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  1. =HC= high class LIARS

    Just to clear up. =HC= is very clear in what they do. They attack you and take your stuff whenever they can. This means that if you are in a PK area and you see an =HC= member that you cannot beat in PK, leave. If you are not in a PK area, you cannot be attacked, simple. Also, NEVER trust them in a PK area, or with a death bag. I have learned this from experience. I do not believe that the guild as a whole has any honor, although some individual members do, but they are very clear what they are about. If you participate with them, they will try and kill you and take your stuff, end of story. I do respect that they are public and clear about this. RJ
  2. Air Essence Frenzie!

    Ill take 2k. RJ
  3. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    My opinions: Pots; I have always trained on spawns by making mana pots. I have pot lvl 28 (i think) and vegetal 0. Personally, I like the change, but i also believe it will kill the sr/br industry. Especially since 2 mana pots cool down faster than 1 sr. Spells: Harm - I like the concept of doing more damage with a harm spell. Basically, 10 damage is nothing to a person with 300 mp, which most pkers have, approximately, with COL. This rewards higher level magic folks, and makes magic a viable method for character creation, rather than just a means of healing. Mana Drain - See harm, same basic comment, i like it. Remote Heal - I do not like this one. It is too many essences for a newbie to get to raise magic levels. This makes the healer at the fire, for example, very difficult. If i understand correctly, the cost of a remote heal went from about 16gc to 48 gc. I suggest that a new spell, say remote restore, at say magic level 29, is implimented. This spell starts healing say 20 mp, then adds a bonus per level. It uses larger numbers of essences, while remote heal stays as it was. Magic Immunity - I have a tough time with this spell. It basically negates the ability to use magic in combat, and thus develop a character as a wizard type. I have a few options that could help here, with any or all to be considered/modified: 1. Matter Immunity - same as magic immunity, but it stops any damage during a fight. This allows a wizard to have equalish footing with a fighter. 2. Remove Magic Immunity - a spell that dispells magic immunity, allowing the wizard character to attack. 3. Allow some damage/drain through magic immunity based on respective magic levels. Vials I would have to say that this is going to severly damage the potting profession because Harvey just is not a valid way to get vials. Increased Costs This just does not help, in fact, FPs should go down to 5 gc, imho. There are 2 real sources of revenue in the game at this point, harvesting and alchemy. Other professions need ways to make revenue. Increase NPC purchase prices, NPCs buy all manufactured goods at ~-1-3% of the ingrident cost, monsters drop more gold. A cyclops should be dropping 5 to 100 gc because it can kick an armed orcs butt and take all its gold, then a fluff should be at 20 to 150, same principle. This will stop the massive deflation and allow players to buy more player manufactured goods. RJ
  4. New Rosto Usage

    The reason I suggested not loosing the rosto all the time is to compensate for its loss of power, effecitively making it cheaper. As far as exact rates, open discussion! RJ
  5. This is an idea on how to change Rosto's that might help the p/k risk vs. reward improve so that it is worth trying to take out top folks by weaker folks. 1. Only the top 2 slots in the 'Equip Window' cannot be dropped when you are killed. (So you can save two items, say your thermal serp and crown of life.) 2. All other equip slots have say a 15% drop rate. 3. All of the 36 carry slots have a 30% drop rate. 4. Each time you die, you have say a 25% chance of loosing the rosto. It may also be appropriate to slightly increase the rate of rosto finds in the lands. This allows the REALLY expensive stuff to be protected, but also for rewards when a lower level player(s) take the risk of pking higher level players. What do you think? RJ
  6. Dealing with Symantec

    I already dumped them for this issue, and a few others. They don't work very well with Thunderbird either. RJ
  7. Buying AEs

    I am interested in buying up to 6k AEs for 6gc each. Post here, or PM me in game please. RJ
  8. Fixing some of the economy

    Entropy: Im not sure how much of this you will get to read with the flood of ideas, but here is an econmics persepctive fom an engineer; 1. The market is driven by supply and demand. 2. The market is saturated for almost every item. 3. Leveling is driven by the production of items, the more items, the more XPs, the more levels. 4. Player interaction sparked by the market is a good thing. I suggest the following fixes: 1. Increase manu/craft times: a -> leather boots, 10 mins b -> iron broad, 1 hour c -> steel chain 2.5 hours etc. 2. Increase manu/craft xps: a -> leather boots, 350 XPs b -> iron broad, 2500 XPs c -> steel chain, 8000 XPs 3. When an item is started, the player can do other things, including fighting, etc, but the manutime only accumulates when there is food and the player is logged on. This also gets rid of large food gulp at the start of a manu/crafting run. 4. As a player levels, more manu/craft slots become available, say one slot per 15 levels. This makes sense if you think of the character as representing a group/business/knight. When the character is low level, the character has no apprentices/journymen, as the character rises, more helpers are brought in. I don't know if the balance is correct between manu time/xps, but with some patient tweaking, it will definately help reduce the number of items on the market, bringing their values up. Once the proper balances are found, the market prices will steady at a workable value. I do not think that Alchemy items need price adjustments at this time. One thing to realize is the following: In real life, the people who make money are the people who turn raw materials into usable products. This includes the mining, smelting, and manufacturing process. In EL the folks making the money right now are the harvesters, and to a lesser extent the alchemists. Thanks for focusing on this issue, it will definately increase the playability of an already great game. RJ
  9. Buying books

