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  1. IP Ban again?

    ok, im sorry but i love playing EL and having that priviledge taken away isnt a very good feeling..i do not mean to cheat to affect others or anything. i just wish to have one more chance to play again...
  2. IP Ban again?

    er, can someone reply? O.o i mean, at least i admitted to my mistakes instead of deciding to lie..
  3. IP Ban again?

    I will not do it again, Aislinn. Promise. Guess that's what I get for trying to be sneaky. But, may I ask if SethiAna can be white-listed please? If thats not asking for too much. I never meant any harm by trading between my characters on the same ISP. Just didnt know it could get this serious. I apologize.
  4. IP Ban again?

    umm..yeah i will tell the truth about that. i traded between the two characters one low leveled than the other. i was trading between them to transfer items to my alternate. i meant no harm by doing so.. i hope i will be forgived.. i wont do it again...:-/
  5. IP Ban again?

    umm..i was just banned again by aislinn..what seems to be the problem here? i just seem to be the only being banned here for no reason....
  6. IP Ban again?

    Hello. I seem to be IP banned again. I was on my SethiAna account about 10 minutes ago and when I tried to log on again it said I was IP banned. Can someone explain to me what this is all about? Thanks, SethiAna
  7. Banned

    oh ok. if that is the case, i definitely take back what i said. i respect that. and thank you for replying and for you guys' time.
  8. Banned

    i just dont understand, tho aislinn..i did NOTHING wrong in this situation. so why cant i have my alternate characters back? :-/ Dont mean to be getting offensive or anything but..i just dont think its very fair. :-( i got banned because of my ISP. i dont think i should be responsible for other people's doings. :-/. But, at least thank you guys for unlocking Vlad. I appreciate it.
  9. Banned

    er, can you take the IP off totally Ent? I cant log in on my alts either.. Thanks
  10. Banned

    yes i am using AOL..and thank you very much but, may i ask why most AOL IP's are banned? :-/
  11. Banned

    yes i am positive. when i open the EL program, it states that my ip is banned. (i just tried logging in again V_T..still does not work).
  12. Banned

    so any reason as to why im banned?
  13. Banned

  14. Banned

    your ip is banned. post on the bans section of the forum.
  15. Banned

    hmm..why am I banned?