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  1. SELL

  2. SELL

    Prices lowered.
  3. ELG Alchemy Shop

    4k Energy Essence 31k
  4. SELL

    Prices now added.
  5. SELL

    Sold already, sorry.
  6. SELL

    What's your ingame name please?
  7. BUY

    IEDP Removal - offer Will Removals - 43k
  8. 41K for the 4 reas removals
  9. Instances, first public test

    Nice forgetting about Halosmee. But yer I had fun too, although the monsters seemed a bit too much for the resources one can carry.
  10. selling my storage

    I buy all health essences, the tit set,the orc slayer and the NMT. I will try to catch you ingame ASAP.
  11. staff of mage

    160+ harms aren't effective enough? This would be even worse than 160+ harms, since you couldn't even protect yourself by using MI He didn't mean to increase the power of a SoM by one's rationality. He was talking about increasing the rationality of one who is wearing the staff.
  12. Removal Stones - where did you find one?

    Will Removal - WS Diamond cave
  13. Selling

    Deal. pmme ingame
  14. Make bethel cave single combat.

    I did get at up to 1.4m/h as I trained there, which is imo a way too high. I completely agree on making it single combat.
  15. ELG Harvest Shop

    11k Henbane please
  16. ELG Harvest Shop