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  1. Best levl Guide lvl 5-130

    Hai. Make char. Harf/alch to 150 OA, take negs and get 48 coord/inst/will/reas (anything new, spend in vit). Go kill wolves till lvl 15, goblins till lvl 22, gargs till lvl 30. Also get lvl 49 mag. Now, get lvl 80's friend and make him reset, let him lvl to 40 oa and take negs so max out will, and res phys. Pvp tillll you lvl 55 a/d Make lvl 100's friend, make him reset, get lvl 40 oa, take negs, max out will, rest phys. pvp till you lvl 80 a/d. Screw those losers or if you are nice buy them a rollback to before they reset. Make new friend at lvl 120's, make him reset, same as before, pvp till lvl 110 a/d. Get lvl 140's friend, reset, pvp till 130. Buy them rollbacks to before they reset. If you suck at making friends, pay them with the insane amount of gold you should have after you got to 150 OA with harf/alch. Voila.
  2. I've been wanting to partake in certain less than reputable activities of late, but since I'd tarnish my good name, I couldn't. So I was thinking implement a new item: Disguise. The idea is that if you put on a Disguise, your name doesn't show over your head anymore, that way you can bagjump/pk/mine/etc and nobody would know it was you (unless you talk I guess). It can be made by tailors, and worn as a head item I guess. Could lower light modifier or something although I don't really care about that, would just be a nice bonus. Not sure what it should cost, but IMO not more than 20kgc or so, can have an easy breakrate, since cloth is fragile and whatnot. Would probably be a good touch if it disguises your char's facial features, then you could just wear armour and nobody should be able to recognise more than your characters race and gender. Worth implementing isn't it? edit: actually thinking again, it should probably be a cape, and maybe have cape breakrates, otherwise it would be worthless in PK if you are a fighter.
  3. New Item: Disguise

    Of course I do, but this 'trouble' is not against the rules? I can make a hundred alts and scam/bagjump with them too (not that scamming/bj was my intended activities). What difference does it make to you if I want the element of surprise when I attack, or to remain unknown if I want to indiscriminately kill people, without having to leave my guild permanently (which i'm in purely for social purposes). I PK for fun, I social for fun, unfortunately I cannot do both without giving up the other. It adds a a fun aspect to the game IMO, if you get bagjumped/scammed it because you're stupid, it will happen regardless of disguises. edit: You people are opposing this for the wrong reasons... you're doing it because you are scared, not because it's a bad idea.
  4. New Item: Disguise

    How is this balanced towards the fighting siDe? If it's only in PK it won't affect you, if it's not in PK, it will benefit anyone who uses it, fighter or not.
  5. New Item: Disguise

    lol why's everyone so interested in bagjumping and serping.... fine then, make it just work in PK, and if it's such a terrible idea, screw the names, just give you no name in PK. Already solved the responsibilty for your actions thing. I wish you guys could think and comment positively, instead of banging on assumptions and half truths. (blaming it on another player? who said I wanted you to be able to copy another player's name?) You dissappoint me. edit: I'm done here, radu can have a look at this and decide for himself. Not worth my time argue'ing with people who can only think subjectively.
  6. New Item: Disguise

    Indeed it will, would be stupid to put it on infront of people then. Ok thought about it some more, it's fine, make people PK'able while in disguise, without the opportunity to retaliate, but then here's another idea: how about if you put on your disguise, you get a wordbox where you can put in a fake name. That way you can walk around with a name around people, and not arouse too much suspicion if you are not doing anything suspicious. But say if you are serping someone, and they don't like it or think you're an imposter, they can attack that player, and if he is in disguise they won't get the can't attack players outside of PK maps message. If they die, you see their real name, if they don't they get away. That sounds good IMO, if you guys can code it that way. edit: and to not cause any trouble for the mods, your real name is still shown when you talk (and that way they won't need to know who you are if you aren't causing trouble.)
  7. New Item: Disguise

    Hehe I said I agree with you, was just saying it kinda sucks if your not an a/d fighter, but I suppose it would be the same IRL, if you let someone catch up with you if you're in a disguise it's your own fault if you can't defend yourself physically. But ofc, ppl can then just range/mag/summon on you while you are in disguise, and you can't do anything to them in return. edit: although I'd still like it implemented, even if all the odds are stacked against you while in disguise.
  8. New Item: Disguise