    I have dwarf and elf, 1.5 kgc each, ill be on around 8pm PDT RJ
  10. Stats Window is Hidden [solved]

    Got it, thx!
  11. Stats Window is Hidden [solved]

    My stats window (when i press the bag icon) is mostly slid off to the side of my EL window. I can see the edge, but when I grab the edge of the window I cannot move it. This means the window is stuck in an non-viewable position. I know i did not put the window in this position, either. Is there a way to fix this? Thx RJ
  12. I do not think I am alone in feeling that the palyer market is broken in EL. The big questinos are why do we care, and what can we do about it. Why do we care? No single player can become fully capable in EL, bulding and using everything he needs without sacraficing abilities. This means that all players specialize to some degree. This specialization is a good thing because it provides players a reason to interact, making the game more enjoyable. There are a few basic reliable ways to make gold coins in EL; harvest something like titainium or diamonds and sell them to the appropriate NPC, make fire essences and sell them at the magic shop, get monster drops and sell them to players or NPCS, or make/harvest items and try and sell them to players. In this model, the EL market enables player interactions throughout EL, wihcih is one of the best parts of EL. However, because the market prices are so low, the more and more realistic method for making gold coins is to make FEs or harvest. The other outcome is that players form into small groups that can make everthing they need and never interact outside of them. Both of these outcomes result in less player interaction, reducing the quality of the EL experience. Why is this happening? One of the biggest reasons the market is broken is because it requires the construction of many items to level and the production cost of these items is very high. This results in large supplies for a small demand. Players need to recoup the cost to level further, so they sell bellow cost. This stops many players from participating the manufacturing and crafting skills as is evidenced by a level 30 manu person being in the top 200 list and a level ~27 crafter being in the top 200 list. Looking at production costs, there are many problems. A portland tele ring costs about 120 gc to make, but you can buy it from the magic shop for that price. A leather torso has 3 iron bars in it that you can sell to an NPC for 75gc, plus it also has leather, but you can only sell it on the market channel for about 80 gc. Additional problems include monster drops that have no cost, so players have no incentive to stay within production costs. And there are lots of monster drops. What to do I can think of 2 basic ways to fix this problem. First put a floor and maybe a ceiling on every item in the game (increase demand.) Or second, drastically increase the XPs to manufacture items (decrease supply.) A good example of the first case is a leather helmet. A leather helmet costs 19.375 gc per helmet to make. You can sell it to Trik for 20 gc, and on the open market for ~25 gc. This makes a decent profit for the effort at high levels, and break even or slight losses at low levels when failures are factored in. Therefore, if every item could be sold somewhere to an NPC for 1 to 3% above or below manufacturing costs, I believe the market would adjust to reasonable profits because the supply would be removed. Another option is to limit the supply. The biggest reason for the over supply is the need to get lots of XPs to get to higher levels to make better stuff. Look at steel chainmail. This item gives 150 xps for succesfully manufacturing it, but when you reached the suggested manu level (30), you need ~40k XPS to reach the next level. With the manu god and rationality bonus, that means you need to successfully make ~200 steel chains. How about if you only had to successfully make 20 steel chains, but it took an hour for 1 to be made? Think of medevil armors, they probably made 100 steel chains in an entire career! I don't know that I have the best solutions proposed here, but I do know that a fix is needed. The market one primary social outlet in game, and right now it seems to me that it is drying up. RJ
  13. RedJake Supplies

    Updated Prices!
  14. RedJake Supplies

    I am selling the following items in game: Steel Chain 775 gc Steel Shield 410 gc Iron Helm 215 gc Leather Boots 70 gc Leather Pants 55 gc Leather Helmet 25 gc Leather Gloves 30 gc Human Fighting 1.75k gc Dwarf Fighting 1.75k gc Elf Fighting 1.75k gc Moon Medallion Building 1k gc PM Me in game for bulk prices (bulk is greater than 10 leather items or greater than 5 metal items.) Otherwise, post orders here, or pm me in game. RJ
  15. F2 Not Working [SOLVED]

    I have tried to change my F2 from internet exploder to firefox. However, when i changed it, it does not come up. I have put the following in the dialouge box: "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" both with and without quotes. I am running windows xp. I get a dos window to come up with an error when i press f2, but it is so fast that i cannot read it. Any help would be appreciated. Thx RJ