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  1. Forgotten Password.

    Who and how much do I need to pay to get my password recovered in-game (Account name: Atlanticiem) Thanks. - Saint Sent 5$ and information regarding proof of ownership to Ent.
  2. Buying a Bronze Plate Mail, Air Essence @ 10gc each and a Medallion of Life. Post here please and pm me in-game. ~Atlanticiem
  3. Trouble from below

    Great Invasion
  4. Trouble from below

    There was no cap mentioned in-game.
  5. 40-59 invance team building

    I will join. Mountain Time (CST -7?) Fighter/Tank
  6. Buying Steel Greaves of Uber Defence.

    Strange, I had searched the bot database before I posted. Thanks!
  7. Post here if you have some of these you are willing to sell. Price is negotiable. Not planning on getting them cheap so just shoot me a price.
  8. Glory Days.

    Me too. Rostos were only about 18k then, didn't break your bank if you died.
  9. Glory Days.

  10. Glory Days.

    I was looking around through my Photobucket which I had started specifically for EL back in 06', which now has over 1200 pictures and is being used for much more than EL. Anyway, here are some highlight pictures of my days in EL. Post yours too! Videos:
  11. Buying Essences, Armour, ect.

    Buying the following. 2k Matter Essence 5k Energy Essence 1k Spirit Essence 10 Steel Shields 1k Spirit Restore Potions Mirror Cape BP Cape 1 Orc Slayer 1 Jagged Saber 1 Cutlass 1 Eagle Wing 1 Rosto 10 Star/Uni/Moon Meds 100 Disengagement Rings Full Titanium Set Medallion of Life Silver Ore (Quantities of 10k+ please) Emeralds (Quantities of 5k+) Prices are very flexible. Post here or message me in-game. (Atlanticiem) Thank you.
  12. Old EL Photos

    Yes, I remember you (best) as Saint. You said once that the name was from Ted Dekker's book by the same title, correct? I'm good. How have you been? Indeed. I loved that book. I have been pretty busy!
  13. **Generation X**Harvesting** - the 3rd Degree

    I would like to order 5x batches of 10k Chrysanthemum if possible. Thanks.
  14. Old EL Photos

    Lightspeed! You may not remember me. How are you these days?