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  1. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    You really see a hate in my post..? Dont join to today's fashion of discussion, i mean, You did not like my criticism? ohh thats cuz its a primitive hate ofc... That was only my simple observation from many years of game expierience.
  2. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    Well, radu is a very talented programmer and its clearly well known, but we also know that he dosnt have any skills for things like PR or marketing, specially when he wishes his customer a HIV and brain cancer cuz he didnt like the player's criticism about EL (i still have a screenie of that on old PC, cuz i was in shock like hell..). So tell me how can educated, mentally healthy (i hope so), adult man say things like that + totally public?.. I understand that each of us can get pissed off on some things/people, but reaction like that? Seriously? What does this tell you about man like this? Paradoxically many of us left cuz of radu, but this is a topic for a whole book. In my opinion its too late anyway, not all stories must have a happy ending.
  3. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    And we have never been heard... And btw the games You tried, sadly You choosed very boring and very similar to each other games. Give a try the game like "Life is Feudal", check this world, guilds, community and quests where are no NPCs :-)
  4. Fully profesional and esential answer from developer to user... Jesus guys... when u all will get tired of sh** like this, PM me to get name of the game which is really worth sacrificing our precious time w/o all this kind of treat and "changing the rules of the game during its duration" ... Wish U best EL community.
  5. As an ex-player, thank you for all the memories

    Well i have quit EL years ago, tried come back some time ago, but its not the same game and specially community. I tried few other MMO's and i can say with full responsibility that EL has one of the worst and hermetic community. Only some old former players that stayed in game saves it.
  6. very old players

    Android client made me back to check sup in game, changed a LOT! but guild still egzist and even online ppl still there. Duno when i started but it was CA$H vs ^V^ times. Happy new year ppl!
  7. Another tzu

    Hoi ppl, if no special day at saturday 9.02.13, there will be sun tzu around 12:00 (noon) central Euro time
  8. Sun Tzu

    Hoi all, tomorow (3.02.13) get ready haidir passes and pvp mates, if no special #day will appear at 17:00 Euro time (5 PM GMT+1), it will be sun tzu
  9. P2P Shop Coupon's

    I agree with vino. 14 p2p cupons in storage, and after each insta when we got it from drop, noone wants it.
  10. Sun Tzu

    Hoi ppl, we gona try this friday 7.12.12 at around 16:00 Euro GMT+1.
  11. Sun Tzu

    Remember it last 6h, wake up in the middle of #day
  12. Sun Tzu

    Pass your daily, hope for 3 tit chains from daritha and ask your friends to pvp because on 25.11.12 at 14:00 central Euro time (GMT+1) if there is no special #day, it will be sun tzu
  13. Cannot Connect

    time to go sleep for euro anyway
  14. IP

    Hi, i got this msg "Your IP is banned. That means that you, or someone from your IP did something very nasty". I use hotel WIFI in other town from my home where i do my job on delegation. Antio
  15. CalsoniC - Serping and BJing.

    Its only a matter of time to kick whole that bunch of polish trublemakers out of a game. About their "honor", yea its with high class of honour to ig my guild with "brod tag #$%#$@" with reason they even cant name and my guildies can only wondering wtf they meant.. They live in their own world