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  1. EFE's giveaway

    I have no idea about the rate for EFEs so I will take a wild guess at 69.
  2. Expiring bots, April of 2014

    Apologies for screwing up. Redone now: Your transaction ID for this payment is: 5WN00163VK574843U. Payment for Richery.
  3. My EL Character Will Soon be 10 Years Old

    Well done Mr Mind, I didn't know how successful you had become because of your exploits in EL. It is really a fantastic game with both elements from the "real" world and from fantasy. I love the game so much I have never properly quit and have been playing since early 2006. Thanks Radu and everyone who works on this game. Lu05
  4. Expiring bots (April 2013)

    Just paid Unlock fee and annual rent for Richery. Sorry it's so late, the old owner didn't have money to pay and didn't tell anyone it was overdue. I am Lu05 and will now be Richery's owner when he is unlocked. Your transaction ID for this payment is: 62X093313N5579547. Thank you.
  5. Vallath - Fate

    What has muntdregger's last message got to do with Fate??
  6. Vallath - Fate

    Fate is now playing as em0tion and after finding out that he is the same player we kicked as fate, I have spoken to em0tion and kicked him from the guild. We don't appreciate liars. He threatened to end an alliance we have with a good guild and we don't need that if that guild has done nothing wrong except if its something they thought was right at the time. There is no excuse for calling someone a bagjumper if you know they aren't. He has also played as Guruzz.
  7. El Makes my laptop over heat

    When I play EL on my notebook (although it's not just a rubbish little thing), I find that my characters will keep stopping while they walk somewhere and gameplay keeps suffering delays, if this normal for on a notebook? I used to play on my PC but I had to downgrade my graphics card when the other one blew up and haven't got a newer one yet so can only play EL on my laptop/notebook/portable computer. I don't think I use my notebook enough as it hasn't overheated in the year I've had it.
  8. EL Urban Legends

    I was told once that wearing moon/star/sun meds while harvesting increases your chances of finding rare stones. And I also heard that people find more rare stones in a certain ore cave but more picks are lost there too. And is it Urban Legend that there's another route to c2 besides continental teleport, c2 rings and the ferry?
  9. daily quests

    I'm really enjoying the A/D and Harv Daily Quests although the A/D one can take a while if others are also doing the same quest. Only way is to just leave it til a bit later in the day and see if the spawns are less busy then. Went to do the Rats quest the first time and there was noone else there, pure luck! Yet to see if there's any other dailys because I've been doing some of the newer quests. Thanks to everyone who has been involved in making these quests etc.
  10. lenmark2 is a BagJumper

    Lenmark sounds like lexmark. Which is backwards for Kramxel, maybe just coincidence?
  11. first game you ever played?

    I can't remember the very first game I played. Loads on the Commodore 64 and Vic 20. My first PC game must've been Kings Quest 3 which I found scary at age 8 and also very difficult too. I had a few of the sequels as birthday presents because the gameplay and storytelling was so brilliant. I also played Leisuresuit Larry in the Land of Lounge Lizards before I was old enough to understand the main theme of the game! I have played so many games and have so many fond memories, I loved Monkey Island 2! BTW off topic, anyone who knows me in EL, I do still play but not as often.
  12. Server Crash?

    Yes I'm having trouble connecting too and I'm in SE England. Was looking forward to playing for about another hour, oh well. Thank goodness for other free online games (although nowhere near as good as EL). See you all when it's fixed. Lu
  13. The Golem has escaped!

    Was Golem a player or a monster?
  14. The masters disease!

    Cockatrice flu?
  15. Quote of the week submissions

    I'm sure people create chars with names like that on purpose since the PKs started being announced.