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  1. Natras BJ'er

    That idiot did the same to me today... edit: noticed he was banned previously... why do these idiots get second chances...? shouldn´t constant bagjumping and being a idiot be a reason to get banned? I think its harrassing.. (anyways, this is the only game i ever played where there isnt a system preventing this from happening... i only get stolen in EL... if ppl can take ur bags, why the hell cant we at least pk them on the spot... ?) [18:46:53] [PM from BlueButterfly: nastras is BJ your bag] [18:46:53] You are too far away! Get closer! [18:47:09] You entered the cellar under the inn [18:47:11] [PM to BlueButterfly: thx] [18:47:21] No player is in the game with the name of nastras [18:47:28] Holy cow!!! You found the secret passage for the ancient underground tunnels! [18:47:36] [PM to BlueButterfly: logged out?] [18:47:41] [PM to BlueButterfly: nastras u say?] [18:47:52] [PM from BlueButterfly: yes he is here on your bag] [18:48:01] [PM from BlueButterfly: he is a known BJer] [18:48:05] Bahamut_Zero: natras that is my bag [18:48:13] NatraS: i give you 1 chance [18:48:16] NatraS: guess: Yes/no [18:48:21] Bahamut_Zero: what? [18:48:28] BlueButterfly: why you do that!!! [18:48:37] Bahamut_Zero: another 12 year old it seems [18:48:58] Bahamut_Zero: are u gonna get up or not? [18:49:07] NatraS: no [18:49:20] Master_Grue just hit a teleport nexus, and departed us. [18:49:24] Bahamut_Zero: let me just go to forum another idiot to the outlaw section [18:49:29] A cavern wall collapsed on SHAWNM, and hit for 28 points. If there is no cavern wall nearby, can you imagine how unlucky this person was?! [18:49:41] NatraS: it will be my 3rd or 4th topic [18:49:43] YYZ's Pickaxe just broke... So sad.. [18:49:45] BlueButterfly: he is there already [18:50:02] While harvesting, BlueButterfly upset a radon pouch, and was hit for 15 points of radiation damage. [18:50:03] Mother Nature decided to destroy BlueButterfly's Harvester Medallion. Don't you love Mother Nature? [18:50:03] troius was blessed by the Queen of Nature with 4092 worth of harvesting exp. [18:50:23] While harvesting, SHAWNM upset a radon pouch, and was hit for 30 points of radiation damage. [18:50:26] Bahamut_Zero: lol why dont these idiots look at themselves on the mirror and ask themselves why r they so stupid? [18:50:29] BlueButterfly: [18:50:41] troius found a bag of gold, getting 150 gold coins [18:50:41] A cavern wall collapsed on SHAWNM, and hit for 30 points. If there is no cavern wall nearby, can you imagine how unlucky this person was?! [18:50:53] Bahamut_Zero: dont u think for urself? like "im a idiot" a useless piece of garbage [18:50:54] Marb: stop digging too deep into those walls! [18:51:01] Bahamut_Zero: oh wait idiots dont think [18:51:11] Bahamut_Zero: thats the cause of the problem [18:51:21] Marb: no Bahamut_Zero you're an object :') [18:51:32] NatraS: that wont help you to get back your bag [18:51:44] Bahamut_Zero: dude stick that bag upp your ass [18:51:48] NatraS: ok [18:51:53] Bahamut_Zero: u think i care for 1k iron? lmao [18:51:53] NatraS: ill take it to stor then [18:51:59] [PM from BlueButterfly: be as stuborn as he and you get your bag] [18:52:01] Bahamut_Zero: dude i just wasted 720k in will stones [18:52:02] Bahamut_Zero: lol [18:52:05] Bahamut_Zero: poor little thing [18:52:14] Bahamut_Zero: if u can carry it [18:52:16] Bahamut_Zero: looool [18:52:17] Master_Grue: fight nice kids. [18:52:32] Bahamut_Zero: carry it all then idiot lol [18:52:52] Bahamut_Zero: look at the idiot, too much free time [18:52:56] OutshinEd: give me you col :> [18:52:57] Bahamut_Zero: wasting time on being useless [18:52:57] While harvesting, Entreri upset a radon pouch, and was hit for 10 points of radiation damage. [18:53:02] troius: '-. [18:53:20] Bahamut_Zero: pickaxe him t death lol [18:54:10] Bahamut_Zero: notice that this idiot doesnt even carry a pickaxe, he just came here to be a idiot [18:54:24] Bahamut_Zero: well use some lube before u stick it up ur ass donkey [18:54:29] Bahamut_Zero: bye bye edit i just noticed this, and it´s very interesting... [18:39:53] Bahamut_Zero: broke all my picks [18:40:09] Bahamut_Zero: if u mix inside schools is that it? [18:40:14] Raato: yes [18:40:18] Bahamut_Zero: oh ok [18:40:24] Bahamut_Zero: well im gonna haul this to storage [18:40:33] Bahamut_Zero: hope there are no bagjumpers around [18:40:41] Bahamut_Zero: no thx [18:40:47] Bahamut_Zero: ill just talke the bag no [18:41:31] Bahamut_Zero: i can see u [18:41:33] You're not close enough [18:42:15] You entered the cellar under the inn [18:42:18] You see: OutshinEd [18:42:24] Holy cow!!! You found the secret passage for the ancient underground tunnels! [18:42:31] You have 134 out of 300 slots used. [18:43:00] Bahamut_Zero: anyone buying coal here? [18:43:14] BlueButterfly: nope [18:43:16] Entreri: how much coal do you have and price? [18:43:20] Rassius just hit a teleport nexus, and departed us. [18:43:25] Bahamut_Zero: 3212 pieces of coal [18:43:40] Bahamut_Zero: well i ve been selling for 2,5 gc each [18:43:43] Entreri: nah [18:43:46] Entreri: ill buy when you get 100K [18:43:47] Bahamut_Zero: how much then? [18:43:52] Bahamut_Zero: oh ok [18:44:59] Not here! (can't attack players in non combat maps) [18:45:07] You entered the cellar under the inn [18:45:09] #GM from DWSS: heya Eragos [18:45:15] Holy cow!!! You found the secret passage for the ancient underground tunnels! [18:45:22] #GM from Eragos: hey [18:46:51] You are too far away! Get closer! [18:46:51] You are too far away! Get closer! [18:46:53] [PM from BlueButterfly: nastras is BJ your bag] [18:46:53] You are too far away! Get closer! [18:47:09] You entered the cellar under the inn [18:47:11] [PM to BlueButterfly: thx] [18:47:21] No player is in the game with the name of nastras [18:47:28] Holy cow!!! You found the secret passage for the ancient underground tunnels! [18:47:36] [PM to BlueButterfly: logged out?] [18:47:41] [PM to BlueButterfly: nastras u say?] [18:47:52] [PM from BlueButterfly: yes he is here on your bag] [18:48:01] [PM from BlueButterfly: he is a known BJer] This is very interesting coz i said i was going to storage and i was gonna leave my bag unprotected... just a few minutes later i get bagjumped by that idiot, and seconds later he was trading the iron with Wifek, he just sit there while wifek went in and out of the cave hauling iron they said he was "buying" the iron, the interesting part of all is that wifek was in the cave when i said i would leave my bag alone.... those 2 have been banned before for causing trouble, so i think its nuff said... anyway since my bag only had 1k iron, he bagjumped another player and continued to "sell" the iron...
  2. Buying Will Removal Stones

