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  1. Calling all manufacturers!

    I agree with everything ttlanhil said and I'll add another catagory to the list of why the prices are so low for our high end items. Risk mixing. PlayerA brings me the ingreds for Titanium Plate Mail. I mix it and am successfull. They now have a plate that they most likely harved and mixed the ingreds for, or got someone else to help them with it. Thus, they have that plate at negligable gc cost and mostly took time. Said player turns around and not 5 minutes later advertises that same plate on market, undercutting me. It has happened to me more than once. And I do not mix for them again. I don't care if someone sells something that I mixed for them, just don't undercut me if you want to continue to use my services... On the subject of mass mixing for rares. Yes, I've done it. It's been a long time since I did. It worked twice to get me rares and the next time I tried it, it cost me over 450k in lost gc from selling the excess stock to the npc, and I still haven't made that rare sword. So I think in general, this isn't a common practice much anymore unless others are far more lucky with rares than I am. And by the way, I sold at market price the ones I mass produced and dumped the rest at NPC. Market price was break even or -1kgc and NPC was -1k to -2k depending on how much I was paying for my ingreds. And in general, most top 10-20 manuers do respect eachother's prices. We try not to undercut eachother. That isn't to say that some of our prices don't differ, but generally, we don't do it just to take sales away from another manuer. I manu cause I like to create shiny weapons and armor. I've found that I often have to do other skills to support my leather helm addiction. I've played long enough to learn how to use the economy and what I personally need to do to make a profit. It would be nice if I could buy all my ingreds and then sell all the finished products at a profit, but in our reality it doesn't work that way.
  2. Auctioning Cutlass of the Mage

    Up for auction is one Cutlass of the Mage. Same stats as regular Cutlass with the addition of a 4% chance to do a mana burn. This auction will last until 10:00 AM Sunday the 11th. PST Starting bid: 400kgc I will only accept the following items in addition to gc in your bid. Anything else added in a bid will be ignored. Acceptable bid items: Hydro bars 10kgc Wolfram bars 7kgc Binding stones 6kgc EFE’s 4kgc Enrichment stones 3kgc Steel bars 45gc WE’s 5gc FE’s 3gc Coal 1.8gc If you wish to remain anonymous then simply send me a forum PM or PM me in game and I will add your bid.
  3. Auctioning Cutlass of the Mage

    Auction is over. Please close this thread.
  4. Auctioning Cutlass of the Mage

    400k gc offer from anonymous bidder.
  5. Today's Invasion

    I was able to participate in both invasion and had a blast. They both did start out with some lower lvl creatures such as male and female gobs and work their way up. I do understand lower level fighters wanting something a bit lower to start with maybe. I remember being new and running to hide from any invasion that started. Now they are great fun and during the two invasions I only lost one rost, thanks to a plethora of tigers Anyways, I liked that in the end of the second invasion the creatures were separated to animals in the south and monsters in the north. It split us up and we had to decide which route we would go. I chose animals and almost died again when the bears spawned all around me and almost instantly burned all of my mana. So maybe doing things such as separating creatures on the map for easier and harder is a good idea for the future. In case anyone wants to see, I got 3 screenies from the second invasion. Click'n'stuff More to click Last click
  6. Client new file format test

    I had the same happen to me. Set the FPS limit to 27 but it showed at 28. That's the only thing I've noticed so far that isn't working properly. This client loads a couple seconds faster for me than the old one (from the time I click Login, it's 2-3 seconds faster loading). Map changes are only about a half second faster in general. I'll update this post if I find any other problems.
  7. Client new file format test

    Download speed 38-43kb/s 6mb cable connection
  8. You got skillz?

    I do a bit of everything. I like to be as self sufficient as possible. Manufacturing is my main skill. I got addicted to it a long time ago from a friendly competition with a guild mate. Alch and Pots make my gc to support leveling manu/craft/summon. Harvest is mostly done out of necessity. I harv those resources I can't afford to buy. Crafting, because I like that not as many people do it. Summon is my least trained skill, but is a fun distraction. a/d bores me, but makes for faster oa leveling. Anyone that is a pure(semi-pure) harv/mixer knows how much longer it takes to get oa levels from mixing (providing you don't buy all your ingreds) than from fighting so I train a/d on occasion for that boost in oa xp. Magic, cause failing restore on the occassions I do train a/d sucks.
  9. Graphics Card

    Intel 845G integrated Capped at 30 fps I think. Never really went above that anyways. Usually between 14-25
  10. Bots channel

