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  1. PVP PK Ethics

    the point of this thread is for those who are honorable to come to a consensus on what is honorable - not intended to stop the evil dishonorable to stop being that way, that would take the fun out of it. this thread is just to draw lines between honor and dishonor. it will let the honorable agree for less in-fighting between them, to make the maps "safer" for other honorable players, while letting the dishonorable types keep being that way. populating the maps w/ more ppl for the dishonorable to plunder because of the safe feeling because the honorable will be free to go after the dishonorable and not wasting time arguing/fighting w/ the other honorables i can't spell it out any plainer than that the alternative is game mechanics that would hinder pvp combat as a whole which there are plenty of threads of suggestions/cries for. this would be a social solution leaving the game open for the bad guys to b bad guys.
  2. QUESTION: why r u playing a game if it's NOT to "consume time"? i'm sure if u'r worried about consuming time there are MANY more productive things u could b doing instead
  3. The War On Terrorism

    i doubt u would say that if an act of terrorism affected u personally. like maybe if some1 in u'r family was in the twin towers as they fell, or any other act of terrorism of the like. i think u'd like to keep it so that doesn't happen to u. THAT is what makes it all necessary. i'm glad it's being done personally, i'd MUCH rather it kept over there then brought to MY doorstep!!! i think every1 should think about that a min. if these ppl AREN'T put in check they will only get worse. Clinton let them pull their crap w/ only slaps on the wrist (metaphorically speaking) and look what happened as a result.
  4. PVP PK Ethics

    well that's just suggesting that PKing is still picking on newbs . and most of them don't know to have such things yet (for whatever reason.) and if u want a true test take some1 closer to u'r lvl that can still do all those things, PLUS possibly knock u on u'r ass instead to boot. picking on those weaker isn't strategy - it's cowardice. strategy is using those things, plus other suprises to win a fight ( like starting a fight then in the middle of it, equipping a CoL or thermal serp or something when they expected a much easier fight., dissing then harming, etc.) um, i think your putting words in my mouth, i said nothing about picking on nubs, and nothing about avoiding fights with pple near my lvl, maybe if u have a point to prove you should use relevant quotes that's the way i understood it. if u mean that w/ ppl u'r lvl then the way i see it it's honorable. i personally wouldn't have a prob w/ that. don't think ne1 else truely honorable would either. might irritate me if i was about ur lvl and i lost to u, but i wouldn't really bitch about it...lol that now makes me fail to see what u'r origional point was. if it wasn't in any contradiction, then what? when i hijacked this thread. it was for ppl to debate and decide what was and wasn't honorable . so honorable guilds that wanted to go against the dishonorable ppl could because ppl would agree on what was honorable and what wasn't. this would b especially helpful to my guild because we're trying to get to where we need to b 1 of those guilds that will go after the dishonorable types when we can (still a fair ways off though i must admit, especially since i havent had the oppty to play much l8ly)
  5. PVP PK Ethics

    well that's just suggesting that PKing is still picking on newbs . and most of them don't know to have such things yet (for whatever reason.) and if u want a true test take some1 closer to u'r lvl that can still do all those things, PLUS possibly knock u on u'r ass instead to boot. picking on those weaker isn't strategy - it's cowardice. strategy is using those things, plus other suprises to win a fight ( like starting a fight then in the middle of it, equipping a CoL or thermal serp or something when they expected a much easier fight., dissing then harming, etc.) well there are alot of guilds that spend a fair amount of time on PK maps that claim to b honorable (L&O (just the name implies it), LLL , and 1 guild i forget which 1 i refused an alliance to because we couldn't agree what was honorable - just to name a few. as well as the guild i created.) and this would stop those kinds of disagreements and a bit of the infighting by the guilds that consider themselves honorable leaving them more free to go after the truely bad guys. There's one problem with that - it's not the honorable ones you need to comment - it's the pvp-attackers and noob slaughterers you need to say there is a problem - but for them, the only problem is that the kills aren't coming to the slaughter. Short of a change of game mechanics, the only thing that will change anything is to get the PK class as a whole to agree to a change. Until it is changed and balanced PROPERLY, it's only going to be a game of numbers, really. like i said above, if all the honorable guilds can agree what is and isn't honorable it will give more room for the newbs to come on the maps more because they'll at least FEEL safer (though they actually won't b,) because it won't stop the bad guys from being bad guys but it will stop the good guys from fighting w/ other good guys when they could b going after the real bad guys. the whole point of this is a social solution instead of a programmed 1 - that way the bad guys can still b bad guys and the good guys can agree on who's what.
  6. i'm even replying to the old posts in this thread because now that it's brought up again i'm finally getting the chance to read it - i like the idea and am voting yes after this post. but i wasnt about to spend a solid quarter catching up on all the posts in all the forums...lol well it's no more gross than all the raw meat needing to b picked from ppl's teeth from all the PoFs ppl quaff...lol well even if it's not made a skill maybe things could b changed to where most fur items need to b tanned and brought to her first and paying her for her service (like another game i refuse to mention i know but still an idea) so? just shows that it's still a good idea and something worth thinking about implimenting at least.
  7. PVP PK Ethics

    oh well i tried to make it a community thing to help stop the requests for lvl restrictions on PvP. and have only gotten these posts that are anything but constructive. hopefully those who consider themselves honorable will think about this a bit and actually post something CONSTRUCTIVE eventually. hopefully b4 the demand for lvl restrictions is so great that it becomes a good idea to impliment. afterwards it will b too late.
  8. Should there be a Player Ranking for GC?