    Only need 4 now, cmon ppl, i know you are hiding your stones.
  3. Buying Will Removal Stones

    I´m buying 6 Will removal stones, pm me in-game. edit: or post here your offer
  4. You want underage kids having sex with each other to be legal? Ok, jail is a bit rough on a kid but if you don't threaten kids, they won't learn. Exactly how hard is it to wait till you're 18 before having sex? Also consider the consequences of underage sex in a community like the US where people think sharing audio/video media is ok, illegal software is ok, all because of "OMG! freedom". Are you telling us you're ok with 15 year old pregnant teenage girls running around? Underage sex isn't exercising freedom, it's plain ignorance and lack of proper education. Even if it doesn't affect you personally, it still harms your community. I seriously doubt the US is a fscist country. Have you ever wondered why girls can get pregnant at that age..? IT´S FUCKING NATURAL, it´s supposed to be like that... now if your are talking about your different culture now thats something else... (Not saying it´s all cool... i´m just trying to make you see things as they are, now the culture that you absorbed and makes your opinion is something different, even today there are places where getting married with an underage girl is perfectly normal as it was with all cultures just a few centuries back...) And threaten..? I would hate to be a son of yours... as u said... EDUCATION, not threats... Kids will always have sex, it´s up to you they do it safely...
  5. As i always say... Games TV and Movies always reflect what we are... We can get violent from playing violent games? No, games are violents coz that´s in human nature.. u see people killing people on the tv and say it´s horrible? Well that shit is only showing u what a human being is really capable of doing... Violence in games tv and movies is just the refletion of the everyday human... Don´t blame games for our shit world, start worrying less with "stupid" games and start worrying about real important stuff, like giving kids a real good education so they won´t go around blowing each other´s head off..
  6. Pk Server strategy

