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  1. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Its impossible to "watch" a rate of 1/10000. Variance can be 1 in every 100000 or 2 in 1000. Variance will be huge. Only way to know is if the developer says he checked the code and says it looks fine, which he did.
  2. Child of stars perk / Astro broken?

    Quote from wiki: "by approximately 30% of the original chance." If the base value (Original chance) is low, like 0.0001% for a random example, then 30% would not be a noticeable increase unless you crafted 1,000,000. (From the above, the 10000 might actually mean 1 in 10000 or 0.0001% so 30% increase would be 0.00013%) As with anything random, you must consider variance. Imagine something simpler such as a coin toss. 50/50. Every coin clip has a 50% chance to be heads or tales. After flipping the coin for years you come across a time where you flip the coin heads 10 times in a row. You say to yourself, how can this be? Flipping a coin heads 10 times in a row on average will happen once in every 1024 attempts. That is more common then crafting whatever you are asking about. [What does this all mean for Eternal Lands?] Well, if something you craft has a 1/10000 chance to be what you want, the more players doing said craft, the more that will be in circulation. With a playerbase of 150-300 active users, the chances of these items to be on the market is very low. Not everyone is crafting. Solution? Its either A or B. A.) Keep everything the way it was for 16 years. B.) Change Just my 2cents.
  3. I am going to keep playing. Good game. I also play other games though but right now I'm 100% focused on Eternal Lands. You don't like these ideas?
  4. Random Experience Giver

    Is the range of XP static or is it based on your base level of the skill it chooses? What I mean is: Does it literally roll from 1xp - 1,000,000xp 100% random OR If I have 0 summoning and it chooses to grant XP to summoning, since its level 0 base skill, it only rolls from 0-3000 or something. Or can I get lucky and get 1,000,000 XP in a skill I have 0 in?
  5. I just watched this interview and I just want to elaborate a few low level player things I would like to see. 1.) Low level monsters need more spawns and/or more mini-caves that have good monster density. I find myself roaming a lot more than killing. Some spots are decent, like northern desert pines in the woods is a small areas with reasonable spawns but a zone like White Stone, you kill 1 mob then run 2 minutes before you kill another. Would be cool to have more spawns but also a bunch more mini-caves (Kinda like rat cave in noob island) for monsters like white rabbits/beavers/brownies/skunks/wood sprites/deer... Same goes for monsters like male goblins. There is that gold cave in Valley of the Dwarves, its a 1-man camp spot and its usually taken. Tested Naralik, again, camped... There is just not enough spawns even though the playerbase is low. (Some games use channels to help with this but adding more spawns or adding more caves would do the trick) 2.) Horse Rental as another option. Daily/Monthly/yearly rental. The current dropped horses are 15000 steps which could be changed to 1 day. Then if you want monthly/yearly, could be cash shop only. So you can still find horses as drops but if you want the convenience of a longer duration you can pay more for it. 3.) A way to "note" items for purposes of selling. Runescape uses this so if you have 900000 iron for example, you simply note it and it has no use other than for trading. So in Eternal Lands, if you note an item, the only use for the item would be to trade or sell to the NPC until you un-note it (deposit into bank). I'm starting to craft in bulk, if I had for example, 1000 leather helmets. If I want to sell to NPC, I have to run 1 inventory at a time until sold.This is an example of how combat is way better than crafting for gold. Combat you just attack all day and get drops. Crafting, you do marathon runs to harvest, then another marathon to mix, then another marathon to sell 1 inventory at a time to NPC. 4.) A repeatable quest (not daily) for gold only reward. Examples: Kill 50 rabbits, rats, beavers, etc... for X gold. Reasoning: When I started playing, it felt like the only way to earn gold was to sell drops to the NPC but the drops were also used for crafting. It felt bad because I also wanted to craft. If there was a repeatable quest, it would grant another way to earn gold as well as give direction. Don't know what to do next? Well, do more repeatables! Then you can use that gold on crafting or buying potions.
  6. Android Controls

    I found this video. Very helpful!
  7. Eternal Lands - Feedback from random new player

    I stream the game almost everyday and upload random gameplay to youtube. Best I can do https://www.twitch.tv/isomer_ https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCR9f_BJ-9UfzfpxVMi8Nv9A?view_as=subscriber
  8. Android Controls

