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  1. Fire Essence in manufacture counter

    Let's see... My harvest counter is off for: Titanium ore at -2243 Wolframite ore says 47173 when I have harved no where near that much Alchemy counter: Ring of Disengagement 5 Polished Diamond 1 Iron Helm 2 Leather Pants 5 Steel Chain 1 My kills counter is off slightly as well. It shows only one white tiger when I am certain I have killed 3. There are a couple others that are off there but I am not certain by how much. I think my deaths counter is off as well. *shrug*
  2. Clan: A united group of relatives, or families, claiming a common ancestor and having the same surname. Guild: An association of artisans or merchants, formed for mutual aid, etc. Clan = relatives/family Guild = group of people (related or not) that help eachother Personally, I never understood why this forum is titled Guilds and Clans. Unless clans is used as an RP aspect. I suppose you could form a guild and come up with some role play theme that y'all are related and such.
  3. A Change in Success since the Server Move?

    I did make a modable s2e yesturday. The second I have ever made. I don't know if that means anything or not. Have made 80 s2e's now since new server, still no fails. And this second modable gives me an average of 1 modable in 500-ish s2e's. I have no clue what the chance of making one with artif perk is. On the more items break side, I have not noticed more needles breaking than before, but I have not kept exact records on them. I carry several at a time. One breaks and I keep mixing.
  4. A Change in Success since the Server Move?

    I just finished a small batch of fe's and a few other things that I have stats for since new server. fe: 1374 successfull EFE: 1 Crit fails: 5 This is normal for me with artif perk (Side note: I had a dry run BEFORE the new server of 11k fe's with 0 EFE made. Then right after that I made 3 EFE within 1370 fe. Just some numbers to think about since it is highly unlikely to make that many fe without making an EFE with artif perk.) s2e's: 60/60 Steel Longs: 20/20 Both the above are normal I think I have only made one Ti Plate Torso and a pair of Ti Cuisses since new server, both without problems. They can be tricky for me still sometimes so happy they weren't a problem. I have made enough leather helms to make me sick, but I didn't really keep track of fails. Didn't seem out of the ordinary, but the eyes begin to blur a bit after a couple thousand of them For me, all seems normal.
  5. Poll: Mozzila or Internet Explorer

    Firefox 90% of the time, Opera 5% and IE 5%.
  6. hey guys

    Yeah, I've donated about 15k sulfur and 23.5kgc (or so). If my gc weren't dwindling fast from lvl'ing some skills rencently I would give more. That is my personal decision. And if you care to see about others donations and the discussion thread that was already started reguarding this project you can goto: Click'N'Stuff As of last update on that thread (sept 22) at current: 1241218 / 8Mgc 449489 / 1M sulfur 250 / 500 hydro bar As you can see, there is still alot more needed before the project will be done. Not to mention, we can't start on the recycling plant until this project is done. So, it's upto you.
  7. Are you a patriot?

    Somewhat Patriotic You scored 65% US Philosophy, 63% American Pride, 26% Involvement, and 100% Citizen Status!
  8. Tool broke during no grief day

    Day of no grief English: No items break today. Role Playing: Today our planet is passing throughout an area in our universe where the electromagnetic law is slightly different, and this is causing the armors, weapons, tools and clothes to never break for the duration of this day. The above bold word should be eliminated or changed if it doesn't pertain to all tools in my opinion.
  9. I'll take 5 binding stones (4k each, 20k total) Give me a nudge in game: CelticLady
  10. Update changes