    I wasn't going to post on this thread because quite honestly, I don't know if I think there should be a separate channel for the bots. I am on market channel 99% of the time I am in game and I do get annoyed at trying to skim through all the bot adverts to see what players are buying/selling. With that said, I have noticed that some bot owners have significantly decreased their advertisement interval and for that I thank them. I also buy and sell from bots on pretty much a daily basis, but I don't need their ads on market to remind me of the plethora of trade bots that exist in the game. It is beyond annoying for the following scenario to occur and it has happened more than once to myself. bot1 @ 3: selling blah blah blah pm me with Loc to find my location bot2 @ 3: you have what i want! blah blah use my commands to trade with me celticlady @ 3: buying hydro bars / selling sr's and dis rings bot3 @ 3: i am here to trade with you find me at x,y in suchandsuch map bot4 @ 3: looking to buy x? i have it! come visit me in blah blah And since the bot names look the same as player names (which is fine, I don't care about that) the player adverts blend in and are scrolled off the screen. I don't #ignore the bots because I inv/wanted at least 7 different bots a day and sometimes when I want to clean out excessive inventory that I have I will just wanted all of them until I find enough to buy out my stuff. I have learned to sort of phase out alot of the ones that I know are bots, but it can still be a bit annoying. On the other hand, I see where the bot owners are coming from and why they don't want to be forced off market channel. Thus lies my uncertainty of if I think they should have to goto a separate channel. If it is voluntary, I don't think many will go. I am also on channel 4 alot and see alot of people complain about bot spam on market quite often. Last night I noticed just how much the bots do advertise. It is a non-peak time (I'm in PST) and this is what my chatlog looked like, so I can kinda see peoples problems with the sheer number of trade bots advertising. Guild messages, channel 4, local and PM's some smilies have been removed. This is about an hours time on market. Notice how many bot adverts there are. I counted 82 bot adverts (hope I didn't miscount) in approximately 60 minutes. (sorry, it's kinda long, but wanted to show a decent time frame) [23:17:43] [KoS_Trader @ 3]: Selling: 60 life essences (6gc each), 38 potions of harvesting (18gc each), 19 Skull key (175gc each), PM me for other items! [23:18:35] [Lord_Legend @ 3]: I may have what you need, pm me INV to see what I have or http://el.other-life.com/StoreBots/Lord_Legend/inventory.php ! [23:19:01] [nera @ 3]: Selling: 1 Steel Axe(2000.00) 12 Steel Shields(495.00) 2 Iron Cuisses(6000.00) 22 Skeleton Keys(200.00). [23:19:16] [emporium @ 3]: Selling: 1 Iron Greaves(4570.00) 1 Skeleton Key(200.00) 2 Iron Cuisses(6000.00) 1 Iron plate mail(11500.00). [23:21:10] [C2_Trader @ 3]: Wanted: silver rings (62gc each), fire essences (3.4gc each), Skeleton key (165gc each). [23:22:24] [busy @ 3]: Greetings! Buying up to 726 Health Essences for 6.5gc each. I'm located in Portland [227,113]. PM me with HELP for more information [23:22:32] [jettai @ 3]: pc potion of coordination [23:22:58] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 1 LEATHER PANTS for 59 Gold Coins each. - PM me with INV or LOC [23:23:02] [max12 @ 3]: 12-20gc per for cord pot [23:23:13] [machevort @ 3]: Sell 641 Steel Bar, 2218 Iron [23:23:23] [jettai @ 3]: ty [23:23:56] [Oyster @ 3]: Buying: leather (5gc each), iron greaves (3500gc each), energy essences (6.5gc each), PM me for details! [23:24:01] [Pigi @ 3]: Oink, I'm small Pig:), PM me with INV/LOC/HELP Im selling 10 Potion of Extra Mana for 440.0 gc each. Im buying 1 Enrichment Stone for 1900.0 gc each. [23:24:06] [belegar @ 3]: buying white raabbit fur [23:24:35] [max12 @ 3]: SELLING Tools, Mercury, Furs, Wepons, Books, Bp Cape, 2 Degraded Iron Greavs And More | Buying AE. PM ME PLZ~!. [23:24:45] [shrimpTaco @ 3]: Ring of Sedicolis for sale CHEAP, PM me with INV to see all my stock or LOC to find me [23:24:58] [sadarar @ 3]: buying FE and/or sulfur [23:25:14] [ragutizlt @ 3]: selling fast regeneration cape pm me [23:25:36] [smokeyd @ 3]: pc steel bar [23:25:37] [Carolina @ 3]: *hic* Hello, I am selling Binding Stones for 7500 gc each. PM me with #inv for more info. [23:25:54] [max12 @ 3]: 40-45 i think [23:25:57] [Azdora @ 3]: Greetings! Looking to buy or sell items? PM me with HELP to see my advanced trading features or LOC to see my location. [23:25:59] [GruntMaster @ 3]: selling BP cloak, steel/titanium short sword, 100 wolf furs PM ME PLZ [23:26:26] [Thor @ 3]: I have lots of nice Items, pm me INV to see what I have or http://el.other-life.com/StoreBots/Thor/inventory.php ! [23:26:40] [belegar @ 3]: i want to start a dwarves clan pm me [23:27:00] [max12 @ 3]: ch 4 plz [23:27:19] [dutchboy @ 3]: selling potions of reasoning [23:27:22] [sirOrick @ 3]: selling 1k HE for 6kgc(6gc each) [23:28:12] [Mattamus @ 3]: Hi, I am DoA's trade bot located in Portland [207,85] PM me with help/inv for more info. [23:28:22] [CrazyGirl @ 3]: I am Selling: 150 potions of spirit restoration (17gc each), 68 threads (2gc each), 2 white rabbit furs (10gc each), PM me. [23:28:46] [machevort @ 3]: Sell 641 Steel Bar, 2218 Iron Ore [23:28:51] [GruntMaster @ 3]: selling BP cloak, 100 wolffurs, steel/titanium sword! PM ME plz [23:29:37] [smokeyd @ 3]: sell hydro bar 10.5k, 20 hydro ore 900 each, 20 s2e 850 each [23:30:06] [donato @ 3]: does anyone sell an escavator cloack? [23:30:13] [jettai @ 3]: selling 20 potions of coordination pm me with offers [23:30:42] [safe @ 3]: Selling: 5 Ring of Irinveron (300gc each), 1 Emerald Claymore (21000gc), 2 iron greaves (4200gc each), PM me for other items! [23:30:54] [Karlin @ 3]: Selling: 4 Rostogol Stones(16500.00) 56 Rings Of Isla Prima(100.00) 27 Disengagement Rings(110.00) 112 Health Essences(7.50). [23:30:56] [DaisyGirl @ 3]: I got what U want, U got what I want! For a good time, PM me WANTED/INV. [23:31:54] [Lady_Legend @ 3]: I'm selling 45 Skeleton key (180gc each), 50 Ring of Kusamura (300gc each), 2 Binding Stones (7000gc each)! PM me with (INV) or (LOC) [23:32:49] [KoS_Trader @ 3]: Selling: 150 raw meat (5gc each), 1 Binding Stone (7500gc), 19 Skeleton key (175gc each), PM me for other items! [23:34:38] [Lord_Legend @ 3]: Selling: 400 empty vials (6.5gc each), 866 gem sanding papers (13gc each), 5 Binding Stones (7000gc each), PM me for (LOC) [23:35:05] [EternalBroker @ 3]: Selling 1 Potion of Physique Book for 300 gold each. PM JadeFalcon for details. [23:36:50] [idle @ 3]: Greetings! Selling 1 Cutlass for only 22000gc each. I'm located in Portland [230,113]. PM me with HELP for more information [23:37:00] [ragutizlt @ 3]: sell Fast Reg Cape ! pm me [23:37:56] [Aerigran @ 3]: Sale Now on !! Augmented Leather Pants 100gc http://el.other-life.com/StoreBots/Aerigran/inventory.php [23:38:09] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 16 RAW MEAT for 4 Gold Coins each. - PM me with INV or LOC [23:38:21] [selyob @ 3]: buying rose quartz [23:39:00] [Oyster @ 3]: Buying: blue quartz (1.5gc each), Enriched Life Essence (1900gc each), iron plate mail (7000gc each), PM me. [23:39:01] [Pigi @ 3]: Oink, I'm ^@^ tradebot, PM me with INV/LOC/HELP Im selling 3 Titanium Chain Mail for 3800.0 gc each. Im buying 1 Rostogol Stone for 14500.0 gc each. [23:40:29] [selyob @ 3]: buying 1000 gold ore [23:40:29] [Anna @ 3]: *hic* I am buying Serpent Stones for 900gc. PM #wanted for more info. [23:41:02] [Passion @ 3]: Find your Ace in the hole shop with Passion pm me for location [inv/loc/wanted] [23:41:08] [Azdora @ 3]: Greetings! Looking to buy or sell items? PM me with HELP to see my advanced trading features or LOC to see my location. [23:41:34] [Thor @ 3]: Selling: 500 energy essences (9gc each), 457 potions of spirit restoration (20gc each), 1 iron helm (200gc), PM me for other items! [23:41:50] [Magellan @ 3]: I am selling 46 ring of naralik for 75gc each [23:41:57] [Titanta @ 3]: Antisocial but need Feasting Potions? We should talk business. [inv/loc/wanted] [23:43:08] [evilmangopie @ 3]: selling 55 moon meds. PM me [23:43:09] [jettai @ 3]: selling 30 coordination potions pm me with offers [23:43:11] [Quartermaster @ 3]: Selling 771 raw meat(s) for 5 gc each. PM me with