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  1. Irilium Armor

    Irilium Sword insti kills castys?
  2. Picks!

    nice contest Iron Ore: 732,698 Coal: 623,284 Silver: 812,418 Stones: 59 Top non-pick harvestable: sulfur
  3. 80-100 Invance Team

    good for both days
  4. Quote of the week submissions

    I don't like this idea. People will stop PKing if they can't get drops Then it has to be either you or Entropy? a nice quote of the week =p hehe =p
  5. About Yourself

    Real Name: Daryl Age : 18 Country : UK Race :English Hair : brown (dyed black) Eyes : greeny blue Height : 5'6 Weight :dont actually know but i get told i am too skiny ... weirdos Body Type : ugly ABOUT ME: Star Sign : cancer Interests : singer and acting Profession : student, with part time job in cinema Cigarettes : NO Alcohol : YES!!!!! Drugs : nopes Makes Me Happy : acting Makes Me Sad : sad people Bad Habits : non stop singing Personality : anoying MY FAVOURITES: Food : depends what i am in mood for lol Music : slow TV Show : Heroes, lost, SCRUBS!!! Author : Harlen Coben(great author), C. S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien ...many others Movie : more of a theatre person to be honest.. (the irony of me working in a cinema lol). Animal : PANDAS PANDAS PANDAS!!!! Holiday : Panda habitat area =p
  6. Valentine's Day Service!

    *starts singing all by myself* =[ hehe sounds cool who shall i send one too
  7. Selling Random Stuff =D

    bumpy!! thanks to all who have purchased items so far
  8. Selling Random Stuff =D

    if you wish to purchase anything here reply here or pm me in game =) Red Rose: 14900 @ 0.5gc each Red Snaps: 13300 @ 0.5gc each Tin Ore: 1 @ 250gc Iron Ore: 3400 @ 3.5gc each Ti Ore: 4000 @ 2gc each Coal: 4400 @ 2gc each Sulfur: 3900 @ 2gc each Tin Bar: 1 @ 1300gc Augmented Leather Armor: 22 @ 150gc each Augmented Leather Pants: 30 @ 60gc each Iron Greave: 1 @ 4200gc Fire Ess: 10000 @ 3.5gc each True Sight Pot: 13 @ 70gc each White Rabbit Fur: 358 @ 6gc each Wolf Fur: 22 @ 8gc each Puma Fur: 16 @ 9gc each
  9. monster drops

    simple armed gobs have the careful guy perk =p
  10. chat log

    helloo i switched to vista a month ago and i noticed tonight when going to look in my chat log for something, nd noticed tht it was not there. (yes i did look in the right place) i looked in options in el to see that i didn't select the option for it not to save chat log, but it was on the correct option, i also looked to see it was not a hidden folder and it wasn't, i am not sure if this is a problem with el and vista together but thought i should post here
  11. Guess the player name!

    swan could be swimming so i will say sim
  12. Artwork Updates

    ooooh lion looks great
  13. Today's Invasion

    it was great fun thank you
  14. You got skillz?

    i try to do all skills alchemy is my highest and crafting is my lowest though