    Well eagle you see the problem is, when I break invis to kill people, they see who I am. But you did raise something else I didn't think of, if you get killed by someone in disguise it should be filed under 'unknown' or w/e in your counters. And Korrode, if you feel that makes it more fair I suppose it could work like that. My only problem with that is, other people can then diss/flee and you can't counter-attack, so they can attack and if they see your a/d is too high for them, for example, they can just diss and laugh at you. Also sucks if your fighting skill set is ranged/mage/summon. In games like WoW if you attack someone of the opposite faction (within your safe zones), you become PK'able yourself for 6mins, but in EL it might not work so well, unless you can program it that only people in disguise can then attack that guy. But could still be exploited cos you could lure people to attack you and then your buddies put on their disguises and pwn your attacker. (not that I'm not cool with that, but I know alot of people wont be... in their opinion 70/30 in their favour is fair, anything lower is a scandal). If you see some random guy take a leak on your doorstep, it's your own fault if you get ganked when you go out to confront him. edit: starting to wonder if it shouldn't perhaps be a potion, or some other once use item, then the effect would only be temporary , and you can't remove it to make yourself safe or w/e, or takes mana for for every step you take like that speedhax potion or mule/etc... but still an item called disguise just feels more right IMO.
  9. Selling Siggy's

    Thx Ena, it rawkz
  10. Best levl Guide lvl 5-130

    Fro really? Oh dear, that leaves us with a nasty predicament, because I believe your theory might be wrong, and unless you show me cold hard facts, I'm afraid it won't account for much. Tell you what, go make two 130 chars, one with phys and one without, then give me the passwords to both so I can compare the two. I reckon I'm being generous here, but giving you the benefit of the doubt. Gimme a shout when you done. Let's play a little game: I spy with my little eye, something that begins with T
  11. Selling Siggy's

    Awesome siggy's, I'd like one aswell please.
  12. Jezebelle's radu party

    To thank me for the wonderful game? Hehe, oh you know why. If I were interested in making certain parts of my anatomy a bit browner, I'd have gone outside and had a tan in the sun.
  13. Jezebelle's radu party

    bugger... wish I was there.
  14. AFK Fighting

    sounds like ogres.. or orcs... or anything below.,... they dont matter... its the mind-destroying, soul-cripping thousands of hours you spend on stuff after that that really matters.
  15. Take back the market!

    Never really thought of a reason, but here, pick one that suits your needs m8: because I can, because I'm right, because I'm awesome. I forgive you for questioning my motives. Sheep need shepherds to keep them safe from the wolves. Go find yourself a shepherd m8, and steer clear of the wolves.
  16. Take back the market!

    lol, keep scratching around in your sandbox... EL is no longer a fantasy based 'swords&sorcery' MMORPG, it's only a mini-stock market of imaginary materials. and 'tis kinda like the real world, the best way to succeed is to screw over your neighbours. You might aswell lose the 3D graphics and turn it into a strategy or text-based game. I applaud learner, and still lol when I read the topic to boycott him. He pwnt everyone with 1 fell swoop, but look on the bright side, atleast he brought some excitement and change in your dull and uninteresting routine you call your lives. You are stagnating in this free market with its untouchable way of hoarding assets. The only thing seperating the newb from the pr0 is hours spent. Seriously, just implement some sort of factions, where you can vie for resources, territory and power. All your carefully hoarded items, and painstakingly gained levels are nothing but numbers, good for nothing, worth fk all. The hell you gunna do once you reach the point where your char can afford everything it needs 10x over? Retire comfortably and buy a little cottage by the sea? Good luck thinking up temporary solutions to your permanent problem. I think I'll dust off my chars and go buy up all these cheap rosto's, and resell them at learner's price. Do my bit to flatten your sandcastles.
  17. Boycott Learner

    Go go go Learner You Rawk!
  18. Trading strike

    You, sir, are a low-down dirty conformist! You have just crossed the line, you just had to keep pushing... couldn't leave things as they should be! From now on, it shall be war, to the last.... no quarter, your days are numbered. :D The ground shall shake as the armies of my supporters descend upon you... save your excuses, I don't wanna hear it. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!
  19. Trading strike

