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  1. Skills and Market enhancements at game

    I agree with you, for instance...I make PK arrows but they are cheaper to buy from an NPC than it is to make and they consume a lot of food. Some armor I can make, are cheaper sold by NPC than the ingredients needed to make them.
  2. Red Dragon in KF

    \o/ gratz! thats so cool
  3. Alternative PKing system

    Sign me up for it
  4. Search for the Pirate Booty

    so wasn't my artwork lovely? LOL
  5. Search for the Pirate Booty

    congrats guys
  6. Search for the Pirate Booty

    harrr mateys! good luck finding the booty! LOL
  7. Search for the Pirate Booty

    its actually 3 ti longs in the pirate booty *giggles* harr mateys!
  8. What is your opinion about multiplaying?

    i voted no because i see a way for people to cause a lot of troublemaking and it amounts to cheating in my opinion.
  9. Encyclopedia Errata

    http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...mp;#entry359524 there is apparently no hammer needed for a steel long of ice
  10. steel long of ice

    ok well i guess my issues is with the encyclopedia then sorry for throwing off your groove
  11. steel long of ice

    I dont know if this is where i report it...but i made a steel long of ice without a hammer. pretty sure im not supposed to be able to do that.
  12. *does a happy dance*

    ok auction ended *edit* Nitager the ninja won
  13. *does a happy dance*

    Orc Slayer of Mana Nullification up for auction made by yours truely....here are the details: auction starts now auction lasts approx. 48 hours auction ends Friday, 4th of May at 16.00 GMT bids starting at 300k gold coins increments of minimum 10k gc I will accept gc or the equivalent the following items... steel bars @ 43gc iron bars @ 30gc FE's @ 3.5gc Iron ore @ 3gc NMT cape @ 180kgc arti cape @ 400kgc EFE's @ 4kgc wolf bars @ 7.5k hydro bars @ 9.5k binding stones @ 6.5k added Will also take a thermal serp as partial payment @ 275k I dont accept RL money
  14. Kenn

    jumped RallosZek's bag in bethel, and i hear he has been stalking people on chims to jump the drops. also would not respond to pm's about this.