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  1. Before i start, lemme tell you, i am a dumb when it comes to computors :(


    So, the 1.4.0 client worked fine, but when the update came, then game decided not to work. ;P


    The login part coems up, and i log in and then this happens:


    By iunno at 2007-12-02


    -It has said a few times that i got the Grue-


    Then one of these comes up, and it closes EL:


    By iunno at 2007-12-02


    I tried the EL_noclusters - didnt work

    I tried uninstalling and reinstalling - that didnt work either

    I went into the el folder and enabled 'Poor Man' - didnt work :(


    Comp: Windows XP

    Graphics Card: Intel® 82810E Graphics Controller


    Need more info? just ask... :(



    Iunno :blink:

  2. I found this in my local news paper. It's about the authorities arrenting people, and scared of the new threat of online, virtual raping and child abuse in games. Also they talk about the bands of players killing other players and taking there personal belongings


    "In World of Warcraft, the most popular online game, with an estimated 8 million participants worldwide, some regions of this fantasy domain have grown so lawless that players said they fear to brave them alone. Gangs of animated characters have repeatedly preyed upon lone travelers, killing them and making off with their virtual belongings." - quote from the article


    C'mon It's just part of the game. :P


    yea the parts where they add drug usage, and suggested child abuse and rape scenes in teh game arent all that neccesary. but it might add to teh game.. or it might be taking it too far


    in Japan they arrested someone for virtually mugging another player and selling his items for real life cash.


    I dunno, to me it just seems that SOME games are becomign a dangerous place for people?


    hrees the link to the article




    kinda interesting.. share your thoughts

  3. Hello all :)


    The Guild of the Lands is currently recruiting!! woo


    We are looking for good, active members. If you are a scammer, bag-jumper or an overall outlaw, forget about it. Information can be found here http://guildotland.tripod.com

    If you would like to, you can apply on the guild forums at http://guildofthelands.aceboard.com


    Requirments to join:

    1.You are not a bag-jumper, scammer, or outlaw.

    2.You are an active (or semi-active player)

    3.You want to a have a fun time :)

    4. 2 skills at 25




    You can pm Me (Iunno) or TommyKnocker in game for more info,or if you'd like to join. :)



    :) Long Live GotL ;)

  4. i'd like a siggy, i guess the theme would be: forgetfullness :(

    in it id like the name Iunno with a black backround with blood dripping from the top.. Also white question marks strewn randomly about (if thats possible) i'd be willing to pay 5k or more :)

    I'll get started on this for you now. And I'll post the piccys in this post. :wub:


    #Edit -






    - I'll edit the border to the same as the one below, 1 white px, and 1 black px. :)






    - I didn't really know what to do with the quetion marks, I could have a look into it, but not really ure.. Sorry.


    Don't think that's what he wanted :wub: The questions mark were more important thatn the blood I think.

    If you want, you can email me the .psd file so I can add the question marks?



    yehh i like them Knuckles :wub: , but yeah the Quesiton marks were more important.. just wanted the blood as a backround and th ? to be in front :P

  5. Hi,


    Iunno (and I) made this new guild 2 weeks ago i think :P

    we are looking for members, stats don't really matter atm if you are willing to train it :)

    We don't only focus A/d training, but also pot/craft/manuers etc would be welcome joining us...


    If you want to join, post here or Pm me ingame (or on the forums.)







    Hi, :)


    Also if you'd like to, you can go the the website, and browse aroudn there.. http://guildotland.tripod.com and if you feel like it, you can click on the link to the guild forums, and aign up/apply on our guild forums. :)


    *Iunno* ;)

  6. well.. as sad as it seems.. mononoke did it to me a few minutes before leoi.. :P:omg:

    here is chat log. I ws trading bronze greves.. she said she woudl give me gc, and other items.. so she puts 24k in by hundreds puts items in.. the items go to my sto and 2400 go to my inv.