    Yes! Yes! Finally you lot are seeing the light! The time for words are over, now we need to turn to action! When I get home from work I shall organise a protest march for this weekend! It shall be legendary! Power to the people!!
  20. Trading strike

    No Pip. Never even hinted at Chinese. Just go have a look at the unoff forum market, and you will see what I mean. But this discussion is borderline heresy on these forums, so I'll not be lured out to say more. back on topic: BREAK THE MOULD! Rise above these mainstream habits! DO not be lured into meaningless arguements and pointless discussions about (*coughor* *withcough*) common trash. Power to the people!
  21. Trading strike

    See? Do you see it?? This ^ proves my theory about bickering like old women. We need drastic action... power to the people! Life is not about what you have, prices of inanimate objects! The things you own, end up owning you. You are not defined by what you posess, but rather by your actions and their effect on those around you! Quit squabbling over a handfull of coin. Forget those meaningless items, take control of your lives! Rise above it. You are better than this. pr0 idea, but what to do, when the gold farmer has 2 computers? Or can even compile the client and remove that few lines of code, which check, if another client is already running? Piper Don't be daft pip. Anyone who farms coins in a game like EL for a living, won't have a degree in IT. Also, so what if they have 2 PC's? Then let them exploit it, but you get rid of those who do not have 2 PC's. And ontop of that, the amount of people playing from the same IP would be narrowed down greatly, so it will be piss to seperate the farmers from actual players. For Aluwen's sake, think before you type.
  22. Trading strike

    Violence is the answer to everything... implement factionated PK, and the economical problems will be sorted out and fade into the fog of war! You have no greater goal or purpose aside from enriching yourselves, nothing to strive for aside from tedious and meaningless self-improvement, no common goal, no common enemy, so you sit around and bicker like old women over rubbish. Tossing words around on an emptying forum is like drawing lines in the sand below the high-tide mark. You guys are like caged chickens sqwuaking at each other, you have very little physical influence on the problems that affect you, the entities governing your paths are observers from the outside, with a different view and perspective, you are slaves to their will. Your words are wasted, your efforts are futile, your actions are meaningless. You need something to contend with, a basis for all this futile effort, somewhere else to direct your attention from your petty in-fighting and unite you against a common enemy.... you need http://www.eternal-lands.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=51617 You know I'm right. I always am... oh, and just to mention what's been suggested a million times before, to get rid of gold farmers: fix EL so it's impossible to run 2 clients at the same time, on one system.
  23. New Faction: Bandits

