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  1. 10k srs

  2. 10k srs

  3. Stoage Sell

  4. Titanium serpent sword of thermal

    Why don't you simply set the starting price to the lowest price you'd sell for?
  5. selling my complete storage

    I buy the bones, the wormwood, the M&P and the halberd if still available.
  6. godless removal stone

    In my opinion there should be removal for every kind of perk, negative or positive doesn't matter - just like it's with Nexus / Attribute Removal...
  7. Bronze Set

    Simply start with the "good offer"?
  8. Bronze Set

    And why is there actually a START price and a minimum bid set if it isn't an auction?
  9. Bronze Set

    120k - When does the auction ends and do you actually sell for any price above 120k?
  10. Selling & Buying

    Prices lowered and items added.
  11. Selling Storage

    I take the bones, the Mortar & Pestle, the Steel Chain Mail and the Iron Greave
  12. Serp'd.

    He serped me too, at the exactly same spot. He didn't stop for a while till he suddenly said "Ok, I apologise, seems like it was a misunderstanding" and left.
  13. ELG Harvest Shop

    10k henbane please
  14. Test server testing

  15. Selling & Buying

    List updated.
  16. Storage sale

    109 def pot - 25gc each 428 red toadstools - 1gc each 4 attack - 28gc each 20 mead - 2gc each 1 hydrogenium ore - 100gc please
  17. Auction

    So you won't sell when it doesn't get to 360k ? Set it as the startprice then ffs Auctions like that are so pointless.
  18. ELG harving for your needs

    2x10k toads please SquE ingame
  19. selling

    several thousand tspots - 60-65gc each (depends on qty) 1 tit set w/ shield - 172kgc each 1 tit set w/o shield - 145kgc each 1 CoL - 60kgc each 1 CoTU -7kgc each 1 Mirror Cloak - 10kgc each 1 titanium serpent sword - 12kgc each 2.2k srs - 15gc each 5974 ae - 8gc each 2k Nightshade - 0.5gc each 1,2k Chrysantheum - 0.5gc each 500 Coal - 2gc each 281 training arrows - 10gc each 88 invi potions - 90gc each 901 feran horns - 16gc each 1 red tunic - offer 1 black robe skirt - offer 1 black robe - offer 4 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Ice - offer 2 Book of Titanium/Steel Short Sword of Thermal - offer prices negotiable SquE ingame