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  1. selling!

    Im selling: 3.2k SrS @ 15gc each SOLD 1 Red Dragon Helmet -- post your offer please (or pm) 2 excavator Capes @ 2.2k gc each 1 Serpent Stone @ 5k gc each SOLD 3 EFE @ 8k gc each SOLD
  2. selling!

  3. SrS for sale!

    3000 SrS @ 45000 goldcoins (15gc each)
  4. buying books

    Buying the following potioning books: Book of Invisibility Book of Antidote pmme here with an offer or "SquE" ingame. cheers
  5. garage sale

    I can sell you 8070 fe
  6. many things for sale

    Im sorry but the 4 Invisibility Potions are already sold. :[ (prices via pm)
  7. many things for sale

    I'm not on vacation just telling prices via pm so don't worry. ;P
  8. many things for sale

    2 Hammer 2gc 4 Needle 3gc ea 5 Leather Gloves 1204 Quartz 2gc ea 29 Brown rabbit fur 7gc ea 5 Stars Medallion 170gc 776 Blue Quartz 2gc ea 80 Energy Essence 8gc ea 3 Ring Mold 200gc ea 20 Spirit Essence 10gc 9748 Red Rose all for 6k 750 Empty Vial 6gc ea 7271 Red Snapdragons all for 5k 1558 Bones Powder 6gc 7 Pickaxe 15gc 6 Mortar & Pestle 100gc prices are negotiable
  9. Buying + Selling Stuff :D

    I want - 8k red toadstool - 3k titanium ore - 10k blue quartz 1,5gc ea (if youre harvesting) + im buying the 2,5k titanium ore you already have pm " sque " ingame Ill add 4kgc when u finish till monday.
  10. Selling ... 1 No More Tears Cape -206k ea 1 steel plate -55k ea 1 steel greaves -24k ea 1 steel cuisses -24k ea 1 titanium plate - 80k ea 16k Mullein -1gc ea 5k cactus -1gc ea Pm SquE ingame or post a reply here on forums.
  11. Selling..

    All sold You can delete this thread.
  12. BUYING

    PM " SquE " ingame for the cuisses & torso
  13. char resetting

    How often are you able to reset your char? Is it unlimited?
  14. Ban IP

    Are your chars banned or your IP?
  15. char resetting

    And the command "reset" resets all nexuses, basic attributes (=cross attributes) and the overalllvl? Nothing more? Like the knowledge or smth?
  16. My character was banned.

    Hello. I was harvesting sulfur with my brother and I had to logout for dinner. I logged in again and I couldnt login. I tried it with the character of my brother, couldnt login. I tried it with the character of my uncle, could login. Tanyia told me the characters was locked, cuz 2 Characters at the same time, with the same IP. But my brother and me have the same hardware, and a router. So my answer, what shell I do, that youll unlock it. The two character were: - hares - lord_azrael
  17. My character was banned.

    Well, i waited nearly one year already, because i know that this is the work of volunteers. Could you *please* unlock/unban (the justificaton because there was the same ip is, that we have, as i said before, a local network and use one connection, what means one ip, together) my character? (If it sounds aggressive, it is because of my poor english). It doesnt make fun to build a new character, because i know, that i did this already (i mean the work i had building Hares) and spent so much time in it, that would be wasted, if i start a new one...
  18. My character was banned.

    Tanya, the character was my character! I build him up and spent many time on getting better etc. I dont want a new char! And, only because i said once "Anwser me" after nearly one month waiting you'll not unban me? That is very hard :-( You act imho really arbitrarily; yes you are able to act so, but, i feel unfair treated.. (Sorry for my english :-(. I hope you understand me.)
  19. My character was banned.

    Hello? I spent much time on building the char. It would be awesome, if i get an answer! I love this game and want to play it. Dont destroy dreams, eh? Sorry that i complain and post multiple, but, look at die difference between the posts; i've waitet at least circa 2 weeks..!
  20. My character was banned.

    Answer me.
  21. My character was banned.

    Why do i get no answer? The accounts are still banned!