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  1. Should Canned be moved

    Where is the monopoly police when they are needed? Bot owners organizing to set prices? Maybe I'm too newb at economics, but if the vendors in the economy are keeping prices artificially high, isn't the incentive to buy less and make more, which will just end up killing the entire economy, as apposed to letting the market set their own prices?
  2. The Greatest EL Player

    I have heard a lot about this chap, but, what exactly MADE him the best player? I have a feeling it has to be more than levels to make the top of this list. Could some people elaborate? S. He was around in the very beginning, when the top PK guild required 40/40 A/D...I was a level 15 newbie buying a pair of leather pants, and the guy I was trading with just logged, so I asked at storage and he gladly gave me a pair, no charge...he then gave me a full set of armor and took me PKing in KF and was my body guard for the night Uber cool guy who had a good heart and liked having fun.
  3. Selling it all

    PC? I'm thinking ~6kgc deal
  4. Selling it all

    you got a deal, and I have no idea what you do with any of the new stuff.
  5. Selling it all

    How about 11k plus I'll throw in 2 fur cloaks. XenaMT 377 Vials ~1.75k? 1957 Thread~5-6k? 300 Leather~1.8k I'll give you it all for 10.5k
  6. Rule 5

    Hrm? So right now I can sell my character for GC to be given to this ALT, and transfer the GC from the character I'm keeping to the ALT, then selling the GC from the Alt, then deleting the ALT?
  7. Selling it all

    5 iron bar 2 fur cloak 7 raccoon hats 2 warm fur gloves 2 fox scarfs 1 leather armor 11 Skunk hats 1 Excavator Cape 1 BP cape 1 Fast Regen cape 1 warm fur boots 7 Skeleton Keys 13 Skull Keys 53 Silver Meds 16 Gold Ring 17 Sun Meds 74 Polished Rubies 40 Polished Emeralds 28 Silver Ring 1 Book of Bio 1 Book of potion of Phys 1 Book of crafting potion 1 Book of Tit axe cons 1 book of gargoyles summoning 1 book of potion of manufacturing 1 whitestone ring building 1 unicorn med building 1 VOTD ring building 2 potion of summoning books 1 IP ring building 1 book of steel axe cons 1 Book of Elf fighting 1 book of iron sword of fire 2 Sun med building 1 book of FP 1 book of tit smelting 1 book of DP ring building 1 book of PL ring building Leave a message here with what you want to buy!
  8. Rule 5

    The problem is the person I want to sell my character to is offering GC, and rather than making his life and mine a lot harder, I'd just be able to give it all to one character and then sell one lump sum instead of 2 smaller sums, and I'm only selling 1 character and everything both are worth, just incase I get addicted again I don't have to start back at 0.
  9. Rule 5

    Hey, I'm leaving EL very soon, and have 2 characters, one worth a good bit more than the other. I plan on selling the one that is worth a lot more for GC to go to my cruddy one, and then finding someone to buy the GC for USD. Is this illegal? And if it is, because the rules say benefit, if I showed that I didn't use 1 single solitary GC that I got for the character sale how would it still be illegal. I just want to quit the game and sell my characters without getting in trouble, which is why instead of trying to sneak through, I'm asking on a public forum. I would rather not get banned so a response from someone who is able to answer with a little authority would be great. Thanks a lot. Geneams
  10. Travian game

    Well a new sever just started....US Server 6....if anyone would like to join, you can click here. *for the US server*
  11. Yet another school shooting

    IMO i think if every1 in the country (US) had a gun, there would be a huge spike in crime for the first 15-25 years, but once people finally realize that if they pull out a gun, 3 more people will in a moment, no one is going to use them anymore, same thing with nukes, why did the US use nukes on the japanese, because they knew no one else could do it back to them, why doesnt the US use nukes on Iraq and afganistan? because they know there will be similar reprecusions...like a nuke in NYC/LA or a chem. bomb. in the suppliers.
  12. Selling Everything

  13. Auction!

    close PLZ
  14. Hakri's Job Center

    i talked to witch king....he said i can do the silver....
  15. Felex and Antiberry......

    Well Antiberry asks me to FF and i agree, with felex and Pkerguy in the arena training, I figure they will leave me alone because I know antiberry is weak and had no armor on, so I take off my axe and start to fight him....i flee after about 2 hits because he is half dead....then Felex attacks me so i diss him, but then antiberry attacks me again and i flee from that and have Felex catches me and kills me. I know this isn't a suprise how these two are Outlaws, just wanted to make it offical. BTW....i challenge Felex to KF/TD....he doesn't like multicombat