INV to see my wares. Service with a smile [23:43:19] [Agneum @ 3]: Good deals can be found by typing my trade commands [inv/loc/wanted] [23:45:28] [Mattamus @ 3]: Hi, I am DoA's trade bot located in Portland [207,85] PM me with help/inv for more info. [23:45:51] [Karlin @ 3]: Selling: 112 Health Essences(7.50) 56 Rings Of Isla Prima(100.00) 140 Fire Essences(4.00) 4 Rostogol Stones(16500.00). [23:45:58] [shari @ 3]: Do you need to sell some items?? Pm me with "wanted" to see what I am buying or "inv" to see what I am selling. [23:46:15] [Charn @ 3]: Hi, I am selling 500 Water Essences for only 6g each. Pm me with "loc" to find me, or "inv" to see my wares [23:46:22] [Trader @ 3]: WTB: chrysanthemums (0.25gc each), titanium ores (1.4gc each). [23:47:41] [DaisyGirl @ 3]: U got it, I want it. Buying: Wolf Bars 7k ea, Wolf Ores 550 ea, PM me with WANTED for more [23:47:56] [KoS_Trader @ 3]: Selling: 7 damage rings (70gc each), 21 matter essences (8gc each), 2 empty vials (6gc each), PM me. [23:49:03] [Lilandra @ 3]: I have lots of nice Items, pm me INV to see what I have or http://el.other-life.com/StoreBots/Lilandra/inventory.php ! [23:50:55] [Lord_Legend @ 3]: Selling: 10 bones (5gc each), 5 Binding Stones (7000gc each), 388 wine (1.5gc each), PM me for (LOC) [23:50:57] [safe @ 3]: Selling: 30 Isla Prima rings (90gc each), 2 steel shields (420gc each), 1 Emerald Claymore (21000gc), PM me. [23:51:22] [C2_Trader @ 3]: Want to buy: Portland rings (60gc each), wine (0.7gc each), titanium bars (35.5gc each). [23:51:25] [Potione @ 3]: I am selling 1069 potion of coordination for 16gc each [23:51:58] [MonkeySoup @ 3]: Wanted by Miss Monkeysoup!: air essences (7gc each), steel chain armors (700gc each), Ring of Glacmor (220gc each). [23:52:43] [selyob @ 3]: buying gold ore or gold bars [23:53:07] [magnatron @ 3]: sellin 5 Potion of mana 6coins each. PM me to buy [23:53:18] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 1 LEATHER PANTS for 59 Gold Coins each. - PM me with INV or LOC [23:53:26] [Richery @ 3]: Come see my cheap exotic wares in Portland Bank! PM me for (inv)entory or (loc)ation. [23:53:44] [Calliope @ 3]: WTS: 1 Rostogol stone [16500 gc ea] | 35 Armed orc stone [400 gc ea], pm me with HELP or INV if interested. [23:53:52] [Pepa @ 3]: WTS: 1 Augmented torso [220 gc ea] | 1 Steel chainmail [750 gc ea], pm me with HELP or INV if interested. [23:54:01] [Pigi @ 3]: Oink, I'm small Pig:), PM me with INV/LOC/HELP Im selling 10 True Sight Potion for 63.0 gc each. Im buying 395 Fire Essence for 3.2 gc each. [23:54:11] [Oyster @ 3]: Selling: 536 raw meat (5gc each), 1000 matter essences (10gc each), 2 Harvester Medallion (8000gc each), PM me for other items! [23:55:06] [evilmangopie @ 3]: selling 55 moon meds and 1 uni med. PM me [23:56:18] [Azdora @ 3]: Greetings! Looking to buy or sell items? PM me with HELP to see my advanced trading features or LOC to see my location. [23:56:44] [Thor @ 3]: Selling: 2210 mercury (8gc each), 1 titanium chain armor (4500gc), 701 leather (6.5gc each), PM me for other items! [23:57:01] [Lana19 @ 3]: selling 1000 iron ores for 2 gc each. pm me. Im in DP storage [23:57:14] [Gorzki @ 3]: selling Eagle Wing 20k gc or trading it for 4 tit chains+500 he [23:58:39] [CrazyGirl @ 3]: I am Selling: 2 white rabbit furs (10gc each), 1 Book of Potion of Summoning (1500gc), 44 brown rabbit furs (5gc each), PM me. [23:59:00] [busy @ 3]: Greetings! I trade many different items, PM me with INV or WANTED to see what I sell/buy, or HELP for more information. =) [00:01:18] [Karlin @ 3]: Selling: 4 Rostogol Stones(16500.00) 1 Leather Helm(50.00) 2 Medallion Molds(200.00) 140 Fire Essences(4.00). [00:01:26] [Lana19 @ 3]: selling 1000 iron ore for 2 gc each. PM me, Im in DP storage [00:02:46] [evilmangopie @ 3]: selling 55 moon meds and 1 uni med. PM me [00:02:51] [Passion @ 3]: are you passionate about playing so are we come see if I have what your looking for pm with inv and or loc [inv/loc/wanted] [00:03:06] [KoS_Trader @ 3]: Selling 19 Skeleton key for 175gc each! PM me INV for other deals! [00:03:25] [Quartermaster @ 3]: Selling 771 raw meat(s) for 5 gc each. PM me with INV to see my wares. Service with a smile [00:03:33] [Lady_Legend @ 3]: I'm selling 55 iron ores (4gc each), 100 disengagement rings (85gc each), 1 iron cuisses (5000gc)! PM me with (INV) or (LOC) [00:03:42] [Mattamus @ 3]: Hi, I am DoA's trade bot located in Portland [207,85] PM me with help/inv for more info. [00:04:22] [DaisyGirl @ 3]: I'm selling 31 disengagement rings (95gc each), 2 steel shields (350gc each), 79 True Sight Potion (80gc each)! [00:04:49] [shrimpTaco @ 3]: I pay good prices for all my stock. Currently buying: life essences (4.5gc each), Enriched Death Essence (1000gc each), PM me with WANTED for details! [00:05:03] [nera @ 3]: Selling: 1 Steel Axe(2000.00) 12 Steel Shields(495.00) 152 Fire Essences(3.00) 50 Air Essences(8.00). [00:05:23] [emporium @ 3]: Selling: 5 Steel Shields(495.00) 2 Iron Cuisses(6000.00) 1 Skeleton Key(200.00) 1 Skull Key(200.00). [00:05:26] [EternalBroker @ 3]: Selling 100 coal for 300 gold each. PM slipfox for details. [00:06:26] [Potione @ 3]: I am selling 50 ring of disengagement for 95gc each [00:06:58] [Lord_Legend @ 3]: I'm selling 1000 leather (7.5gc each), 275 wolf furs (11gc each), 50 Skull key (180gc each)! PM me for (LOC) or (INV) [00:07:05] [Melt_MeltMan @ 3]: selling 10k rose quartz and 2k bone powder or trading the bone powder for ti serp sword pm me [00:07:44] [evilmangopie @ 3]: selling 55 mooon meds and 1 uni med. PM me [00:07:45] [asgnny @ 3]: Selling Wolfram bars, or trading 4 wolfram for 3 hydro bars. [00:08:30] [Achaja @ 3]: I am Selling 1 IRON HELM for 239 Gold Coins each. - PM me with INV or LOC [00:09:00] Unknown: #show titanium shield [00:09:00] [Pigi @ 3]: Oink, I'm ^@^ tradebot, PM me with INV/LOC/HELP Im selling 91 Ring of Portland for 79.0 gc each. Im buying 1 Enrichment Stone for 1900.0 gc each. [00:09:14] [Oyster @ 3]: Selling: 1 Bronze Plate Mail (85000gc), 1 iron cuisses (4500gc), 189 gem sanding papers (11.5gc each), PM me for other items! [00:09:40] [vakana @ 3]: Good morning, I sell 25 ring of egratia at 300gc each, 2 crown of mana at 50kgc each, and 2 steel greave at 22kgc each, PM me 'inv' for more [00:11:05] [safe @ 3]: I'm selling 2 titanium short swords (600gc each), 2 Ring of Mana Destruction (275gc each), 30 Isla Prima rings (90gc each)! [00:11:30] [Azdora @ 3]: Greetings! Looking to buy or sell items? PM me with HELP to see my advanced trading features or LOC to see my location. [00:11:54] [Thor @ 3]: Buying: steel shields (300gc each), Ring of Palon Vertas (240gc each), steel bars (42gc each), PM me for other items! [00:13:27] [jettai @ 3]: selling 500 wolf fur 8gc ea [00:13:48] [CrazyGirl @ 3]: I am buying threads. PM me for pricing. [00:13:53] [evilmangopie @ 3]: selling 55 moon meds and 1 uni med. PM me plz [00:14:09] [idle @ 3]: Greetings! I trade many different items, PM me with INV or WANTED to see what I sell/buy, or HELP for more information. [00:16:13] [xeRo @ 3]: buying exc cape [00:16:22] [Vooten @ 3]: SELLING: 5 Augmented Leather Pants - 150gc ea | 5 Augmented Leather Armors - 185gc ea | PM me with HELP for more info or LOC for my location! [00:16:26] [Trader @ 3]: I'm selling 50 Ring of Hurquin (300gc each), 292 disengagement rings (86.4gc each), 1198 chrysanthemums (0.38gc each)! [00:16:30] [Karlin @ 3]: Selling: 112 Health Essences(7.50) 2 Steel Chain Mails(800.00) 51 Portland Rings(100.00) 140 Fire Essences(4.00). [00:18:02] [egarra @ 3]: buying le, 1K to 5k plz....paying 5gc each, also buying ede's 1kgc each [00:18:09] [Carolina @ 3]: *hic* Hello, I am selling Binding Stones for 7500 gc each. PM me with #inv for more info. [00:18:21] [KoS_Trader @ 3]: Selling: 2 Sun Medallion Building (500gc each), 7 damage rings (70gc each), 19 Skeleton key (175gc each), PM me. So to sum everything up, if it's voluntary, I don't think many bot owners will move to a separate bot channel. But if the number of bot adverts keeps increasing on market then I think alot more people will simply start to #ignore some/all of the bots because it is getting to be too much. In my eyes, trade bots are a valuable part of the economy. At the same time, they are getting on my nerves and some will soon start to lose my business as I selectively start to #ignore them.
  11. Empty Vials manuable and Mercury from Cinnabar

