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  1. A/D Pots and Special Armor

    Wow, very innovative. Cool idea.
  2. Manufacturing strike!

    holar my herooo
  3. trices spawns suck~~
  4. EFE, ELE, Serpent Stone are rare drops from cockas, at least were before the update. ah yer it looks like a kinda expensive formula, i'd change it to maybe 1feather each
  5. Artificier cape

  6. TS penalty

    Everything else? EVERYTHING agree
  7. Isnt this a bit overpowered?

    plx stop pk make love not war
  8. Awards system

    gz marro!
  9. Titanium helm of Life

    red dragon helm of life and mana is better and its too cheap to make all the tit helms profitable (you wont sell anyway) just for one special event
  10. ip banned

    I was running around in votd and saw the desdamona ceremony, was starting a small discussion there. All people directly flamed me and stuff, (Well, I did nothing against the rules IMO, at least not after I got warned by Aislinn, who I pm'd bakc with a question but didn't get answered, at least not that I noticed) Desdamona might've been your friend, although if you say I'm disrespectful this must be a joke. Stick to the rules and don't take everything personal. (hi2u WolfWitch/JezeBelle, cant remember who it actually was) I'm just expressing my opinion and people start to flame, insult and threaten me? Great! Well, I don't even expect to get unbanned since i hardly play anymore, just want to know how you explain this ban. cheers
  11. ip banned

    Since when is speaking and expressing your own opinion against "the law"? back2theroots ftw! This is my last post, since your previous posts make absolutely no sense and you even accused me of things I never did (pee-thingy). Then you did not acknowledge that you were wrong and were just saying how well you are informed (which might be true or not, not up to me to judge). You seem to have no valid reason to back up your ban. (You are obviously unable to provide me with quotes, too) That's it for me, the ceremony was a blast after all.
  12. ip banned

    Why saying then? Well, might you be so nice and show me some quotes of "joris" actually where I did something wrong and especially what? (that are not out of context!) I wasn't sharing the same opinion with others (mods & friends of those), so I get booted?
  13. ip banned

    That was "Teh_Psycho" or something, not me. My char was "joris". Get your facts straight. I didn't say I had those problems with you or a mod. I didn't even say I had them in EL.
  14. ip banned

    I stopped it, in the end I wanted to stay to see what's going on and was getting flamed. (hi2u rule3) Well, I asked whether I can ask a question or not and didn't get a reply, if I would've asked my question right away you might have taken it wrong or whatever, had similar problems before. [PM from LabRat: fuck off] (hi2u rule2)
  15. Storage Sell!

    brod 100k
  16. Selling

    1 Book Of Poison Antidote -15kgc 1 Book Of Evasion -4kgc 5 Book Of Invisiblity -4kgc post here or pmme ingame
  17. Storage for Sale :)

  18. Flee time decreased

    start to flee before XP runs out..
  19. buying some things

    buying 1 branch of destruction offer 50 diss rings 80gc each 1.5k air e 7gc each 500 matter e 9gc each 500 spirit e 9gc each 1k energy e 8gc each 150 potion of defense 25gc each 100 potion of attack 25gc each
  20. ELG Alchemy Shop

    599 Death essies - 5990 gc
  21. Selling Black Dragon set or trade for Ice Dragon set and will add GC. If trading post how much extra gc u want. POST or PM (mods: change title to "Selling BDa trade for IDa and I will add GC" pls)
  22. SELL

    SELLING Flowers: 1736 Impatiens - .5gc 1157 Red Snapdragons - .5gc 740 Nightshade - 1.5gc 9883 Chrysanthemum - .5gc 348 Blue Star Flower - .5gc 1958 Daffodils - 1gc 1012 Swamp Candles - .5gc 26433 Mullein - 1gc 3914 Blue Lupine - .4 2680 Sunflower - .5gc 502 Cotton - .5gc 5498 Tiger Lilly - .5gc Ores: 444 Titanium Ore - 2gc Metals: 105 Titanium Bar - 47gc Minerals: 2547 Rose Quartz - 1.5gc 331 Emerald - 3gc Tools: 517 Pickaxe - 18gc Weapons: 6 Pre-owned Serpent Sword - 6kgc 67 Titanium/Steel Alloy Long Sword - 800gc 10 Steel Long Sword - 600gc 7 Iron Broad Sword - 260gc 1 Pre-Owned Titanium/Steel Alloy Short Sword - 200gc 1 Second Hand Steel Axe - offer 1 Short Bow - 1.5kgc 1 Long Bow - 3.75kgc Magic: 110 Moon Medallion - 170gc 20 Stars Medallion - 170gc 10 To Damage predictor - 80gc 9 Degrade predictor - 80gc 5 Make Rare predictor - 100gc 43 Criticals Indicator - 25gc 1 To Hit predictor - 80gc 12 Accuracy predictor - 80gc Animal: 38 White Tiger fur - 75gc 84 White rabbit fur - 5gc 170 Cockatrice Feather - 70gc 2981 Rat tail - 6gc 372 Polar Bear Fur - 8gc 1619 Raw Meat - 5gc 120 Hawk Feather - 16gc 63 Falcon Feather - 10gc Clothes: 1 Brown Buccaneer Hat - 1.5kgc Misc: 12 High Explosive Mine - 2.2kgc 2 Invisibility Removal Ward - 2kgc 2 Mana Drain Ward - 1.5kgc 6 Serpent Stones - 5kgc Books: 5 Book of Invisibility - 4kgc post your offer here or pm SquE ingame all prices are the prices for each