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  1. Auctioning NMT

  2. ELG Alchemy Shop

    3k matter essences - 24k gc please SquE ingame
  3. ELG Guild Shop

    7k White Asiatic Lilly - 3.5k gc please SquE ingame
  4. ELG Guild Shop

    8k diamonds, 10k silver ore - 44k gc please SquE ingame
  5. Auction: Camo Cape.

  6. Selling

    I take the bones.
  7. Selling!

    I'll take some rings. SquE ingame
  8. NMT Cape

  9. Steel Plate Set Auction

    92k SquE ingame
  10. ELG Guild Shop

    10k hen, 42k toad SquE
  11. Will Removal Stone

  12. buying/selling

    new items added.
  13. selling 6 will stones

    I bid 41k each.
  14. buying/selling

    pmme ingame "SquE"
  15. Storage Sell!

    I bid 1.1k for the pans.
  16. Auction: NMT Cape

  17. Selling:

    I bid 32k since Kornholio's bid is not valid.
  18. buying/selling

    new items added.
  19. Selling:

  20. buying/selling

    pmme ingame if you still want it
  21. ELG Guild Shop

    as i explained the cheapest we can do henbane is 1.5gc each which works out as 43.5k I calculated wrong. 43.5k of course
  22. ELG Guild Shop

    29k henbanes for 43.5k gc's. In 6 or 10k batches please. SquE ingame