    [11:12:30] [PM to Mononoke: ty]

    [11:12:37] [PM from Mononoke: ty]

    [11:13:06] [PM to Mononoke: mmm scamm]

    [11:13:21] [PM from Mononoke: wath ?]

    [11:13:30] [PM to Mononoke: thats why i got only 2.4k gc]

    [11:13:45] [PM to Mononoke: 2400]

    [11:13:48] [PM to Mononoke: not 24000]

    [11:14:14] [PM from Mononoke: lol, how is happened that ....]

    [11:14:20] [PM to Mononoke: either give me the rest.. or ill outlaw u so no one trades with you]

    [11:15:07] [PM to Mononoke: so what it gunna be?]

    [11:15:49] [PM to Mononoke: ?]

    [11:16:11] [PM to Mononoke: hmm? going to give me my gc's?]

    [11:16:13] [PM from Mononoke: i don't know how is happened :(]

    [11:16:16] #GM from caecus: what did he do?

    [11:16:20] [PM to Mononoke: all i got was 2400]

    [11:16:48] #GM from IuNnO: i fell for the oldest trick.. put 24000 gc in teh first slot. then put other items and took out gc so all was left was 2400

    [11:16:48] [PM from Mononoke: now i have only 81gc at storage and inventory!]

    [11:17:00] Items you have in your storage:

    14856 Gold Coins

    [11:17:14] [PM to Mononoke: take a picture of storage and inv and show me then]

    [11:17:28] [PM from Mononoke: ok sec]

    [11:17:30] #GM from IuNnO: she says she got 81 gc in sto and inv.. so i asked for her to take a pic

    [11:17:35] [PM to Mononoke: and dont drop anything]

    [11:21:38] [PM from Mononoke: give me e-mail addres]

    [11:21:53] [PM to Mononoke: CENSORED@yahoo.com]

    [[11:26:39] [PM to Mononoke: i still want my gc.. ]

    [11:26:52] [PM from Mononoke: ready]

    [11:27:03] [PM from Mononoke: see at your mail]

    [11:27:03] [PM to Mononoke: ready?]

    [11:27:15] [PM to Mononoke: hold on internet running slow]

    [11:27:40] [PM to Mononoke: well if u dotn have gc.. and i dont have it.. where i it?]

    [11:27:40] [PM to Mononoke: IS*]

    [11:27:57] [PM from Mononoke: i don't know :(]

    [11:28:19] [PM to Mononoke: i have 14k i should have 36k]

    [11:28:58] [PM from Mononoke: :(]

    [11:29:08] #GM from IuNnO: lol apparently 21,600 gc disapeered -.-

    [11:29:23] [PM to Mononoke: so ur sayign that 21,600 gc just disapeered?]

    [11:29:39] #GM from DarkRipper: What?

    [11:29:44] #GM from IuNnO: nothing..

    [11:30:12] [PM from Mononoke: maybe yes, i don't know. lol sorry for that :@]

    [11:30:16] [PM to Mononoke: well.. i dunt care if u dont have it.. u owe me 21,600gc]

    [11:30:46] There is no map for this place.

    [11:31:58] [PM to Mononoke: understand?]

    [11:32:25] [PM to Mononoke: or u give me my bronxe greave back.. and ill give back what i got]

    [11:32:25] [PM from Mononoke: i give you gc.... you lie! i show you]

    [11:32:43] [PM to Mononoke: I DONT LIE U IDIOT I ONLY HAVE 14k! i had 12k before that]

    [11:32:58] [PM to Mononoke: welocem to outlaws]

    [11:33:16] [PM from Mononoke: ok, but i don't scammed you, bye]

    [11:33:48] [PM to Mononoke: im not that mean.. just give me my **** gc.. or gimme back my **** greves and ill give back what i got from you]

    [11:34:01] #GM from IuNnO: god **** what a *****

    [11:34:09] #GM from IuNnO: apparently im the liar now -.-

    [11:34:27] [PM from Mononoke: then you scammed me!]?

    [11:34:35] [PM to Mononoke: how?]