    I play on both PC and android or I should say I want to. Android, I login, and I have no idea how to control anything. I can move ok, get into menus, etc... I have trouble with dragging items, banking items, mostly inventory issues. I tried for 30 min and couldn't figure out how to deposit stuff in my bank or how to drop items. Also, is there an option menu in android? It seems when I login to my account, it uses my PC settings to some extent. Like it has the map mod I downloaded installed on my phone (which is very cool). If there is already a resource link to android controls, I apologize for posting this.
  9. I want to be a jack of all trades, be able to combat and craft. Technically, loooooong term, you can get all stats to 52 with a lot of grinding. From what I hear at least. (179 from overall level and then 50 hydro bars or 1.5m gold per point after) My character name is Raserei. (http://www.eternal-lands.com/view_user.php?user=Raserei) Based on assumptions, Im gonna say being a jack of all trades is a fine balance between combat and nexus while leveling. Too much in one will make you weak in the other, moreso combat (since nexus only needs 5-7 points to "max") I have 6 unspent pickpoints and my stats are linked above. It would help me out a lot if I saw some more experienced players views on how to spend the next 20-40 points? Also, maybe some XP spots for combat? Crafting is pretty straightforward, you make items, you get xp. But combat, spawns are very scattered, maybe there are some known early level combat spots to get better xp? I been killing mainly rats/beavers/brownies for gold (token selling) but the XP from them is bad. Thanks in advance and hope you are all staying safe during this pandemic.
  10. So I have been playing MMOs since 1997 (The Realm being my 1st and Everquest being my 2nd)... I haven't played them all, but I have a played a lot. In 2004, WoW took the MMO genre by storm and I played that for 7+ years. After that phase, I switched to a more ARPG focus. I never really played a true sandbox game until 2017, I tried a game called RPG MO, a sandbox pixel art game. Players in that game told me if I liked that, I should try Runescape. In 2019, I ended up trying Runescape (OSRS). Only played it for a month until I ended up losing interest. The game felt ackward. It had a lot of stuff to do but ultimately, 80%+ of the thousands of recipes were useless (to me). Like, you can craft a pie shell, then bake a pie, but there were 50+ recipes that were easier to make that gave better stats. So what makes Eternal Lands special (IMO)? -After coming from a mix of MMO's and ARPG's, Eternal Lands really feels awesome to play. When you harvest ANYTHING, you have a very rare chance of getting valuable items (Various stones). I can't emphasis how important that is. Games with large grinds usually miss this and have very linear grinds where you need 100,000,000 iron to max out and when you mine iron, there is nothing else. I seriously like how the entire game is designed here. Where you create a fire essence and 0.1% chance or something it will be a enriched fire essence which is valuable. So while we are still grinding heavily, there is a layered carrot on a stick type vibe that really makes feel not so grindy. -Not only that, but low level creatures drop valuable items that high level players want. Which creates early opportunity for new players. -Then there is the environment... Literally every inch of the land feels handcrafted and not "generated". -Overall level makes it so I can work on any skill I want and still progress towards more pickpoints. -I mean, the game isn't perfect and there are some things I would like to see change but probably won't since its 16 years old. Such as: 1.) Movement speed. I know there are ways to increase it but I would like a more permanent way, like a permanent horse. 2.) More monster spawns in certain areas. Like whitestone, I have treked across a bunch of times and I can go far without seeing any monsters to kill. 3.) A more traditional cash shop without bartering with the GM and without items you find/make in-game. 4.) A bot system that doesn't require C++ knowledge, possibly an auction house. If I were a billionaire looking to hire someone to make the next BIG sandbox game. I would put my money on a Eternal Lands 2 rather than a OSRS2 or any other sandbox. Eternal Lands, in my opinion, wins 100% at being the best sandbox MMORPG ever made.
  11. Better pathfinding/Control

    QoL: When harvesting with excavator cape, have it so you can still harvest 1 more if you can hold it, right now you have to unequip your cape to get 1 more ore if you can hold it. Also, a way to click or see monsters behind objects like trees would help the clicking issue as well. Maybe an option to turn on or off.
  12. Runner Cape

    ya, I no longer want it =-D I will wait for them to add a permanent horse to the shop. I would pay a lot of money for that.
  13. Runner Cape

    Thanks for the information and sorry for rushing.
  14. Runner Cape

    There is no information about runners cape on the wiki. I was assuming you just equip it and you run faster? And I would unequip it in combat so it doesnt break. I have a feeling I am dead wrong. If I am, can you explain what it does?
  15. Runner Cape

    Auction for gold or real money?