    i guess this means for those of us that like our privacy, the black market will just get bigger <shrug>
  9. The hydrogenium

    Don't forget the money tree. or the "Play For Me" button...lol
  10. The hydrogenium

    pry more than awhile - that was hilarious
  11. Helmet of Life/Mana

    i thought it stood to reason that that was part of the crowns feature, that u were giving up the defense of the helm and high breakability in EXCHANGE for all that extra mana or health. the magic or health bonus in exchange for the defense and extra fragility is more than a bargain imo. if this was added what would b next? industructable armor that made u completely invulnerable to ANY attack?
  12. Flowers, anyone?

    given some of his latest posts that i've seen - he just might...
  13. PVP PK Ethics

    because it will set a principle and makd for better politics between the honorable guilds. 1ce things r agreed to doesn't mean every1 will follow - just look at RL international politics...lol countries break THOSE rules all the time too. doesn't mean they don't help though. oh and a fun fact: since this thread was started i have read yet another call for lvl restricted combat
  14. The hydrogenium

    unless it's comming w/ a completely new map on C2 there's only PK area i know of that fits the description of where it will b. unless there are other PK maps w/ heat dammage that i haven't found yet. will b interesting for PKers too because plate would do them more harm than good there.
  15. PVP PK Ethics

    well when i took over this thread, it was aimed at players that DO see them, more speciffically the guilds that claim to b honorable. that way they could all discuss and come to a consensus on what is honorable and what isn't. when all of them agree on such things it will b easier for everybody to know who's who.
  16. Flowers, anyone?

    just need a high pot lvl so you dont loose comps and fight things that drop potions which is nearly everything (even sprites drop minor healing pots) Edit: this topic has kinda left the flower subject eh actually under the current system. vials and PoFs are able to b gotten for almost nothing. except I was referring to the idea of making everyone antisocial. if every1 was antisocial, then that'd b an easy fix, just make glass-blowing part of the crafting skill...lol might make vials worth something again then too if harvey and mira stopped selling...lol though at this point i think the best thing for the economy would b to close down most NPCs and make everything manuable somehow. w/ the only money comming into the game being from monster drops and exiting thorugh books or passage to C2 it could make fighting a decent profession...lol (replacing ALL manuable drops w/ a fair bit more GC naturally) plus ppl would start thinking about what books they got. but again this is way off subject . but i believe even ent forgot about the other thread w/ these suggestions. maybe if enough ppl repeat them enough times, he'll either start to think about them or discuss his aversion to them.
  17. Flowers, anyone?

    just need a high pot lvl so you dont loose comps and fight things that drop potions which is nearly everything (even sprites drop minor healing pots) Edit: this topic has kinda left the flower subject eh actually under the current system. vials and PoFs are able to b gotten for almost nothing. here's how: 1.) use some money (doesnt matter how much) to get some vials2.) buy or get some bones or bones powders (easy to get) 3.) make Potions of Reason (1 nexus and no knowledge required) 4.) sell to mira for 15gc ea. and buy PoFs for 11gc ea. 5.) use extra money to buy even more PoFs (that u will use getting u vials.) or buy mana pots to get u even more vials. that right there is more proof that even besides harvesting flowers for money, how screwed up the economy is. it shouldn't b this easy. i went antisocial and am still able to get by in terms of money and i don't even harvest often it's easier to ask for things i need in trade. btw w/ this new gc ranking system looking like it's gonna make it in, and me liking my privacy - u can look for me in the game as the official EL black market - ill only spend GC i get in drops and won't sell nething for GC that way i can for the most part stay at the bottom of the charts, but still continue to make my way...lol ok now back to flowers...lol harving for flowers by high lvl players shows how far this game is from being completed. i just wish ent would listen to our suggestions and concerns on this or if he is and has would at least acknowledge us so we know when/if things r going to b fixed.
  18. PVP PK Ethics

    the whole point of this thread is to create something that the "lawful" and honorable guilds to agree on what is honorable and lawful umm maybe u should try reading this blog entry again http://eternal-lands.blogspot.com/2006/05/...in-el-soon.html i "heard"well b4 this announcement that this was in the works. and that gives this thread more relevance now. ----- and fy1 ALOT of other games have negative consequences for picking on ppl too weak. from experiences concequences to flat out lvl restrictions. and ive seen calls for this in the dev suggestion forums. making it a community thing is a better option imo, but u can wait for enough complaints that something like that gets added <shrug> it's u'r choice. at least as a community issue they could still get broken - as coded lvl restrictions they can't. as far as ppl only following game rules and guild rules - that's not completely true. the "rules" concerning DBs aren't game rules, and more than just ppl in guilds follow them 1ce they know about them. it's the same principle. plus it gives the option for ppl that choose to to break those rules because they won't b enforced by mods because they won't b game rules, just what the majority of the community decides.
  19. PVP PK Ethics

    that was atlantis that tried to tell me to shut up and that part was to him. now can we get back on topic please? if u don't want to contribute that's fine, but y try to interupt the thread for those that do? if u don't think it's possible or whatever, then ignore it, if u'r right it will just eventually disappear from conversation.
  20. Poll: What IRC channel(s) should we use?

