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  1. I run Debian. I don't really remember what package it was, although I got it from the "downloads" section on the games's website.
  2. Okay I'll back them up for next time. Didn't know about this. I run Linux, but that doesn't really matter. Thanks!
  3. Okay I see. Then how can I start tracking my progress again? Nothing has changed on my computer (as I know).
  4. Hi everyone, So long story short, my quest list has now become empty. I finished a number of things ans they were all listed in the quest list until yesterday. Things like the wraith quest, parts of alchemy tutorial, parts of potion tutorial, part of armour breaking quest etc. Well, today I checked the list, everything has disappeared and the list is empty. This also means I can't continue the tutorial quests and I no longer know what to do. What's happening here?
  5. Some questions about character changes.

    Okay thanks for replying.
  6. Hi Everyone, So I'm the new guy who had issues logging in to the main game a few weeks ago. Just in case anyone remembers. Anyway, I've been around the game a bit, and decided I'd like to make to changes to my character, if this is even possible? my questions: 1) How is it possible to change my characters appearance? I'm guessing with some kind of stone? And how can I get such a stone? Is it sold? 2) I'm not very happy with my characters name. Although I can't think of a better one at the moment. Say If I found a name that I like, and I want to change my character to this name? I understand this is a possible service from the store? But how exactly is it done? 3) I've noticed that the few people I've come across in game are not very talkative. I'm not complaining because I don't talk much myself, but it's seems a bit different from other games I've played. For example I say "HI" or "Hello" to someone and there is no response. Again not something I really care about. I was just wondering if this is a regular thing or maybe people were Afk.? 4) How are passwords changed or updated in this game? I think with some commands, but I don't understand them well. Maybe someone can elaborate? 5) Finally is there a chatroom just for general chat or conversation in the game? Other than "newbie help" I'm not sure where I could talk a bit. Sorry if my post is not in the right place or if the questions are too generic. Please advise. Thanks!
  7. Forum validation requests

    Hi I've been around a couple weeks. Please validate. Alekos is my name in game as well. Thanks!