to pk so if you take away the need to train then most of them will never train never progress past the arena they are at. Having stepped arenas is a good idea but by the time most of the people asking for this get to 119a/d they will want a 120 level arena so they can fight in safety there. They will never be happy unless every fight they have is fair or in there favour so yeah they should grow some balls start training a bit and pking a bit more. Now i will be told that its not fair to ask noobs to get pwned to learn pk. Look at it this way its not fair to take pk away from any1 with more than 119 a/d just so korrode doesnt have to fucking train anymore. Randmck
  4. New limited PK level maps/areas

    I look at it this way some one with 60 a/d atm has no where to really pk they are too strong for dp and naralik is never used. So this player with 60 a/d has no1 he can kill in pk maps cause most of the time any1 lower than him is at dp and any1 everywhere else is too strong. Then the follow on effect is this the next guy with 70 a/d has no1 to pk cause he cant fight at DP and no1 with 60 a/d enters normal pk cause its pointless. Then a guy with 80 a/d wont enter pk maps cause every1 with 60 and 70 a/d wont cause its pointless for them etc etc. i think you get where iam going herelike a food chain all the way up to 130+ a/d players. So to combat this you can put in more capped arenas which is a great idea in theory gives every1 fair fights etc etc. but in practice 1 or 2 players get to this a/d cap alch for oa's and gc and own the whole arena anyway making it pointless for any1 else to pk there. Another way to solve the problem would be too remove capped arenas altogether then a guy with 40 a/d would be out and about pking anywhere giving people stronger than him a reason to pk and then the guy above him has a reason to pk and it goes up the food chain. The problem with this is a guy with 40 a/d might run into a guy with 130 a/d and get pwned or he might run into a guy with 35 a/d and pwn i think that is the way it should be imo you take a risk for a kill and you might get killed. Ther is plenty of arenas out there for people to pvp in and pk in its not like a top player can just follow you around to kill you and its get every1 out and about pking i hope. anyway just my longwinded 2 cents worth hope i made sense.
  5. Spawn etiquette

    Biggest thing with me is when you show up and someone is there afk but monster still there i say if you can kill 3 while there afk then its my spawn but if i just get 1 or 2 of them killed before they return i would return he spawn just my thing.
  6. "Catch us if you can - PK Event"

    so the defenders will have the whole of thelinor to roam in ?
  7. selling tit ice book

    selling tit short of ice construct for 10k pm me in game or reply underneath ty. ingame name randmck.
  8. KF forts

    i think the only way to get people into pk maps is maybe to add some resources or anything that would give people a reason to go into a pk map other than pking. I dont have aproblem with the pk system or the cost of it the only problem is i can never find any1 to pk lol i dont think there is anyhting wrong with the pk system especially now with caps once you get 60+a/d and a col with restore you gotta be pretty slow on the diss tele to die to nearly any1. The problem seems to be people will only fight if they are garaunteed to win and there is no chance of dieing. So i think tempest has got it about right most people who want to pk should grow a set and get out there and pk.
  9. PKING Strategy...

    well my advice would be to try and get near 40 a/d and start at dp arena then just go from there every1 seems to pk differently and different strategys work for different players the best way to learn it is trial and error and talking to/watching other pkers or join a pk guild.
  10. KF forts

    well i wouldnt say it was free exp really imagine if people actually pvped in kf instead of guild maps it would give people other than pkers a reason to go into kf might liven up pk a bit
  11. selling nmt cape

    NMT sold for ingame offer
  12. selling nmt cape

    selling nmt cape offer below or pm randmck in game
  13. Democracy in EL

    i personally dont think el should be a democracy especially on major changes to the game. I think Teh god should make the decisions as he has been and if there is a poll it should be for feedback to help ent see what the players are thinking about the subject then he can go think about it and make his decision cause i really dont think the majority of el has the necessary knowledge to make these choices. The idea of making councils, advisory panel etc. is a great idea in theory but it doesnt seem to have worked in the past and i think having us vote for these people will make the whole thing a bit too political and less of a game. I think if ent decides he needs player input on a certain topic i am sure he will ask the people in game that know what they are talking about if he wishes and then make his decision that way but at the end of the day ent should be the one in control of the direction of the game cause i think he will make the best decisions not the players themselves.
  14. To read or not to read

    Yeah i have to agree with MP. The thing i have found since astro came in is i have that almost daily i have to change from moon to uni to get the best exp but yeah acc of moon med doesnt get more DEF exp for me
  15. Little Dekke!

    Congratz on the little one!!!