    As far as I know I am the only one on the server that has reached the cap so I will try to make it clear to everyone. I am 98/100 a/d and when I leveled up to defense 100 I stoped getting defense experience. This means, I can train 1 hour and get 200k+ attack xp but 0 defense xp. As you all should know by now, Over All level is the sum of all experience gathered from all other skills, not getting any attack/defense xp means there is nothing to add to OA. When a player gets 100/100 levels in a/d they will have to get experience from other skills to be able to level up their OA. I was a bit frustrated at first, but I tend to like the result in this. People will level other skills, they will have to think better how to distribute their pick points and above all, since farming for items with no xp is boring, there will be even more PKing between high level characters. I don't have much time to play anymore, but I believe that people could even train more characters from scratch to get a "better" build after knowing this server better. I love this server Shouldn´t the same logic be applied here? http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=37454 Is the PK server a special thing? If you read my thread u come to the conclusion that even if u hit the cap u still get OA exp... But in your case that doesn´t happen, as i said, maybe it´s a special definition on PK server? Will that happen if we hit the 180 cap here?? Radu said i wouldn´t.
  7. Same combat system

    No you got it all wrong, i didn´t even mentioned making animations for those, a simple eye candy and message would be enough, the only thing that would change is the effect of the hit. When i mentioned animations i meant that aside from some different animations, you really can´t do anything more than auto slash. And you want more appreciation...? What about having people actually play the game? I think that already means something... there are a lot of mmorpogs in beta stage with really good intentions, some even more advanced than EL in some areas of gameplay, but they have no people playing, now thats frustrating. Now if i make a game and see a bunch of people playing it and suggesting improvements, now that must mean something...
  8. Same combat system

    I expect too much? So you can expect changes from every other aspect of the game, but you can´t expect combat to change? And about making the best mmorpg... that´s what radu is trying to do as far as i can see.. But still with all this complexity, why does the combat have to be so simple? Ps: I know about the slow development and about the limitations, and i didnn´t said it all needed to change at once... the main thing that made me open the thread is combat...
  9. Same combat system

    From WOW?... This is the problem with most of you that play EL... You only have experience from EL and one or 2 other games...(u ppl really need to play more than 1 mmmorg ..) Of course wow has something similar, omfg.. ALL THE OTHERS HAVE TOO, that´s what im trying to say... every other mmorpg has a complex fighting system... EL doesn´t! And for your information wow didn´t "invented this kind of stuff... and more, if you really wanna know, most of these are based in final fantasy 7... not wow... About the exp per kill, this is the area where EL owns, i prefer the exp per hit, the kill should give a bonus too, but this is not the problem, this is ok. And don´t talk about wow again coz if u wanna compare, wow simply owns EL on the combat system... thats why i didn´t even mentioned wow... The freedom of movement in a fight, the fantastic group system, the perfect working instances, hell even the simple "jump" key is great (makes u harder to click on). Wow simply owns with it´s combat system (notice i don´t even mention the abilities and spells) And u say wow... u could say regnum online, sharya, perfect world, and these are just examples that came to mind, i could mention hundreds of them and even the most basic one has more fighting options thatn EL. I don´t have any doubt that most newbs just quit coz of the boring fighting system.. I don´t want EL to turn in a fighting mmorpg full of kiddies running around but at least give the fighting some dignity... PS: I know this stuff won´t get implemented, that´s what hurts me the most. And i can sincerely say that i think of EL as a game 2 steps from PERFECTION, i f u don´t count the messed up economy, the crap fighting system and the horrible gfx (u have to face it the gfx is heavily outdated). As i usually say to my friends, someday EL is going to own every other mmorpg, just wait and see. But for this i still think there are things that have to change, as i said: Fighting System, Balanced economy, good GFX (this last one includes REAL 3D TERRAIN and i think this is being worked on already; and NO ROOMS, what is the deal with maps being rooms??? The world should be continuous no loading.) Now you can start the insults
  10. Same combat system