    Ok, this time I did some testing before I decided to post on this update. I just want to comment on what a few others have said. Overall, I think this was a good update. There is just one or two things that might be better if tweeked a bit. These are just my opinions based on my experiences and point of view. I agree with Nook1e on the above. I sat in a cotton/veg field and made thread. I was right in the middle of the row, cotton on one side and veggies on the other. I have a low carry capacity and could only harvest 460 cotton in one go. I have a relatively decent harvest level in the low seventies and it still took me about 5 minutes with an exc cape (maybe a little less time. I did stop harvesting spontaneously at one point and I am not absolutely certain I started again right away). Then I mixed and crit failed 1 and regular failed 2 of the 46 I tried. My craft level is 31. So in about 6 minutes I made 45 thread and received 675 craft xp. Now taking into consideration that I need well over 20k xp for my next craft lvl this is obviously just for beginning crafters. Ok, fair enough. Then to look at it from a manufacturers point of view. I need to make 6k leather helms for my next manu lvl. That will require 24k thread if no fails. Again, not a viable option to make my own thread to obtain that lvl. Looking at the time it takes to harvest the amount of cotton needed to create 24k thread at a relatively decent harvest level, I doubt any newbie is going to sit and make that much thread for me and not charge me 2gc each or more. Using the above numbers nook1e came up with for 1k leather helms (which looks fairly accurate to me) I will lose 21k gc just to get another manu lvl. That alone helps to slow fast leveling because I have to then make that gc back. Since I spent several days of mule/mix to gain that lvl I probably didn't do much else to gain any gc so I then am stalled from continuing my leveling to do something else to make that gc back, and probably more since I will need to make more helms for the following lvl. In general I am fine with this, there is a cost to train a skill. I agree that is the way it should be, but making thread manuable but terribly slow doesn't really offer an alternate outlet to purchase thread for less than the now increased price from gen store. Sure, I know they are all manufacturable. I have made them all. Have you not noticed that Gypsum weighs 10 emu each? For someone with low carry capacity that is just not a fun prospect to try and mass produce those items. With the above said, if the thread recipe were adjusted a bit to use less cotton then I think more people would make it. Reduce the xp amount as well. 3 thread, 3 base xp sounds fair to me. Yes, I understand that you don't want it mass produced, but shouldn't it be produced? I think that people will give up on it pretty quick. The ones that do make it will probably keep it for their own use in making leather pants/boots for their own training gear. At any rate, overall great update. We'll adapt if things are adjusted or not so keep up the good work. EDIT: Haven't made leather helms in awhile and my math was off for how much thread was needed. Fixed that number.
  11. Chance

    Well, personally I have made/attempted enchanting just as many steel longs as s2e's since the new weapons/armor came out. I don't know what the other manuers have noticed as their ratio on enchanting swords has been though.
  12. Chance

    The only rare s2e is a modable s2e. Is that what you were referring to?
  13. steel helm of mana

    Congratz Gizz! I was wondering when something like this would be made. Entropy had posted this in the thread about the new weapons some time ago here: http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.p...25473&st=20 post #30
  14. Thermal Serps 200K

    The number of modable serps currently in the game is irrelevant to the price as it is today. You can not enchant a sword above an s2e as of yet.
  15. Party For August People

    Guess so far this is the most popular birthday. Mine is August 21st as well, but i'll keep the year secret I also know a certain frenchie who's birthday is also on the 21st... *cough*Cayuga*cough*
  16. dysfuntional market system

    What game are YOU playing? Other than harvesting, alch, and combat, training a skill is a money sink. No profits. Edit: 1. This "problem" is not unique to fighters. 2. This game is not designed to make one skill only self-sufficient. Aislinn said it perfectly... When I 'train' manu I can either make leather helms and break even taking ages to gain one lvl, or I can make leather pants and lose gc gaining that lvl almost twice as fast. For every 1k leather pants I make and sell to trik I lose over 5k gc.(This does not include the cost of feasts) Guess how many I have to make to get the lvl I am currently working on....3k. How do I make up for the over 15k gc I will lose getting this manu lvl? I will most likely make and sell HE on market. Either method of training manu does not give me huge amounts of xp for the time I spend doing it. For the 3k pants needed for this lvl I have to mule a little over 21k leather, 30k thread and a bit over 500 feasts. After taking several hours to make them gaining 228k xp then I have to mule all 3k pants to trik, and since they don't stack that is about 86 trips. The whole process takes several days, even at the amount of time I spend here. I tell everyone this, I am not a pker, so I can't comment on that side of things for profitablility. Currently I train on Tigers, Trolls, Ogers, Polar Bears etc. depending on what gear I want to use and the kind of xp and drops I am after. The last time I fought Trolls and Ogres I got enough in drops to cover the ti long that got degraded and the cost of the feasts to make all the esses/sr's/ leather items that were destroyed. Yes, I'm an all-arounder, but my lvls are low on some skills and I still fail alot making pots. What's my point? Well, just like when training manu I rely on other skills to help fund the current skill I am working on. I'll repeat this quote from Aislinn: If you want a to be able to be a pure fighter then maybe this isn't the game for you. Just my opinion based on my experience in the game. Oh, and a side note: FighterJim does not have to take anti-social perk. No one is forcing them to do so. If they choose not to take the perk then they can sell some of their weapon drops to Trik for additional gc and keeping those items out of the general market flow. EDIT: closed a tag
  17. price check

    steel torso - 55k steel cuisses - 30k steel greaves - 30k steel helm - 15k ti torso - 90k ti cuisses - 42k ti greaves - 37k ti helm - 27k ti shield - 27k
  18. Buying thermal sword books

