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  1. Connection/Vista problems?

    Ok, so I am having some problems connecting. But before I go on, let me say I have vista and this may be a vista issue, idk. Anyways, I downloaded the game client and installed. When I opened it, it took me to the login screen. I typed in an old account that I used to play on. When I clicked the log in buton, it didnt do anything. There was no response at all. It recognized that I had clicked, but made no attempts to connect to the server. So I went through a character creation, and tried to create a character, but when I clicked done for the second time, it did the same thing as when I had tried to log in earlier. So I read through the forum and tried what piper had said for other people to do. I made sure port 2000 was open. I have AVG, not Norton, but I disabled it and my firewall, I installed telnet, and went through cmd prompt to make sure i could connect to the server, as well as that greenleaf text game that piper was having ppl test their connection on. So far, none of this has worked, so I then set EL to run in admin, and made sure all my drivers were up to date. They are, and it still isnt working. So I am going to guess that this is a vista problem. Any ideas? Specs: Vista Intel Core Duo 1.73GHz 1GB RAM NVIDIA 7600 105GB Hard Drive Cable - 388kbps there wasnt an error log, because there wasnt a game error. it was running perfectly fine, just no connection. but if u need anything else, let me know.
  2. Street art

    any writers out there?
  3. Whats your favorate band?

    dimmu is freakin sweet. (and they are more black metal than death) my fav metal bands probably are dimmu, antestor, emperor, sirius, bal sagoth, orphaned land, extol, novembre, haggard, lengsel, opeth, zyklon....idk i have lots of metal favs. im a metalhead electronic music would have to be wagon christ. and infected mushroom. and astral projection. what about indie? anyone an indie fan? fav indie bands would have to be built to spill, dinosaur jr, the lemonheads, silversun pickups. and amusement parks on fire.
  4. Please explain

    you could try www.imageshack.us thats the one i always use.
  5. Favorite Band(s)

    Ok so this is the art and music forum, but wheres the music? Fav band for me right now would probably be Dinosaur Jr. J. Mascis is amazing
  6. EL not working.

    I seem to be having the same problem. Telnet is installed, I dont have norton, i have AVG, and windows firewall is off, and I still cant seem to connect to the server. When I go through the command prompt, it works, but not in the game. any ideas?
  7. new avatar

    thats pretty cool. the animation isnt bad at all. two thumbs up from me
  8. Musicians?

    that should be worth alot. i am def envoius. but i have an martin eric clapton signature acousti
  9. xfire

    i remember posting on that thread like forever ago lol
  10. SilkRoad Online

    you need to have a good pc when u start the game otherwise it crashes
  11. Musicians?

    ok. i guess ill start . i play guitar, and i have an ibanez electric, a simeon & patric acoustic, and a martin acoustic. i also play bass and have a peavy 5 string. i play drums as well and have a 8 pc mapex jazz/fusion set. i play trumpet too and have a yamaha xeno silver trumpet.
  12. Musicians?

    any musicians out there? im sure there have been posts like this in the past, but i just dont remember. so ya, what instrument do u play and what equipment do u have and use?
  13. SilkRoad Online

    i play on the greece server, but i havent been on in a while. it seems like a pretty good game, but has incredibly bad lag for slower systems. and not enough servers.
  14. Defend EL's honor

    it did get kinda boring after a while. and it was too short
  15. Why I hate mornings.

    wow. ive never really had a bad storm cept for in '88. we had a horrible tornado. but i was a baby so i dont remember