    I think the problem with EL combat system is the lack of updates/improvements.. I mean, some of the areas of the game are gettting constantly improved (im all for it), but the combat system is the same like since forever..( i know it changed a few things along the time, but not enough). It seems a taboo..no one talks about changing anything in combat system.. like if its perfect/complete... Well i sure don´t feel that the combat system is something complete in this game. I wont even mention the lack of spells.. the real problem is the fighting itself.. it needs more than 2 or 3 animations of a kick and a punch.. to keeps us awake on those grinding sessions.. Combat is too linear, and if if you let a fight go with no intervention, it´s purely based on stats with some random factor, of course if u use some magic it wont be so linear, but still with the magioc and pots and rings, it´s still too linear. Now if you have a nice set of special attacks to use, each with it´s own pros and cons, the fight will be much more varied and you could even make combos of those special moves that is if you have enough mana. I´ve been playing for a few years now, and the combat system is something that always bugged me from the start... El is something different, i could start my usual #gm rantings about why the combat sucks, but i´m over it, now i look at EL combat system as unique, and even thinking like that and accepting it as it is, i still think that it lacks options... It needs something more. I played many many mmorpgs and simple rpg´s and i have a tendency to compare them, and i find good stuff in each of them, i can´t say that it was combat that attracted me on EL, even though i´m a action oriented player. I just loved the complexity of Eternal Lands Skills and the making of items, but that alone doesn´t make a mmorpg for my understanding.. I play this BETA game in a hope that i can help it improve with my own experience, and i believe in this project, thats why i have the guts to come here and post my ideas and then i hide waiting to be stoned by players who play this forgetting it´s not complete, but they want things to stay coz they own in their little kingdom...
  11. training guide

    Without the ts it will be harder to get the same exp, but can MP confirm if the build is still worth it? Is it still a good build to get fast levels, even without the ts pots? I started a new char following this build and it seems its still good even if you don´t ts. The first char i created took alot of damage, killed fast and had so little ethereal points that i couldn´t heal much, but now i have a huge bar of mana that allows me to heal whitout even having to worry about mana potions, and i block everything lol, so it must be a good build.
  12. Same combat system

    As i said before, the values are just to give examples, and still some of these would be so powerfull that we really should limit them.. so this would add even more strategy.. where would you use your mana? How? What will the opponent use to cancel what or reduce the effectiveness of what you´ll do?
  13. Same combat system

    Another idea comes to mind about these abilities. Each ability could have it´s own 3 levels of power, and if you train that ability to get to a new level it would change to be more powerfull. Example: Double Slash Lvl. 1 Next hit will count as 2 so the damage will be the double but the chance of a critical is 0%, costs 50 ethereal points. Double Slash Lvl. 2 Next hit will count as 2 so the damage will be the double, this attack has a chance of being a critical of 10%, costs 75 ethereal points. Double Slash Lvl. 3 Next hit will count as 2 so the damage will be the double, this attack has a chance of 20% of being a critical, and you have a chance of 20% of your next hit after the Slash, to be a Lvl. 1 slash without losing any extra mana, costs 90 ethereal points. Maybe each ability would have it´s own experience counter, and we could divide into: Spell (calculated by magic levels, but i still think it would be better if we could have individual levels for each spell, so it would be calculated based on spell level and magic level) Ability (physical/magical so it would be calculated based on magic level and a physical attribute, like defense and magic if it is a defensive buff and the level of the ability used)
  14. Same combat system

    About the spells.. we could have area effect spells too like: Discharge Every player within your attack range gets 10-20 hp damage fom thunder based damage, costs xxx ethereal ponts. Burn Ranged magic attack, the players/monsters in a radius of xxx from your target will get 10-20 fire based damage. Sting Ranged attack that allows your to click any area, and all the players/monsters in that area gets ice based damage from spikes that come from the ground, this effect has of radius of xxx, where the center has a xxx% of hitting in a critical way, and it has the chance to paralyze players for 2 seconds, the chance of paralyzing is reduced as you get to the radius limit. Just a few more examples.
  15. Same combat system

    The costs are just examples, ofc they would need fine tuning, as well as the cooldown time.