  19. Today's "Little" Invasion

    lolz yea, now that I think about it... Would be alot more bagjumping if you could use MM... On this note I just have to say Thank You! to Sin who saved my db for me in Ghrams when I found out that I am still not ready for cycs Then as I wandered around some more I was watching someone take on an injured chim and out of the corner of my eye I saw another chim coming straight at me. I tried to run but alas, I was easily hunted down. By the time I got back, as expected, my bag was gone. So you win some and you lose some... I actually enjoyed the last invasion better, but only because I was able to actually find more than one or two creatures wandering around. I only scored about 10 kills on this one and I am pretty sure that the last one was double to triple that amount. I'm not sure if I was just late in getting to some of the locations or what. There weren't as many people grouped in the same spots this time so that was good. Much less lag.
  20. changing, improving harvesting

    5 wood logs would make the largest pickaxe handle anyone has seen. A bit excessive in my opinion. Why use gem sanding papers if there are no gems in the formula? You would need fire essence to mold the iron bar into the head of the pickaxe. Otherwise you would have an iron bar on the end of a stick. Maybe something like this? 1 wood log 3 iron ore 3 fe's
  21. So, what do we think about the new changes?

    I haven't even logged in since the server update, but just got done reading about what was implemented. I won't comment on the no more vial, spells and such because alot has already been said and I don't think I can offer anything more. I just have one thing to comment on: Uhhh...are we (those who did raise our artificial nex to 6 or 7) going to get those two pick points back to distribute elsewhere or am I going to have to consider a reset? I only raised mine to 7 because I wanted to be able to manu 'everything'. Granted I haven't made any of the new weapons or armor yet so I don't know if they require a higher nexus to create.
  22. Too frequent of ingredient loss

    S2E's are level 28 manu. that is 7 under my manu level as it is. S2E's at level 28 would be a 50% failure rate, so you are only a little bit better. So does that mean that 56 manu is almost 100%? Does anyone know the percentage formulas? I seem to have over 75% success on Iron Greaves and Iron Cuisses. That is why it seems odd. Of course then, I believe this game sometimes will give you bad odds ruts too. Those days when you can't even make leather helms at 35 manu with more than 75% success rate. I am at manu lvl 56. We did a 500 s2e project just before the update for the hydro ore. When I started making the s2e's I was at lvl 55. I had enough bars and supplies for 520 s2e's. I used 14 manu pots during this session and gained a manu lvl about 200 or so s2e's into it. In the end I only had 498 s2e's successfully made and had to churn out more bars to get us to 502. So no, at lvl 56 you don't have a 100% success rate, but it wasn't bad in my opinion. On a side note but still on topic. I was in NC storage one day and I heard LochnessLobster saying that he crit failed on leather pants. I don't think you ever have 100% success rate consistantly on any item. EDIT: typos
  23. I voted no. Reasons being: 1- Yeah it sucks that you can't talk in #GM when kicked to train, but there is the option already to get kicked to train. 2- During no drop day I teamed up with some non-guildie friends to have a better chance at staying alive in kf. Once I accidentally attacked one of our 'team' and had to dis. Another time a different 'team member' attacked me on accident when the plan was to gang someone that kept killing us. I can just see that happening all the time in close combat. The only reasons or circumstances where I would like something like this is because rank 19 people can't kick eachother so we can't train together unless the GM is on. Or if it were just in arenas, not entire pk maps, but just arena.
  24. Glilin Reveals Secret Armor Recipe

    Guess this means I am working Sunday instead of Saturday I love having a flexible work schedule
  25. Update 1.3 Bug reports

    Counter is not correctly tracking harvest amount for wolframite ore. I harvested 20 ore, but the counter shows -10 for both session and total.