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  1. New "hats"

    Very Cool Roja , the hats are Great!!
  2. Vista

    Slack Rules
  3. Cave of the deads

    No run away hehehe sounds very good.
  4. very nice

    Cool Edition \o/
  5. EL just not opening. [SOLVED]

    Used fsck with --rebuild-tree and changed the corrupted files (only those are corrupted in my os) by files from de client pack. EL is running "but " this still in error_log.txt [07:49:33] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_idle1.caf: Invalid file format Last message repeated 11 times [07:49:36] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [07:49:36] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates133/files.lst from www.eternal -lands.com [07:49:36] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" /home/renato/.elc/error
  6. EL just not opening. [SOLVED]

    EL is closing in linux , this is what i see running from console /usr/local/games/el$ ./el-133.x86.linux.static *** glibc detected *** double free or corruption (!prev): 0x0d12f8c8 *** Abortado My error_log.txt [07:01:06] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_pain.caf: File not found [07:01:06] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_idle1.caf: Invalid file format [07:01:06] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_punch1.caf: File not found [07:01:06] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_punch2.caf: File not found [07:01:06] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_kick1.caf: File not found [07:01:06] Cal3d error: ./animations/player_kick2.caf: File not found [07:01:09] Error: Can't open file "quest.log" [07:01:09] Downloading http://www.eternal-lands.com/updates133/files.lst from www.eternal-lands.com [07:01:09] Error: Can't open file "commands.lst" Checking the files i see the player animations are corrupted now with zero size but is a pain to remove now... i will try change the files and try conect later Is possible the client tried update things and corrupted files yesterday?I dont know what kind of files he try get from server...
  7. A fan art gallery

    This is a great idea Roja!
  8. Its a good point its really okay for me. The variation of atributes in new swords is really good, new gloves can make the same efect in low levels.
  9. Bank Number

    Well, thinking about: 1. If wou have a easy password your storage password should be not dificult too i supose. 2.If you give your pass to anyone , i think you will give your storage pass too... a char without storage is not useable. 3.If you trust in wrong people, is not programers fault. You share your credit card number?? 4. Anyway, scammers need burn in hell.
  10. What is the highest creature you can kill?

    At the moment only cycs with armor but not without restore, 2 cycs together and i will respawn in hell every time.
  11. Crown of Might

    But their effects on the game is not similar. COL made pking possible after cooldown, COM make summoning a lot more pleasant. What Crown of Might would do? Overflood the market with harvestable items? I agree with Lorck too, is a good thing because the magic itens are usefuls only to pk but. In other side if have GIANT emu market will flood... So a item what give no much capacity its work like a "transport pack" should be usefull.. Not a high end stat not a high end price. 150 or 200 emu not more...
  12. Use-click Equipment

    The two ways are good, double click and shortcuts. No one "use" a armor or weapon so double click to equip or unequip is very handy
  13. branch of distruction

    Was there trully a need for new armors and weapons? The game was also working without them Well people make it expensive when buying tons of rostogol stones. And because people always use a rosto you never get a reward, so 1 thing: Remove the rostos or change their usage. Pk isn't dead because of bods Yes i agree , with tons of rosto in game there is no drop to pkers anyway... Changing the rostogol stones to only work outside from pk maps, pk maps will have bags again... Or of course remove the stones...
  14. Hell freezes over day.

    Nice Ideas! But in Hellspawn Day i will harv thousands of lilacs at votd lol
  15. branch of distruction

    Branch of Destruction... if is destruction not to make stun, is to destroy, is what i think... And yes make change to cheaper armor is strategy too , peoples use BP cloack because your effect against armor. About stun , is just to make a new weapon whit this effect, can be a mace or hammer by example. About change a/d and acuracy from branch is one thing but a branch of destruction "not destructive" make no sense.