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  1. Sorry

    Curor, sure next may have gotten off easier then others. But he IS an important part of EL's history... And most of us get a little subjective when it come to oldbie issues Blitzo
  2. Im Sorry

    You were unbanned a few mins before u posted this... Blitzo
  3. Sorry

    *rubs next's belly* Good boy! Now get your lvls back up so u can get back to work! Anyways... good to have ya back. Blitzo
  4. Anyone Getting Hints?

    Yea... 9+ months over here, clean record, played nearly always . So proud of that, I gotta remember to tell em that when I'm applying for a job... Blitzo
  5. Little_fluffy

    Why not use broadcasting so all of us can see your gossiping... Blitzo
  6. What Happened?

    Read these: Server Rebooted Next Banned Temporarily (He attacked the server..) Blitzo
  7. Too Many Bots?

    I'm not bothered by the fact that I can't make one and others can (though I might be able to myself, seeing u can download the code anywho). I'm bothered by the fact the bot population in EL could very much skyrocket in the following weeks/months. Unless these bots have new ways to contribute to the game, I don't really like em. The number of storebots right now is close to perfect (IMO), and I would like to keep it that way. Blitzo
  8. Too Many Bots?

    Well, he's a special case perhaps, but in my eyes a storebot nonetheless. But, anyways, everyone's opinion on that can be different, so the forums aren't the place to be discussing it... Will just clutter it up with out conversation . Blitzo
  9. Too Many Bots?

    Charon IS a storebot... in an unusual spot perhaps, but a storebot nonetheless. But he's an example of a GOOD storebot in my eyes. At a useful, sensible position. But, IMO, no offence to the owner... Banquo is like 50 feet from nera's position. Of course, the owner has every right to, but I believe this will happen more and more in due time... I might be wrong, sure, but... For non-storebot issues I agree with ly, and therefore with simma too. Blitzo
  10. Too Many Bots?

    I agree, it's not a lot now, but there are... like what... 7-8 of them right now... in a matter of days. It's not hard to predict what will (well... might) happen soon. Sure, some of them are helpful. Quintus/nera/linux/charon or something are okay. But a bot at a few key positions in the game is different from a bot at every corner... Blitzo
  11. Too Many Bots?

    IMO the number of tradebots should be cut. It may not be annoying now, but see how many bots appeared in the last... what month? At this rate there will be at least 50 of the buggers in the game soon. This IS quite useless to buyers, since they all more or less sell the same things, and buy at same prices. And it will lessen REAL player-to-player sales too. I believe there should be something you have to do, such as a rl payment... Or maybe even put a limit of the bots in-game, I dunno. Well, just me 2 eurocents anywho... Blitzo
  12. Next Banned Temporarily

    NeXt... u know we luv u, but you're gonna need a LOT of buttkissing and what's not to get outta this one... This is intense smeg... Hope to see ya again. Blitzo
  13. Problems With Enriched Essences

    Yes... Though this system may suck for those unlucky ones (like me, made 43,5k (no typo) fire ess and not ONE enriched), but at least it keeps them as rare as they should be. Blitzo
  14. Should I Become NH? No.2 :P

    Lol thx u guys . Btw I didn't actually explain the object of this poll so I'll do it now... Plenty would know that I would very much like to become one, and seeing that NH's are around to help the people, by keeping the community clean, and...y'know... I thought I'd ask the people what THEY want... If they hate me, I might as well stop trying. If they love me, I can use this as a bit of... leaverage... perhaps . Well anyway, thx again and voters... please drop a message, it's good for my self-esteem . Blitzo
  15. Should I Become NH? No.2 :P

    Lol I'm sorry, but I guess I'll just do what lyanna did . Sorry ly... I'm not gonna state my pros and cons, because I believe the only ppl that can vote here are those that have seen my pros and/or cons for themselves... Just vote away, and thank you for your time. And please don't hold my un-originality against me (even though my objective is somewhat different from ly's) Blitzo