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  1. Gerio of DIE!

    Yeah.. i never said PvP.. all i said was fight me.. and scarr.. im not who u think i am..
  2. New Death Messages

    xxx now sees dead people.
  3. Gossip's New PVP matchup service is ready!

    Nice ideas =D they be very helpful to me
  4. Storage Sale

    ill take the tit long swords if nobody has yet
  5. New leather-iron armor

    I love it great job as usual
  6. fifa world cup

    Go Italy.. and germany will beat portugal > >
  7. Selling what I don't want/need

    I'll buy the 10 leather pants, 2 sun meds, and 3 uni meds.. PM me in-game: DaldorA
  8. Guilg ~IK~ Alchemy

    Guild ~IK~ (Irilion Knights) is now taking orders for bulk alchemy items. Just tell what you would like to order here, and we will get it to you as soon as possible. We will make any bar or essence (except FE). Bulk orders start at 2.5k items. Prices are as followed: Air Ess: Buyign in bulk of 2.5k+ - 6gc each Buying in bulk less then 2.5k - 7gc each Health Ess: 6gc each Magic Ess: 7.5gc each Death Ess: 14gc each Energy Ess: 6.5gc each Matter Ess: 6 gc each Life Ess: 5 gc each Watter Ess: 5gc each Earth ess 3.5gc each Steel Bars: 38gc each Iron Bars: 34gc each Gold Bars: 34gc each Silver Bars: 35gc each Thanks, DaldorA
  9. Guilg ~IK~ Alchemy

    If your forum name is different from your EL name, can you please post your EL name. Thanks -DaldorA P.S. Please hold off on new orders for a day or two.. thanks

    LMAOOO that is soo funny =DDD
  11. fifa world cup

    So, who do you guys think is goign to win this year..? Personally, i think Germany is gunna do it
  12. Guilg ~IK~ Alchemy

  13. The newbiest thing you ever saw

    I think the most newbish thing I did when i was a newb was trying to talk to the wraith in public.. I started like yelling becuase he didnt answer me.. I thought he was a mod
  14. fifa world cup

    GO GERMANY.. :P :)
  15. GUild ~IK~ is recruiting

    Guild ~IK~ is recruiting =D We are a fun guild that helps eachother out. We do lots of projects and contests together too. ~IK~ is a small guidl atm, but it is growing. We do not tolerate dishonorable PK, bag-jumping, scamming, or leeches. If you would liek to join PM Cael, Barden, or DaldorA. =D Or you can post here. We are looking for devoted players that are willing to help out with guild projects, and have fun at the same time.
  16. GM Family Reunion

    Count me in.. though it depends on time for me.. (my life is crazy) so i may or may not show up. BTW.. im in US eastern time.. What time would 7 PM GMT be for me?
  17. Screenshot of the week

    Im not sure if this will work..but.. PL ship yard
  18. new armor

    Tis awesome Great job!
  19. Silver Dragons is a newer guild. We are accepting anyone with a skill at 20 or higher(not overall) and an a/d around 15/15. Just PM any member for more info on what to do. or apply on the forums. www.freewebs.com.silverdragonsguild --> Forums We are aimed at leveling up in the skills, and helping other players in Eternal Lands.. We have many allies and a few enemies.
  20. Favorite hat

    I personally have no favorite.. i wear what i have.
  21. Screenshot of the week

    This is a little somethign i put together one day. I know it is not just one picture.. but i liked it. http://destiny.darrelltown.com/godforum/sh...=mines+idaloran