    i voted for sorcerynet simply because when i went through the others that was the server in the channel #el that was the most populated. i put some other suggestion only because imo it really doesn't matter. i made an alias on mirc. plus i used to show ppl how to get mirc, set it up and do the basic stuff like make aliases and the like so i would b happy to continue to do it for ne1 that wants. so it could b either #el, #eternal-lands, #Eternal_Lands, or whatever. aliases r easy to make and it opens the door to ne1 wanting to learn to do more w/ mirc.
  21. PVP PK Ethics

    i never said that i was better at pk, i've not paid much attention if i did see u because i was dealing w/ my own concerns. i said that u were wrong in u'r assumptions about ME. u need to research me b4 u can tell me about me there's a chance i confused some of that w/ training, on the maps i have been in and stuck around in. i can't say i've paid total attention. usually dealing w/ my own concerns. btw this isn't true either, i have killed plenty of people that are 20-30 a/d higher than me, and there are other people who kill other people stronger than them too, it is not all worthless fights so stfu ok there are few actual fight's i've witnessed like that, maybe they were happening when i was comming back from the underworld laughing at 1 of the worthless 1's. i can't say i've seen every1 fight and i know that my experience isn't and btw if u think u can shut me up - u'r free to try netime. u could pry PK me in the game when u see me but that would pry make me even louder, it sure as hell wouldn't shut me up. we'd have to play a REAL game for that. Zaer is only a top 30 a/d player i am sure he dosent know a f* about pk I am glad u know so much about it and will for sure teach some lessons when u see him in a pk map Btw i spend almost all my EL time in KF training and ive never see u around DemonCowboy, maybe u want to share with us your in game name? like i said earlier, my comment was about him telling me what i know, when he doesn't was my point there. as far as my ingame name, it's the same. i'm recovering from a reset to actually b able to play in KF untill then i'm found in other places. u'll see me in there eventually. when i can get back to playing enough to actually get back to training. ------------------ now if the personal attacks are over, can we get back to something constructive? i want to b able to agree w/ some of the more honorable guilds, on what should b "outlawed"and what shouldn't that way every1 comes to a compromise and can all b on the same page.
  22. PVP PK Ethics

    lol maybe u should get YOUR facts straight b4 posting instead. just because YOU haven't seen me on PK maps doesn't mean i'm not there first off. secondly this is FAR from my first mmorpg i've even played quite a few PAID 1's and also even text based, having experienced PK in those too. and my guild *will do* the same things that guilds i have owned or been in have done in the other games, uphold the honor of PvP. correction: from most of what i seen, there are few actual fights exept for ppl I would consider worthless picking on those weaker than them. (ie tricking newbs into maps, or attacking trainers) most of the "friendly fights" i have seen going on are just training. (myself included sometimes) so as u see i know a fair bit more than u think. maybe YOU should b the 1 doing research b4 posting.
  23. PVP PK Ethics

    first off, ty for being the first to contribute in a constructive manner. i'll admit that i personally, also disagree w/ many of these. i put my thoughts point by point in code blocks to b clear(er) lol. my thoughts are: (just suggestions btw) 1.)w/ privacy options Health is the only measurable status flawlessly so maybe only attack those w/ no less than 3/4 of u'r own max health 1on1 (and some other number for multi-combat? - or no limits in a general melee situation - there u'r just trying not to click on allies...lol) well that's all i can put understandably right now. when i have more time i can compile another full list of ideas. but u can see what my guild goes by here: http://coh.pretty-lies.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=3 ok u'r vote is to fix nothing and wonder y the PK maps r getting less and less populated, gotcha.
  24. A mIRC Channel

    preach it aislinn...lol i haven't even bothere'd firing up my mirc. butg i'm half tempted to because the mIRC mp3 player uses .ess memory than winblows media player. so if ppl can't agree i'm the jackass that will join them all and let my player that i built spam ALL the servers untill a concensus is made (btw banning my IP would b useless seeing as i'm an old IRC addict and i'd have a new IP in a matter of minutes....lol)
  25. PVP PK Ethics

    actually, it's quite possible if enough ppl decided to get in on it. plus ppl could police it. i'll explain better when i'm solber. but the whole is to get the MAJORITY of ppl to agree ( like DBs and other things) it would just b the commuhnity agreeing on set policies. that way guilds could co-operate and the like. as far as cooldown, we have t work w/ what w/ what we have. and something like this would re-populate the maps plus refine the outlaw and apology threads...the alternative is what ppl are already doing, begging the devs for lvl restrictions on PK maps. and if ppl don't start to try i'll become a 100?% advocate of that if ppl r either too stupid, or lazy to work something out with themselves.