    I made and used two of the molds. For the first one, I only kept track of vials successfully produced. That one lasted for 231 vials. Yesterday a guildmate explained to me that it isn't just successfully produced items that have a chance of breaking the mold, but all 'uses' including failures. That makes sense, just didn't occur to me. So anyways, the second mold gave me the following results: vials made: 282 food fails: 24 crit fails: 8 total uses: 314 I may make and use one more just to test it a bit more, but EFE's are a bit too precious to me to be losing them so fast. If I had results around what LilBear had then I might find it more worth the use of an EFE. Absolutely great idea, just not fond of my current results. A degraded state as suggested might make me want to use them more, but Tankel hates me so, maybe not
  12. Moster Spawning

    This has been reported before. http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=30677
  13. Test server chars updated

    Same as posted above and I spent a few pickpoints at the Wraith with no problems.
  14. Artificer broken?

    Yep, and you'd think people would learn.. It almost happened again with the summoning stones, I was really planing to put them under crafting, due to many top summoners bitching. Eventually, I decided to let them under summoning, with the condition that the bitchers will pay a fine (some of them did, some of them didn't and other's paid their fine). Anyway, since it seems that there are people that really like this perk, I decided to implement the cape in a few weeks (it will require human nexus 10, and will be relatively rare, as a monster drop). I also hope that the fighters that will get the drops will NOT sell it to the people who bitched on this thread. I thought about all this since we were told that there had been a mistake in the added chance to create enriched items. I have always been happy with the perk, but at first I did feel a bit short-changed. I thought I was making on average twice as many enriched items as those without the perk. But looking back on it, personally, I don't care if I was or not. The perk increased the number of enriched items I made and that is why I got the perk in the first place. I made alot of enriched armors in relation to the amount of normal ones I have made. I don't have one complaint about the perk and given the choice, I would keep it. Since I don't have that choice I will happily attempt to purchase the cape if that is what you choose to implement. I just have one suggestion (it has already been mentioned, but I would like to discuss it a bit further) that I would hope you will take into consideration before your final implementation of the cape if it does go in the game. Fighters will benefit from the cape as a drop they can sell. Pure mixers will be hindered in that they probably don't have 6-7 human nexus already. Ok, that is fine that they will have to invest pickpoints to wear the cape. We should have to, but I think that artificial nexus would be more suited to the mixers who will be using the cape. This would even work for fighter/mixers who could benefit by getting the cape as a drop themselves saving gc and who may already have some pickpoints in artificial but maybe not as many as they have in human. They save gc, but invest more pickpoints to use the cape if they want to keep and use it. Let's look at the number of enriched items that can be made and what nexus catagory they fall under( I hope I didn't miscount). Essences: 5 enriched versions - no nexus required (all but one or two can be alched with enrichment stone) Potions: 2 enriched versions - vegetal (both can be made either random or with ingreds) Crafting: 1 enriched version - magic (can be made random or with ingreds) Manufacturing: 16 enriched versions - artificial (all random) Now, going by the above, to me it would be more fair to have the cape fall under the artificial nexus. Yes, that would give manufacturers a bit more advantage over the other specialties, but as you can see, the other specialties already have an advantage when it comes to making enriched items. I don't want to get into specifics of each specialty, that isn't my point. My point is that other than the cape being a type of clothing, it doesn't really make sense (to me at least) to put it under human. We do have some cross nexus needed items (ie. enchanted swords, crafted items) and that is good to some extent because the nexus needed blends well together. This instance may not blend as well and won't be as fair in my opinion. Either way you choose to add it is fine with me. Not everything has to make sense and work well together. Nor will you be able to please everyone. I thank you for any consideration you give to this and other suggestions. And just FYI to anyone that might be wondering, I have human 6 and artifical 7. It would only be a difference of 1 pickpoint to me, so it isn't a big deal to me either way. It just makes more sense and seems more fair to me to have it in artificial. EDIT: I did miscount. I forgot all the modable swords >.< Add another 7 items to enriched manufactured items.
  15. Artificer broken?