    As always, please read everything before loading the critisism launcher. If you rant, meet my careface -> My basic idea is that: Implementing a new faction, criminals, murderers, bandits, outlaws and them ebul people who murder, ambush and rob the weak and unwary, in the dark hours of the night. > Bandits will be able to PK regular players (and other Bandits) anywhere on C2, except for Cities, Docks or Storages, exits to underworld (thinking maybe on proper roads aswell, as that would give roads some importance), but only during nightime (3:30 -> 0:30) Now, since I know how much most of you lovable little ass-hats like PK, and PK'ers, I've come up with a suitable bunch of handicaps for the Bandits, so that they will never manage to have the upper hand: ______________________________________________________________ Firstly Bandits will have to make new chars. Thus they start off with a HUGE disadvantage. 2ndly, Bandits will be PK'able everywhere, but they can only initiate combat on C2, outside Towns and Cities, during the night-time hours. By day they will be just regular players. Bandits can also attack and kill each other. 3rdly, another HUGE disadvantage, is they will not be able to use rostogol stones, so they will always drop stuff if they die. 4th: Since bad people are so evil, and good always triumphs over evil, I've deemed it fitting that their Att/Def/Mag/Range should all be capped at 130. And since bandits are degenerate morons, they get capped to 60 in all the other skills, and they get 20% less exp gained in those skills, this will make sure that your average Bandit will never be able to make high class items, and those who try, stand a good chance to lose the ingredients 5th: Another one of those HUGE disadvantages: everytime a Bandit under 100 a/d dies, they lose 1% of their total exp in A/D (thats TOTAL exp, not exp till next level) and Bandits between 100-130 lose 0.5%, so if Bandits die enough in a day, they will actually lose levels. ________________________________________________________________________________ ____ So, to summarise: They start off with new chars. They can be attacked anywhere at night, but they can only attack you on C2, outside cities/storages. They can also kill each other anywhere. They can't use rosto, so will always drop stuff. They can only reach 130 A/D/M/R, and in the other skills they get 20% less exp and can only reach 60. They lose A/D exp when they die. Ontop of that, since there is always a reward for being lawfull and killing criminals, I've thought up a reward system for good citizens when they kill Bandits. Each time a Bandit dies, it drops a token redeemable at some law-imposing NPC. Killing a bandit above: 50 A/D : token worth 200g 80 A/D : token worth 500g 100 A/D : token worth 1000g 120 A/D : token worth 2000g Now since the odds are so badly stacked against them, I reckoned the Bandits should get some sort of advantage for the insurmountable amount of handicaps. I ask only 2 things: Firstly make them less visible at night-time, since their bad bad people > they should have an inate ability to stalk people. And secondly, allow them to get 2x exp in all combat skills Att/Def/Mag/Ran. Since they have things so bad, it's only fair that they get some sort of edge. I've thought of some misc. stuff that should prolly be added aswell: Bandits should not be able to use the regular channels, except for #GM/local. They should however have their own trade and chat channel, They need to have their own starting Island, with a wraith. _________________________________________________________ Thats basically it. It should not be too hard to implement, we already have all the 'ingredients' for the idea (just a tweak here and there), so it won't be a game-changing amount of work required to implement it. It will add some excitement to the game, some realism, and you will have intelligent invasion creatures. I honestly believe the game can only benefit from this idea. They start off badly, will always be outgeared, and will never match the top fighters, and you have plenty of safe zones, and even safe times. Hell you can even organise Bandit-hunting parties to keep you busy. Let me know what you think, feedback is welcome.
  24. New Faction: Bandits

    *feels like a broken record* Pk server was doomed to fail... its P2P, no new players start there. It's not even an arguement, much less an example of anything, except to show that if you offer someone something for free, or the same thing at a price, they will always take the free one. That said this idea isn't full PK. I'll leave it there. edit: and this is not intended to promote PK, its intended to add another aspect to the game.
  25. Wipe and Cap

    Hermit's Topic has inspired me to start my own poll. I've spent some time on this, so please read it before you criticize, I tried to keep it as short and to the point as possible, anyone with a fair amount of braincells should be able to understand the concept. I suggest: a wipe, and then place a cap on levels, start off at about 60/80 or w/e. Advantages *Firstly it will bring balance to the game, the more 'enthusiastic' players (with 'a bit' more time than your average working class) will not get so far ahead that everyone else is just grinding to catch up (leaving very little time to do anything else), skills wont be just numbers that need to get higher, fighters will actually have time to fight each other, than playing 'lets see who can grind the most hours a day. Mixers can actually concentrate on making something worthwhile, instead of creating thousands upon thousands of meaningless items, just because they give the most exp at the lowest cost. *Players will then also get time to try out some other skills they previously disregarded. And if you have achieved maximum level on one particular char, you can always try a new char with a different speci/attributes/nexus or w/e. *Then when you raise the cap, and introduce new content to the game, you will have a larger playerbase at max level, so it will benefit much more people, and it will be used by more people). Thus you can target the majority of players with an update, instead of only a certain amount. *Other advantages of a fresh start is you can also adjust prices for recipe's, NPC items, amount of items required for god quests, price and lvl requirement to start new guild, and ingredients required for items, etc. (and also get rid of PP buying, if one was so inclined). *New players won't leave because of the insurmountable amount of playing time it will take just get to a competetive level. These are but a few things I can think of from the top of my head, I'm sure there are many more, but it all comes down gathering up everything, sifting out the bad, keeping the good and improving on it. Disadvantages *ALOT of things will require readjustments. *People will lose years of playing time (only real flaw I see in my idea... but nothing can be done about it) *Certain people might lose the $$ they spent on buying their chars (/cry) It will straighten out alot of issues IMO, and make the game alot more newb-friendly, and retain alot more seasoned players who don't have the time to keep up with the more 'enthusiastic' players. If you have any questions I'd be happy to answer them, if your gunna rant, here's my careface -->