    [11:34:48] [PM to Mononoke: how would i scam you.. if u got ym armor.. and i got shit load of nothing?]

    [11:35:14] [PM from Mononoke: when i give you greaves you giv me my stuff and 2400gc... then you scammed me]

    [11:35:44] [PM to Mononoke: why? all i got was 2400 and the stuff.. therefore its equal]

    [11:36:17] [PM from Mononoke: i give you all gc don't lie!]

    [11:36:38] [PM to Mononoke: imnto lieign either.. ive only got 14k.. i had 12k before trade]

    [11:37:12] Items you have in your storage:

    14856 Gold Coins

    [11:37:19] [PM from Mononoke: im not sure for that and stop this lie]

    [11:37:26] [PM to Mononoke: Items you have in storage: 14856]

    [11:37:33] [PM to Mononoke: I'm lieing?]

    [11:37:40] [PM from Mononoke: yes]

    [11:37:48] [PM to Mononoke: how?]

    [11:38:22] [PM to Mononoke: How am i lieing?]

    [11:38:27] [PM from Mononoke: you say me: you give me 2400gc.... and i give you all gc]

    [11:38:41] [PM to Mononoke: Wnat to see a pic of my inv / storage?]

    [11:38:56] [PM from Mononoke: yes]

    [11:39:27] [PM from caecus: no, i can't do that]

    [11:42:56] [PM to Mononoke: ok i took pic.. ill send in a second.. internet runing slow.. just want to inform you.. if u look thre is no bag at my fett so i couldnt have drop]

    [11:43:02] [PM to Mononoke: it]

    [11:43:56] [PM to Mononoke: ok?]

    [11:44:10] [PM from Mononoke: i see... ]

    [11:44:16] [PM to Mononoke: u see what?]

    [11:44:48] [PM from Mononoke: pic and i don't know how is happened that]

    [11:45:20] [PM to Mononoke: ok well for now.. i want my greaves back.. and ill give back wht i got.]

    [11:46:31] [PM from Mononoke: yes, but i give you all gc! and he lie me now]

    [11:46:38] [PM from Mononoke: stop]

    [11:46:59] [PM to Mononoke: once u see pic thoo u know im nto lieing.. so stop accusing me of lieing]

    [11:47:03] [PM from Mononoke: you*]

    [11:47:17] [PM from Mononoke: you see too !]

    [11:47:34] [PM to Mononoke: no i dont]

    [11:47:55] [PM to Mononoke: ur feet are blocked.. cant rtust pic u couldve dropped bag at ur feet with gc.. and kept 81 in sto.. redo pic plz]

    [11:48:50] [PM from Mononoke: i stop say you.... i don't like liers!]

    [11:49:31] [PM to Mononoke: a-hem im not lieing.. ask anyone in guild BoC, ask tommyknocker, as felex, ask 2cute2, ask looter, ask evilshiva, ask shazon, ask asmoean..]

    [11:50:52] [PM from Mononoke: i don't need ask... i see you lie]

    [11:51:21] [PM to Mononoke: How do u see i liE?]

    [11:51:58] #GM from IuNnO: i took pic of my inv, sto, and my feet (no bad and only 14k in sto.. i shouldve had 36k after trade

    [11:54:08] #GM from DarkRipper: Iunno you must do it, its the only way to get scammers under control

    [11:54:18] #GM from IuNnO: easier to find without having lost mroe stuff

    [11:54:27] #GM from DarkRipper: Bye

    [11:56:34] #GM from caecus: well, LOOTER has posted a thread on mononoke pulling the trick

    [11:57:04] #GM from DarkRipper: You hear that iunno?

    [11:57:07] #GM from IuNnO: when did looter?

    [11:57:13] #GM from caecus: just now



    ok yeah... so here is a pic of me..and my sto and my inv and my feet (no bag at my feeet so i couldt have dropped the gc.. (i had 12k gc before the trade.. traded Bronze greave to her for 24k (and then she added items) well after trade. i only had ~14k gc in sto.