    First of all, you have to understand that it only doubles your 'chance' of creating an enriched item. Most people I talk to seem to think that they are going to make a ton of enriched ess/pots/armor/etc. It doesn't exactly work that way. It is bound by chance as with making an enriched item without the perk. Here is a purely hypothetical example: Let's say the chance to make an enriched item is 1:5000. With the perk you will have a 1:2500 to make an enriched item. Now that doesn't necessarily mean you will make 1 for every 2500 of that item you make. Over time you should have an average of about 1:2500. But even if you don't, that doesn't mean the perk is 'broken'. It just means that you have made less than average with the perk. I have the perk and it seems to go in cycles for me. I will make several enriched items in a short time and then none for a while. Yes, it is aggrivating, but at the same time the perk only increases your 'chance' to make an enriched item. Some items have a much better chance of making an enriched one, while others continue to remain elusive. In many cases you really need to make tens of thousands of an item to get a good idea of what your average is. Even then, two people with the perk that have made the exact same number of a specific item will probably not have the same number of enriched makes of that item. Not to mention, we really don't know the exact chance to make each enriched item (At least not that I have heard for most items.) I sometimes joke that my artif perk is 'broken' but it's just that I'm having a dry spell, it passes. Personaly, the perk is worth every pickpoint I spent on it. Others disagree and that's fine. The perk isn't for everyone, it's a huge investment at 7 pp. I keep good records on my ratios, I'll share just a few. ELE/LE 9/2,445 (1/271) EFE/FE 29/48,547 (1/1,674) EMP/SR 39/24,175 (1/620) I just recently made my first ever EWE. That ratio looks like this EWE/WE 1/9057. Some people with the perk will have better or worse ratios than I just listed above, the same can be true for people without the perk. I don't know if I helped to explain at all how the perk works, but I don't think it is 'broken'. If anyone else can explain better, or if I am incorrect in any part of my explaination, then please correct me.
  16. Harvest Medallion statistics

    I was going to edit my last post when my med finally broke, which it just did, but I can't get that page to load :/ So here is my blessings and such from the one med I received as a gift. I didn't keep track of any events except xp blessings and gc. 2 gc events 110 140 total = 250gc 7 xp blessings 6680 3560 6670 3200 2410 5690 5670 total 33,880 xp This particular med did well in my opinion. Much better than my last one. I still won't pay gc to buy another. I will make the ingreds myself and have a crafter mix it.
  17. Harvest Medallion statistics

