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  1. Cant get logged into game

    I haven't played the game in a few years and my brother hasn't played in ages either but he stated back up a while ago with his character the he left it a few years ago. So I though I should log in to see what my character is like. I couldn't remember my password so I came on here to reset it and so I did. After resetting I went back to the game and wouldn't you know it I couldn't get signed in. I think I can assume my character hasn't been deleted as my brothers character was still there even though he stopped playing before me. I am just wondering if anyone can help. Or do I just need to wait a day or so to be able to sign into the game? Any help much appreciated.
  2. City building

    i like these ideas & i like te second 1
  3. banned

    i played el about 4 months ago & when i tried 2 play it said my ip was banned can u plz unban me
  4. Connection Problems

    i can not get EL loading wat is wrong any 1 know
  5. Selling some things

    that is alot of stuf u sure have ben busy
  6. Redownloading game [SOLVED]

    thanks man
  7. Redownloading game [SOLVED]

    how do u down load new update & get rid of old 1 plz help me