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  1. UBC/Vancouver ISP Ban?

    thanks aislinn, could very well be, it worked this morning (at 1am at my brother's house), but not this afternoon. Thanks for your help once again.
  2. UBC/Vancouver ISP Ban?

    Hey folks, At a conference in Vancouver, and I have been trying to log on with my character, but I can't get in. Is there an ISP ban in Vancouver/UBC?
  3. Could I be Whitelisted?

    KK thanks man
  4. Could I be Whitelisted?

    Yeah I remember those times I hated him back then Well thank you Aislinn hope to do business with you again See you in game hopefully
  5. Could I be Whitelisted?

    Um... I really don't know lol My brother (deneochris) (not to put the blame on him) might of used my comp for multing but i don't know I don't ever remember using to accounts at once I might of though.... oh you don't have to unban me or whitelist me i was just thinking of playing the game so i thought of might as well but if you don't want to it doesn't really matter to much to me (well it does but i won't be angry on your discision)
  6. Could I be Whitelisted?

    Hey Guys It is Draconey back here. I was wondering it my account (Draconey) could be whitelisted? I noticed I had an IP ban so yeah if you could? Thank you
  7. Whats your Favourite song at the Moment?

    Into some slayer I c That song is like One by Metallica Thats another one of my favorites lol
  8. Who's in a band?

    Kewl csiga I used to play piano alot Now I do more guitar and drums But I still fiddle around with a synth all the time and make up some keyboard rifts I play rock/metal on the keyboard and nobody wants to know what i play on the guitar (Draconey mummers the song Bodies by Drowning Pool)
  9. EL Mens Club!

    I am interested lol g2g anyway it is 11:00 pm rite now PM me on EL game on sunday sometime....
  10. EL Bad Jokes

    I dont get it Me too it is called a bad joke What happens if you breed and orc and spoon together? Sporc lol..... Lord of the Beans >_> <.<
  11. im hostin the biggest party ever..

    Mess up Eternal Lands? I tried that I got my punishment..... On channel 12346 for 30 minutes so don't try it.... Seriously if you are trying to mess up EL don't tell us...... You think Paul Martin he was going to let us men could marry men?
  12. EL Mens Club!

    Men's Club? eh? Depending on what you mean by Men Because I am young...... But this is a good idea...... Yea Edit: PM me if I can join.......
  13. Yea duh...... I hate when the Market is up because it spams my screen Not that good of idea Because seriously if you wanna see a message look in your chat log or console.....
  14. 1. I don't understand what are you trying to mean 2. Get MM perk duh..... and move the fighting/summoning book man somewhere else that is crazy 3. Yea good idea 4. a food storagable? I could store up 10k of them and i get 100k food level over time 5. good idea
  15. EL Bad Jokes

    Mountain dwarf to land dwarf Mountain dwarf: wanna chuck up that mountain, I done it in 10 minutes Land Dwarf yells to VotD: This guy is going to eat that mountain in 10 minutes Mountain dwarf: you fool i said chuck not chuck Land Dwarf: chuck not chuck oh run up the mountain Mountain Dwarf: Amazing