    You make very good points, Atlantis. However, from my observations of market, at 5% break it advertised around 10-12k. Now since the 3% break rate the price has lowered to 8-9k, not increased as you mentioned. I am not on all the time and perhaps don't have a full spectrum of pricing to go by. That is just the price trend I have observed. BTW, I don't have as thorough stats as bkc56 has kept on his meds, but I'm still on my first one since the break rate was changed. I only wear it during the xp portion of the hour. It has so far lasted 15 harv rounds of approximately 120 harvests each. 4 xp blessings thus far totaling 15,840xp and 0gc. (I received this med. free as a gift.) EDIT: 1/27/07 I'm still on the same med. It hasn't broken yet. Once again, I only wear this during the harv xp portion of the hour, that is the only time you can receive an xp blessing from what I understand. Anyways, now I have had a total of 5 xp blessing totaling 22,520xp and 0gc. I have used it while harving flowers, coal, iron, turquoise and silver. I'll edit this again when it finally breaks with my totals.
  18. Harvester medallion

    Interesting question... I would think somewhere around 1gc per xp point makes sense. My last couple manu levels were mostly done with leather helms in the manu school. I basically bought that xp since all the gc invested was converted to xp with no item produced. Cost per helm including feasting potions is around 24gc, I get 122 xp per helm. That's roughly 5 xp per gc. (If I did the math right). I got my harv med in a sort of trade deal and the value ended up being about 10kgc. I received 2 xp blessings and 3 gc amouts. If I recall correctly, those came to a total of ~6k xp and ~370gc.
  19. Harvester medallion

    My suggestion is somewhat similar to what RallosZek offered above. What about if the med only had a chance to break on events that did damage to your character? Mine broke from an xp blessing (Ironically another player had just asked if I had tried using the med. I said I was wearing one and then bang!, xp blessing and it broke Glad I got a screenie of that one). Makes a bit more sense to me for it to break from some kind of trauma to your char instead of a blessing, telenex or similar. Even then, the chance to break may still need to be lowered on those events because of the cost to purchase the medallion. Just a possibility I have been pondering on. All in all, I really like the idea behind this medallion.
  20. The Update

    Great update! Thanks to everyone who worked on this one. Even though I have been stuck in fast read the majority of the time I get to hear about all the wonderful things I'm missing through guildies and friends. Although I did get the chance to sneak out of the library and harv some tin last night. Very sneaky on moving around alot of ores. We had to search some and still are looking for convenient new locations. And making that one map completely non-harvest was....not nice Thanks again for all the work on this great update. I'll enjoy it even more when I take the time to venture out of the library again
  21. How many deaths have you had?

    Since counters, 174. Most from no drop days
  22. The Grand Army of the..White stone tavern & inn

    Excellent work as always Roja! Can't wait to see the stats and manu these beautiful new creations.
  23. Potioneers Special Creations

    My cost for a Sr potion is 9-9.5gc (feasting potion included, but not including crit fails) and I sell for 15 gc each. For me to make the same amount of money that a titanium torso sells for 75kgc I will have to make 5k Sr's and that is total (gross) before you figure in costs. That is an extremely large amount of potions. Just think how many potions you'll have to make to equal an Eagle wing of Extra Damage 200k+gc. I just think something can be done to help potioneers. True, 5k sr's is alot to make to sell for a total of 75k, but even with a relatively high number of fails you still profit more selling those 5k than I would on a Ti Plate Mail. And just one fail on those is alot more costly and time consuming to make up the loss. Plus, most people don't pay gc for their armor/swords anymore (some do, but rarely), they bring me ingredients and ask me to risk mix. As to the Eagle Wing of Extra Damage. Ask Pillgrim if it's easy to sell that sword. Some rares sell easier than others. Not to mention that the rares aren't necessarily easy to make. 96 regular Jagged Sabers currently for me and no rare(with artificier perk). I do potions as well and it takes me less time to sell pots than armor/weapons.
  24. PC on all enchanted swords

    Depending on who you ask you will get different pc's for these items. But here is my kinda, sorta, might be somewhat accurate gestimates for the stuff I can manu. Iron Sword of Fire ~10k Iron Broad Sword of Fire/Ice ~20k Steel Long Sword of Fire/Ice 25-30k Steel Long Sword of Magic 35-40k S2E of Fire/Ice 40-45k S2E of Magic 45-50k S2E of Thermal ~55k Some will agree and some will disagree on the above prices, but hopefully that gives you a bit of an idea what to shoot for. Anything above those, I really have no clue on them because they aren't manufacturable.
  25. Taking orders for essences.

    2k fe's please